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Saturday, July 13, 2024

The GOP field narrows to just Trump and Haley with neither a real choice for America

The long-overdue departure of Ron DeSantis with his hate and puts a narcissistic psychopath one stpe closer to the nomination and too close to a general eleection win.

The bombastic and surly Florida Governor Ron DeSantis gave up his failed attempt to gain the 2024 Republican presidential nomination this weekend, leaving former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley as the final long-shot candidate fo defeat the known conman, established serial liar and court-declared sexual predator and rapist Donald John Trump.

Polls for the New Hampshire GOP primary this week show Trump with massive lead to win there and he hopes to beat Haley in her home stater primary next to knock her out of the race. That win for Trump should also kill the no-longer-viable party of the brain-dead elephant.

This second election in a row gives America, the Democratic party and independents to use the ballot box later this month to save democracy and what is left of our democratic republic.

Biden beat Trump by more than 7 million votes in 2020 and the Electoral College count as well, but Trump tried ot pull every illegal stunt he could, including inciting deadly violence that trashed the Capitol on Jan. 6,,2021 and killed civilians and police officers.

It is apparent that Trump’s only use of the American Constitution is as a shredded document is to wipe his flabby ass of the toxic diarrhea he spews one of his toxic orifices. The other one is his mouth.

It is sad that enough so-called Americans are, in fact, racists, white supremacists, haters, crooks, and lawless groups that can exist in a free society and let a narcissistic psychopath like Trump become a president after a run as a reality host that promoted him as what he wasn’t — a successful businessman. Maybe it is time to remove his cult of followers from America and send them to occupy third worlds Yeah, we know that such groups and, do exist in a free society. But those who threaten our way of life and our democracy should, and must, pay the consequences.

Recordings and transcripts reveal Trump, if elected again, plans to create a White House “special forces ” team: of operators to take out his domestic competitors and then trash the Constitution to establish him as a dictator for life.

Trump claims he has lifetime immunity of any and all crimes and wants the U.S. Supreme Court to ratify that claim to stop his trials on felony charges that include conspiracy of sedition, interfering with prosecution of him for his many crimes that should send to the only place he deservers: A maximum federal prison where he can rot until he drops dead.

A multitude of life sentences iin federal prisons are the only realistic recordd of a madman like Donald Trump.

We most stop this traitor to our nation– now!

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