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Friday, June 21, 2024

Been away for awhile…mostly lurking

Been away for awhile...mostly lurking on this page and others. I think that it's simply time to write again more than anything else. So much has happened since my last post to this blog....By the way Mr. Thompson, welcome back.

Been away for awhile…mostly lurking on this page and others. I think that it’s simply time to write again more than anything else.

So much has happened since my last post to this blog….By the way Mr. Thompson, welcome back.

So, here we are…the “chosen ones” are out there spending money, the present (insert invective here) imperial cohort is still pulling down the little bit of Constitutional law that still exists…”Himself” has signed a bill that’ll reward bad behavior and poor financial planning with a shower of taxpayer money….(not that that’s something new or limited to the present government…)

So the question remains…”What’s happening, and where are we (as a country) going?”

Another question that comes to mind is: “Why won’t Ron Paul run as an independant?” Or perhaps better yet, “Why is there not a whole bunch of people running as independant candidates?”

Please, those of you reading this, BEFORE you bombard me with commentary on how they’d stand no chance against the two party system that “the system” has devolved to…look at the question and ask yourselves…”Why not?” “Why is it now so outlandish a question, and how did we get to this point?” “WHERE has the independant spirit that formed this country to begin with, gone?”

Additionally, I wonder how the reaffirmation by the U.S. Supreme Court of the RIGHT to have and to bear arms is going to affect the more liberal candiates in their typically anti gun stance.

Am I the only one that was getting the feeling that this ruling was somehow incomplete? I got the feeling that they were massively tempted to legislate from the bench (AGAIN!!) yet despite being drawn to the flame, this moth managed to turn aside at the last second…so to speak.

With the (IMHO) illegal, and immoral wars burning out our military, our fiscal patience, and our standing with the international community….with our penchant for seemingly instituional auto destruction politically, finacially, and personally, (have you really noticed just how many obese children there are today?) Just WHERE ARE we going?

The way I see it, is that we can fix several things. Most of them are able to be done by way of the ballot box.

But, the one thing that we can’t solve is via the vote is a cultural one. Have we become a nation of passive sheeple, more content to sit in front of the TV (I don’t own one or want one) and eat our way into health issues and early deaths, content to passively let mad men (and women) “rule” in our names…as long as we get to have the “things” that we want?

We are a nation of consumers. That is the truth.

Yet, are we a nation so sedated by a food system that can’t be called food anymore, the new opiate of the masses known as T.V., a legal system that allows mad men and their imperial courts to commit acts in our collective name that as little as a generation ago would have had voters protesting so loudly that the “powers that be” would have reversed course on contact? Are we that nation? Or, are we the nation that says “No More!”

No more BS from those that are placed in office to represent their constituant’s views. No more “closed shop” mentality about who can run, and under what, if any, banner. No more will a government be allowed to create the type of “Imperial State” that they no longer fear punishment for their misdeeds.

What it boils down to here gentle reader, is simply put, DO NOT vote for and incumbant of any stripe…

A “none of the above” write in while not a complete solution, is at least some type of action.

Write in a candidate of your choice. Write in yourself if no one else will suit what you see as right.

Vote for those that favor term limits on any and all levels of political offce. It was not designed to be a carreer, but a service to the country and one’s community, afterwhich the candidate was expected to return to private life.

Perhaps this needs to be an unpaid position? Have the taxpayers covering “legitimate” expenses, for service which is strictly term limited.

Come on folks, isn’t it just a bit strange that people will spend millions to get into an office that pays less than 500K per year? I think that I’d be suspicious of anyone that would want the job. I’d be somewhat less so of someone doing it for no direct salary.

Ok. I’ve run out of steam for today, I look forward to (as always) your constructive counterpoints, ideas, emotional outbursts, or comments.


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