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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Bush and Pelosi: Both are failures

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Thursday called the Presidency of George W. Bush "a total failure."

True. Bush will go down in history as one of the most corrupt and incompetent Presidents. His seven-and-a-half years in office have been a disaster. Everything he's touched - from his ill-conceived Iraq war to his administration's bungling of the economy to its shredding of the Constitution - are textbook cases of disaster.


Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi Thursday called the Presidency of George W. Bush "a total failure."

True. Bush will go down in history as one of the most corrupt and incompetent Presidents. His seven-and-a-half years in office have been a disaster. Everything he’s touched – from his ill-conceived Iraq war to his administration’s bungling of the economy to its shredding of the Constitution – are textbook cases of disaster.

But history will not be kind to Ms. Pelosi either. As the first woman speaker of the House she has been an equal disaster, a mixture of bumbling inefficiency and corruption that failed to deliver on the promises that swept her and her equally-corrupt party into power in the 2006 mid-term elections.

It was a mistake to trust the daughter of the mob-connected mayor of Baltimore who – like Bush – was as corrupt as they come. Pelosi likes to say she learned politics at her father’s feet. She learned well, selling out her party to special interests just like the Republicans, lying outright about eliminating pork barrel spending and tying the hands of those who wanted to impeach Bush and throw him out of office.

Pelosi and Harry Reid – her co-conspirator in the Senate – failed the voters who trusted them in 2006.  Their tenure is as bad and as corrupt as the Republicans they replaced in the leadership offices in the Capitol.

Pelosi exposed her true intentions as soon as she won the Speaker’s job, announcing that impeachment of Bush was "off the table," backing bribe-taking John Murtha as her second in command – and incredibly stupid move that her party rejected – and throwing a big bucks party, inviting every special interest group in town and immediately shaking them down for contributions.

Her saccharine smile masks a vengeful bully who comes down hard on anyone who dares question her imperialistic style.

"Some people think Hillary Clinton is the chief bitch of our party," a Democratic strategist told me recently. "They’re wrong. Nancy Pelosi has that job wrapped up."

If Pelosi had an honest bone in her body she would stand beside Bush and admit that "we both have been a total failure."

The Democrats sold us the snake oil of change in the 2006 mid-term elections. Now they want us to buy into the lie again with Barack Obama.

Sorry, I’m not buying. I know Bush lies. So does Pelosi. So does Reid. Obama joined the liar’s club with his flip flop on campaign finance. His support of the Constitution-gutting USA Patriot Act and his vote to support government spying on Americans while protecting the telecom companies from prosecution tells me his is just another sniveling politician who will do and say anything to win an election and then screw the fools who supported him if he gets elected.

In theory, our elections should offer a chance to pick the best of the best. As usual, we’re left trying to decide on the least-worst of the worst.

Our leaders, as a whole, have been total failures. So is the system that allows them to get elected and remain in office.

Unless we change the system, we will continue to have a government and leaders who fail us.

33 thoughts on “Bush and Pelosi: Both are failures”

  1. Warren, ” Our government was initially established for the purpose of preserving individual rights, not subjugating them to some grand social purpose.”
    Couldn’t agree more. Bear in mind until the 70’s Virginia was practicing eugenics. Mental health issues? No worries. You got sterialized. Neutered/spayed like a dog.
    Warren, I like your idea of govenrment so much better. It worked so much better when it was that way.

  2. Here’s a fundamental question: Is social engineering a valid function of government?

    Both Bush and Pelosi are failures on multiple levels, but thank your favorite deity, they have also failed in their respective attempts at creating the social systems they aspire to see dominate. At least, so far.

    We seem to take it for granted that government should engineer our social systems. It was not always so. There was a time when the purpose of government was to provide national defense, a standardized monetary system, protection from overzealous legislation, and not much more. Our government was initially established for the purpose of preserving individual rights, not subjugating them to some grand social purpose.

  3. Kent, you missed the point. Read it again. My religious beliefs should not dictate the laws of this nation. People are free to choose whatever religious belief they wish.
    Homosexuality is a non issue for me since I am not gay.
    If we continue allowing religious law to become federal/state law, we are in trouble. We have a lot of Muslims here. Does that mean we start allowing “honor killings” when a woman fails out of line? Discovered not to be a virgin at marriage?
    There is freedom to practice religion, but I believe that freedom ends at the point we decide how others live.
    My beliefs are my choice, provided they do not violate the laws of the land.
    The question of gay marriage is a legal issue, not a religious one. Before people condemn religion, they should understand we aren’t all radicals.
    My former Hindu neighbor thought I had spent enough time with my boyfriend and I should allow her mother the perfect match maker to bring me back a hunky Hindu.
    I passed, but I still loved her lol

  4. “My beliefs prohibit gay marriage.”

    So don’t marry a gay person. And I doubt your “friend” considers his homosexuality a “sin”. Continue to live in fear if it suits you. The rest of us would rather move forward and find real answers to real problems.

    — Kent Shaw

  5. Sandra,
    As a traditional Christian, I can tell you the Christian movement is NOT about religion. It is about money and power.
    Prior to the late Jerry Falwell’s becoming a political jackass, he actually was a good minister. Then it became all about Jerry. Jerry got in bed with the republicans because the democrats wanted no part of him and his ilk.
    My beliefs prohibit gay marriage. I have a dear, dear friend who is gay. He knows my beliefs. He also knows I am the first to say that while homosexuality is not my sin, I have plenty of others. Do I think our government should adhere to my personal beliefs? No.
    Jesus commanded us to be a separate people. We are to pray for our nation and our leaders (that has been very hard to do lately)He also warned us to be wary of those pious souls who preach and pray so proudly to be heard.
    I have no interest in re writing the constitution. It served us well until we allowed politicians on both sides of the aisle to gut it.
    Don’t blame Christians Sandra. Our problems are so much greater than that.

  6. Although the Evangelicals voted as a block in 2000 and 2004 I think it is a mistake to blame them. They were used like the rest of us and their disarray is proof of that. Now that they are mad at the Republicans the problem persists.

    It’s about money people and how much each in office can steal. It’s nice to suggest getting Paul or Mckinney in the White House but how the heck can we do that? The Press won’t even acknowledge their existence.

    Until we get a free press we have no chance at all getting a progressive elected at all. In San Diego during the last congressional elections we had a candidate running against Daryll Issa (a real piece of work) and the press reported that he was running “unnopposed”. There was a Democrat running against him but they made an “innocent error”.

    We need a free press first, second we need an informed populace. I addressed the free press, there is none except for sites like these. As for informed populace, well listen to radio in middle America. All you can get is Rush Limbaugh and FOX news. So much for an informed public.

    I am afraid it is hopeless unless someone can suggest a way we get our press back.


  7. We can’t change anything in DC until we the people stop electing clowns. Our political leaders rarely include the best, or even top drawer;they have little civic experience and leadership. This is not a new phenomenon.

  8. I do not want the government to bail out anything with tax payers money. It is a dangerous action to start and the fastest way to push us into Socialism. However in 2009, we have no choice. Obama will be elected and his health care that the people want will throw us in the same systen found in other Socialized nations. Not a single free enterprise system showed during these last years and without competition, it will be big daddy’s choice. I trust Obama more than McCain in this situation and another situation is our failing schools.

    I’ve always felt that the federal government should hold the Governor’s feet to the fire to bring up the reading scores and even mention the Constitution once before graduation. There is no reason our next generation can’t learn about economics and supply and demand. And learn the difference between capitalism and socialism. With the kids running the streets must stop and these kids should be sent to trade schools before they end up in prison.

    I believe CHB has a number of good people who can put together some firm changes in our government before 2012. This gives us a chance to check out Obama and the Democrats and get a guarantee that the next Supreme Court justice be appointed to represent all Americans equally. If McCain gets this position, every American family will suffer under his Justice appointments.

    We can talk and plan for the future. We know the changes that must be made. Just on this thread we can do this as a team without fighting and calling each other insulting names.

    Doug wants positive input and he has generously given us this place to work.

  9. Charlie, I have equated America following in the footsteps of the Roman Empire many times. Caesar was taken down by his own Senate and the empire continued to grow until the people finally revolted. Then along came Constantine and the real probems started. The Christians ended up in Rome and that was the end of their freedoms, and the start of more wars.

    It is a pattern that America must stop before our Constitution is rewritten as Huckabee suggested. Our freedoms come from our Constitution not granted by any God! America may have faltered too far to ever be able to think in terms of freedom and liberty and we will need a tribal God to punish us so we can get into heaven.

    I have never been bothered by churches until they began to mark ballots for their congregations knowing damn well they never understood individual freedoms.

    The only answer is the separation of church and state!

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