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Monday, July 15, 2024

Bush nominates another crony

One would think that the problems surrounding Michael Brown — the Arabian-horse promoter who was made director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency — would have tempered President Bush’s appetite for giving important government jobs to people whose chief qualifications are being good buddies, political supporters or just relatives of the president’s. But cronyism and nepotism seem to be thriving in Washington.

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Reason prevails in Dover, PA

Voters tend to ignore their local school boards until the board does something outrageous, which the Dover, Pa., board did last year by requiring that all ninth-graders hear a prepared statement on intelligent design before starting their biology course.

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Paying tribute

They came from all over the country, their patches and ball caps revealing how far they’d traveled. Montana. Arizona. Tennessee. Connecticut. Pennsylvania. New York. New Jersey. Florida. Texas.

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