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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Politics dooms pestcide study

The Environmental Protection Agency pulled the plug Friday on a controversial study using children to measure the effect of pesticides. The decision was a political, not scientific one, after Democrats threatened to block Senate confirmation of the agency’s new top dog.

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Some of those in the clink at Gitmo

An incomplete list of who’s being held at Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Keep in mind that these are only those whose cases have been brought before U.S. military tribunals where their cases are detailed in federal court records. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, more are being held without specific charges and with no access to due process.

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What? We worry?

Public approval ratings for both President Bush and Congress are in free fall. Interference in the Terry Schiavo case, the war in Iraq, rising gas prices and the Social Security debate all contribute to growing voter disssatisfaction with the way our elected officials run the government. But is Bush worried? Probably not. Past performances prove he doesn’t much give a damn what the public thinks.

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