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Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Getting That On-line Fix

Two weeks of wanderlust in Eastern Europe came to a screeching halt for Robbin Steiff when, over breakfast one morning, her husband Paul screamed, “Why do we have to spend half a day in every new city finding an Internet cafe?”

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Pomp & Protest

Not everyone gathered in Washington was happy to see the event take place.
Thousands of protesters milled around downtown Washington and Capitol Hill
during the ceremonies. The most visible demonstrations came from several
individuals and small groups seated in the crowd on the west side of the Capitol
who unfurled banners and shouted during the speech.

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Just Shut Up!

If Sen. John Kerry believes he was cheated out of the White House, he should have challenged the outcome of the election. Since it is too late for that, he should just shut up and get on with trying to salvage the party from the wreckage he helped bring about.

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