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Monday, December 4, 2023

Please tooth fairy save us

I've enjoyed my short time here on Capitol Hill Blue. I like writing my small blog, tried to join the staff as proof-reader or editor. It seems it's time for me to move on to other things. My comments and thoughts are no longer appropriate.

I’ve enjoyed my short time here on Capitol Hill Blue. I like writing my small blog, tried to join the staff as proof-reader or editor. It seems it’s time for me to move on to other things. My comments and thoughts are no longer appropriate.

I finally got myself banned from CHB comments. My message of truth, justice, and freedom can’t overcome the censor buttons or my own anger issues. I do get upset, I’m only human.

My final offending statement in response to Doug’s Change starts here rant:

The vote is rigged. Both parties want the same things.

Big government
Big business
Global hegemony

Being civil for over 30 years got us this mess. Why continue that failed policy?

This doesn’t mean don’t do unto others. Just don’t expect me to talk nice about Dick “Go F*ck Yourself” Cheney or any of the others that have proven their disdain for ordinary Americans.

Now I can’t comment on stories. I guess I was warned, even though we were assured truth wouldn’t be oppressed. How dare I take on the opposing view. I should have known better. People still believe in voting even though they lie about everything else. Diebold is such a trustworthy company. How could we ever question their results!

Never mind we might still see Blackwell and Rove in prison for manipulating the election in Ohio. It can’t happen here? It has happened here.

I waited for 5 long hours to vote in Ohio. Me. Not some non-person in some newspaper way off in never-never land. I witnessed the fraud before my very eyes.

What does voter fraud mean to the Bush Administration and it’s policies? We can’t even guess since the story or post will be deleted. We have to keep believing the big lie of voting or else everything will unravel.

Voting gets us no where today. It is a lie. It is a scam. Believing in it will bring about our demise. We might as well put our faith in the tooth fairy to save our Republic. That’s how much voting will help us.

I’m very worried about Doug. He leaves after getting on a new rag. His employer didn’t like having his name in their publication as well as CHB where he is known for speaking truth to power in a less than flattering way. Can’t say that I blame him as we all have to eat. Some would call this selling out.

Next thing we know, Doug is back and practically advocating open warfare with D.C. Two more pieces follow, both spot on concerning Obama and Jesse Jackson.

Then Tony Snow dies, and two rants are shot off directed against the people that have been supporting Doug. He nearly kills all comments over it. Tony’s death and the resulting rants over his part in destroying our nation hit too close to home.

It is hard to admit your friend is an open supporter of fascism, or is too blinded by their own partisan views to see they are supporting fascist dictatorship.

I’m not saying this isn’t Doug’s right, as it is his website, and he may ban whoever he sees fit. But it’s an about-face from his previous 14 years of CHB history to admonish the little guys and start giving those in power a free ride like Deroy Murdock and Clifford May.

Did “they” get to Doug? Has Doug pumped us up to abandon us? Is Doug working with Homeland Security to identify and neutralize dissent or what they call home grown terrorism? Act like violent dissent is the answer, see who advocates openly attacking the government, and then track those IP addresses to their owners?

The Blue Ridge Muse is becoming a mute when it comes to speaking truth to power.

This will be my last blog, as with the new direction of CHB I doubt I will be spending much time here. I’m not in the habit of cozying up with fascists so we all feel good about the state of country. CHB’s internet flower power has no appeal other than to distract from what is really going on. So long as you think your vote counts, you will always be a slave to American Empire.

We should not feel good about what we have lost. We should be mad as hell. That used to be the message of Capitol Hill Blue. The take-no-prisoners political news site has become a feel good self esteem building waste of time and electricity. So much for helping enact real change.

For real patriots willing to speak truth to power, see Michael Rivero’s What Really Happened. He isn’t always right either, but many of his links and comments are spot on. And he has never stopped writing what he thinks because someone else told him it wasn’t appropriate.

I hope everyone enjoys their new fascist dictatorship. I’m glad coming together under fascism is more important than fighting it. Have a great empire. See some of you in the camps.

UPDATED: It says “Service unavailable” if I try to comment back to anyone. So please do not expect an answer if you pose any questions. Yes I remember the NSL! I’ve been reading Blue for years, only just started posting a month ago when I decided enough was enough.

UPDATE2: Thank you Mr. Thompson for taking the time to set things and me, straight.

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