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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Political Bull…..!

Bush Bans State Department Officials From Obama Rally This is such blatant political Bull.... that it must be reported.

Bush Bans State Department Officials From Obama Rally

This is such blatant political Bull…. that it must be reported.

In a flagrant political act, the State Department has barred its employees from attending Sen. Barack Obama’s speech in Berlin tonight. Under the pretense that he is maintaining political neutrality, the Washington Post reported today, State Department Undersecretary for Management Patrick F. Kennedy has interpreted the Foreign Affairs Manual in the most restrictive way, claiming that he is ensuring that foreign service officials will remain untainted by a “partisan political act.” (Spouse and family members, however, have generously been excluded from this ruling.) The U.S. embassy, which is headed by ambassador Robert Timken, a businessman and crony of George W. Bush’s from Ohio, who is widely reviled in Germany for his ignorance of foreign affairs, has instructed officials not to attend the rally. The American Foreign Service Association has complained about the edict but there’s not enough time to dispute it. Funny that.

GW Bush and his cronies can campaign for McCain but government employees are banned from attending a speech.

What a hypocritcfal bastard! I know we are suppose to be respectful but I cannot be respectful of some scumbag who parades around like he is above the law. I cannot be respectful at someone who has taken an oath on a book he professes to live his life by and then turn around and shoot the finger at that very oath. I am talking about the oath of the POTUS to protect and defend the constitution, etc.

I cannot be respectful of someone who doesn’t give a damn about anything that this country stands for. I cannot be respectful of someone who sends other people out to die for his personal causes.

THIS IS WRONG and ANY EXCUSE by the lie, cheat and steal REpublican party shows exactly what a bunch of religious hypocrites they really are!

Anyone who doesn’t think this is wrong is nothing but an ENABLER who is part of the problem and must be eliminated from our government regardless of their political affiliation.

I’m sick of the Bull….! It makes me sick in my gut. IT IS WRONG! And I think that is one thing that everyone here can agree on.

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