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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Tyranny of King George

I saw a great bumper sticker last week. It sported a “W” with a crown on its head, surrounded by a thick, black circle and a line through the middle. It was slapped onto the derriere of a Hummer. Last place I would have looked for a sticker that said, in essence, No More King George. VW Beetle remake? Yes. Hummer. No. But such is life in the nation’s capital these days. Even gas guzzlers are finding the president’s attitude a bit too imperious for their tastes.

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The Misinformation Super Highway

Therein lies the tragedy of the Internet, where outlandish and undocumented propaganda can gain wide currency; where “bloggers” with no journalistic training or editorial restraint can spew without challenge the most horrendous and inaccurate allegations to promote their aims. The proliferation of unverifiable claptrap has become increasingly disruptive, as more and more people eschew the traditional sources of news and turn to the Web for their daily doses of information or, more accurately, misinformation.

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