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Monday, December 5, 2022

Bush’s Made-for-TV Press Event

The White House was so anxious to have it on all four major networks that it was willing at the last minute to move up the press conference a half hour. (Even so, two networks cut away with two questions left to go.)

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Iraqi Prisoner ‘Leash Lady’ Cops Plea

Lynndie England, the U.S. soldier pictured holding a naked Iraqi detainee on a leash in the Abu Ghraib prison scandal that damaged U.S. credibility around the world, will plead guilty next week to most charges against her, her lawyer said on Friday.

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Senate Staff Interviews Bolton Critic

The Senate committee weighing John Bolton’s troubled nomination for U.N. ambassador on Friday interviewed former deputy CIA director John McLaughlin, who has been described as having clashed with Bolton on intelligence analyses.

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