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Saturday, July 2, 2022

Bye-bye States’ Rights

States’ rights have taken a beating since 9/11 from the conservative wing of the Republican Party, once one of their greatest defenders. The latest state prerogative to take a hit is the right to set standards for getting a driver’s license.

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The Impossible Search for the Perfect War

Many Americans are apparently convinced that wars can be fought in such a way that no mistakes are made, everything goes according to plan and no one is killed or wounded. Unfortunately, they are searching for the equivalent of a perpetual-motion machine.

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The Real Problem With Drunk Driving

With spring blooming, you decided to treat that “special someone” to a romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant. The evening had started off well enough. A fine meal. The perfect companion. A bottle of wine. The two of you hadn’t driven far from the restaurant when you saw it: a police roadblock.

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National ID Card Closer to Reality

A bill endorsed by the Bush administration that would set rules for states that issue driver’s licenses to undocumented immigrants could come to a vote in the House Thursday and appears well on its way to becoming law.

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Clinton adviser’s racial slur: Real or fake?

Mickey Kantor, a former aide to President Bill Clinton and one of a cadre of advisors to Sen. Hillary Clinton in her uphill fight to become the Democratic Presidential nominee, claims he never involked the ultimate racial slur to describe voters in Indiana.

And he’s thretening to sue those who claim he did.

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