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Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Unanswered Questions of Rathergate

Rather’s escape hardly does him credit. The report notes that he was overworked and distracted by other stories, but the CBS News Web site describes him as “immersed” in the details of his news show. The defense, in sum, is that he pretty much read what was put in front of him.

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Slamming the Door on Pentagon Neo-Cons

Quietly but decisively, President Bush’s top White House national-security and budget officials took a major step forward in the name of America’s homeland security. They did it by just saying no to the Pentagon neo-cons who – with costs of the un-won Iraq peace still soaring – had recommended a step backward in funding the program to secure Russia’s nuclear-weapons materials that remain vulnerable to terrorists.

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Who Else Got Payola From Bush?

Now that conservative commentator Armstrong Williams has been cast into the outer darkness for accepting $241,000 from the Bush administration in return for his support of the No Child Left Behind initiative, it’s time to ask some hard questions.

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