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Saturday, July 20, 2024

The Worst Is Yet to Come

You’ve seen the horrific images of walls of water rushing up beaches, sweeping away everything – and everyone – in its path. You’ve seen the dead piled up like cordwood, wounded survivors and persons collapsing upon hearing their entire family has vanished. Alas, you may not have seen the worst.

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Thou Shalt Not Discipline Republicans

House Speaker Dennis Hastert, sending a message that Republicans should not be subject to Congressional rules, is considering replacing the chairman of the ethics committee, which admonished Majority Leader Tom DeLay, who is the focus of a grand jury probe into his campaign finance practices.

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New Rule Might Help Workers Keep Health Benefits

For U.S. workers who change or lose their jobs, a new rule issued by the Bush administration just before the end of 2004 could provide better access to group health plan coverage – in keeping with changes Congress agreed to eight years ago.

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