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Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Bush Touts Freedom-Robbing Patriot Act

President Bush pressed Congress on Monday to renew the rights-limiting USA Patriot Act as he officially welcomed Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, who was confirmed despite accusations he sanctioned torture of terrorism suspects.

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A Freedom That Doesn’t Exist

Academic freedom does not give you the right to commit slander in the classroom or preach hate. It does not give you the right to ascribe motives to someone that you cannot prove or to make allegations without basis of fact. It does not allow you to take up the cudgels for your own private causes.

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AARP’s Hypocrisy

AARP is using an old strategy: trying to scare the wits out of old people. The organization wants its members to think that it would destroy Social Security to offer young people the option of personal accounts.

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