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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

There will always be naysayers

"All this will not be accomplished during the first 100 days nor the first 1,000 days, nor during the life of this administration, nor perhaps during our life on this planet. But let us begin." — John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address 35th President of the United States

“All this will not be accomplished during the first 100 days nor the first 1,000 days, nor during the life of this administration, nor perhaps during our life on this planet. But let us begin.”

— John F. Kennedy, Inaugural Address
35th President of the United States

I just hate it when I agree with Phil Gramm on anything, but when he called Americans “a bunch of whiners” I couldn’t help but agree and secretly give him a round of applause.

But then when I read noble words as those cited above, I realize that “there will always be naysayers”….no matter what the cause.

Even back in the early days of the American Revolution, there were people who advocated working with King George and remaining a British Colony. Fortunately for us there were men of great courage who cherished liberty and individual freedom over ease and comfort. These men whose names most of us know and revere did not believe they were entitled to these liberties but instead believed that these liberties must be fought for to have and to hold onto.

Experience teaches us that we only value that which we work hard for. Things that come too easily become disposable at best. Perhaps that is why we find ourselves where we are today with the next generation. It’s all been too easy for them…they don’t have a clue about hard work, savings, value and worth. They expect $200 pair of tennis shoes or $200 paif of jeans or $200 pair of sunglasses without doing anything for it or towards it.

No there were not only naysayers about declaring independence in 1776, there were naysayers every step of the way towards the building of our Republic. But it still got done….thankfully.

When I reflect back upon history I realize that for every doer, every person with a vision or a dream there will be a naysayer…it’s physics 101, plain and simple. And the trick to being victorious is overcoming your naysayer whatever or whoever that may be.

President Kennedy was a man with great visions for America. And even though he did not live to see some of those visions fulfilled, they still came true because of the steps that he put in motion during his presidency.

Would man have ever walked on the moon if President Kennedy had not inspired us to? Some might say yes, but history will record that it was his efforts that propelled us to the moon.

The time has come for a new direction. However, that direction must not come from politicians who govern over us like some Parent-Child Relationship. George Orwell and others have shown us the dangers of a government that becomes a BIG BROTHER and takes over the responsibilities that should be strictly limited to our own personal moral values.

Ironically, the danger comes not just from our apathy which breeds ignorance like standing water breeds mosquitos , but from those who hypocritically preach one thing and but whose actions prove beyond any reasonable doubt their true intentions.

Yes I was taught actions speak louder than words. I was taught the best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Therefore when I look at who I will vote for in November, I will look at the actions versus the words.

Since McCain is 72 years old and has been in Congress for 3 decades, his actions are clear to document…CRYSTAL CLEAR. How he thinks he can cover up these actions with phony words is a clear predictor of the type of leader he would be in the future. The same type of duplicitous, phony, hypocritical leader that believes he knows better than we do what is best for us than we do. His past actions back this up.

And while I do not expect much out of the other Senator, Obama, I must use his past actions as a clue as to what type of government we will have under his watch. At least he understands the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights since he was a professor and taught it. My conclusion is that if he understands what it means, he will be less likely to usurp these precious documents and substitute his own flawed judgement in lieu there of like our current POTUS has done repeatedly.

I remember how in 1992, the Genuises of Propaganda(GOP) tried to scare us about Bill Clinton so we could have 4 more years of another Bush. No, it is not the first time the lie and cheat Republican party has used fear and hate to control the public, to control an election.

No there were plenty of naysayers as there are now and they were all wrong. And those naysayers back in the 1770’s they were wrong as well. And those who opposed President Kennedy’s vision, well in my humble opinion, our exploration into space has been well spent.

So change is in the air….even if there are naysayers. The part that I just cannot tolerate are the outright lies and distortions that are an obvious attempt to use the same fear and hate tactics of the past. These tactics of fear and hate are viscious, and must be stopped. If candidates will go to these levels to get power, imagine what levels they will go to, to retain power.

No, if we are truly worthy of change we cannot be afraid and we can no longer pony up to these lies and disinformation.

Imagine what would happen if our forefathers had been too afraid of death or imprisonment to stand up to King George and JUST SAY NO!

Imagine what our space program would be or if we would even have a space program, if we were too afraid of what we might incur along the way.

There is a cost to true changes. The problem is that most peole today aren’t will to pay the piper because they are either lazy or afraid.

The bottom line is this….either we will be people of true courage and vision, who will stand up to the liars, the naysayers and the whiners and dare to believe again that we can take back our country by passing the mantle to a new face, a new vision…..or are we just in the end as Phil Gramm says….a bunch of whiners….naysayers if you will that are too lazy, to afraid, to apathetic to even care about what we have lost or what we are literally giving away to those who would abuse us and our country the most.

Regardless, of the outcome, one thing is for certain; there will always be naysayers!

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