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Friday, July 19, 2024

An election or a referendum on America?

Will traitor Trump's MAGA maggots prevail and destroy the world's longest -running democratic republic?
(Courtesy of Juan R. Fuentes Gallery)

Consider, if we can, the presumed inevitability of the criminally-indicted Donald John Trump, who is also a certified rapist and sexual predator, an acknowledged liar and seditionist who is already declared the presumed GOP nominee for a return shot at the presidency he tried to destroy in a previous four-year term cut short by voters in 2020.

The Republican National Committee, at an upcoming meeting, wanted to certify Trump as their nominee before most of the primaries are staged and votes counted. Typical for the party of the deranged elephant but hardly the way we are supposed to do things in a democratic republic.

A few Republicans finally declared that they, perhaps, should let the voters speak before anointing Trump on his attempt to become president/dictator for life. In two primaries held so far, just 16 % of Iowa’s Republicans turned out for its caucus and post election polls found most Republicans who voted for him in the New Hampshire primary said they are considering not voting him in a general election, especially when he is convicted for at least some of the 91 felony indictments he faces in trials scheduled to start next month.

Polls show independent voters, key to winning a national election for president even in a bitterly divided nation like ours, are drifting away from Trump and his violent, hateful, racist rhetoric and are moving, as they did in 2020, towards President Joe Biden;

Those same polls show Trump’s hardcore MAGA base of GOP voters are having second thoughts about voting for a narcissistic psychopath whose rambling, violent rhetoric sounds more and more like the ravings of a aging man suffering from early-onset dementia.

Trump’s cult-like hold over the hardcore right wing of the GOP vividly shows the danger of those who put partisanship before their country. The MAGA maggots who follow Trump in lockstep heartily endorse and support a white spremacist racist who who uses violence and threats to dominate and control. Trump’s role in the Jan. 6 2021 Capitol Riot were violent acts to overthrow a government and invalidate a legal election where voters removed him from office. His actions were treason in seditious acts that, under the American Constitution, should bar him from serving in any office but would put him in prison for the rest of his sordid, treacherous life.

The same should be said of those who continue to support and aid him. When you help a traitor to our nation, your actions make you one too.

The presidential election this November is a referendum on whether or not America remains a democratic republic or becomes a third-world shit-hole under the fascist rule of a tyrant and criminal.

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