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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Can Ney’s ouster save GOP?

The House Republican leadership has achieved its goal of separating
Rep. Bob Ney, the committee chairman implicated in a burgeoning
scandal, from GOP efforts to change how Congress interacts with
lobbyists and their clients.

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Another high-tech CIA screwup

Once again it looks like the CIA’s reliance on electronic gadgetry
has done far more harm than good. Just the fact that a number of women
and children were killed in an effort to take out al Qaeda’s
second-in-command is enough to negate any gains even if the exercise
had been successful.

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Ignoring, once again, the lessons of Vietnam

The similarities between Vietnam and Iraq are obvious to me, but
there are differences, as well, and I’ll leave it to the experts —
historians, political scientists — to eventually tweeze out comparisons
between one war and the other. However, they have at least one thing in
common: In the earliest stages of both wars some journalists and
scholars recognized the complexities and dangers ahead, but their
warnings were generally ignored by our leadership.

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