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Tuesday, April 23, 2024

So much partisanship, so little truth

If you believe the propaganda offered up by some Democrats or liberals or progressives or whatever they call themselves these days, the problems that inflict America began on January 20, 2001 - the day George W. Bush took office.


If you believe the propaganda offered up by some Democrats or liberals or progressives or whatever they call themselves these days, the problems that inflict America began on January 20, 2001 – the day George W. Bush took office.

Others of the same ilk point to January 20, 1989 – George H.W. Bush’s first day in office – or January 20, 1981 – Ronald Reagan’s swearing in – and the day everything went to hell.

Republicans use the first day in office of various Democratic Presidents as their dates of infamy in American history.

So much partisanship, so little truth.

The Iraq war will define forever the failed Presidency of George W. Bush: A war started on a lie, perpetuated with lies and fought more to protect business interests and to promote a private agenda of a corrupt administration.

Iraq, some say, is Bush’s Vietnam: An interesting comparison and one that destroys the argument that America died when he became President.

Like Iraq, the Vietnam War sprang from a lie, perpetuated with more lies and existed to protect business interests and promote the private agenda of a corrupt administration – a corrupt Democratic one.

John F. Kennedy sent American advisors into Vietnam but Lyndon Johnson turned that involvement into a war, justifying it with an over hyped "Gulf of Tonkin" incident that history proved a lie.

If you believe filmmaker Oliver Stone’s version of history, Johnson conspired with the American military-industrial complex to kill Kennedy. We can debate that theory until cow comes home but history does prove that Johnson escalated the war with false claims of military progress and unfulfilled promises.

Some 58,000 American soldiers along with an estimated three to four million North and South Vietnamese and 1.5 to 2 million Laotians and Cambodians died as a result of Lyndon Johnson’s lies.

Republicans today claim Democrats want to end the Iraq war not with victory but with appeasement. Republican Richard Nixon, yet another corrupt President, ended the Vietnam through appeasement, not victory. We pulled out of Vietnam and left our former allies to the brutality of the enemy we promised to defeat.

Bill Clinton, a Democratic President, sent American troops into Bosnia, a conflict that resulted in 110,000 civilian and military lives and displaced more than 1.2 million people. Clinton also ordered a cruise missile attack on a pill factory in Sudan, claiming it was a chemical weapons plant, and authorized attacks on "terrorist training camps" in Afghanistan that turned out to be civilian encampments.

Like Bush, Clinton turned out to be a serial liar and a corrupt, vengeful President who used the power of the White House to destroy his enemies. He used the Presidency to cash in.

No political party has a legitimate claim on honesty, decency or fairness in the American political system. No party can lay claim to a history of solving America’s problems. The economy today is falling flat on its face during the administration of George W. Bush. It did the same thing during Jimmy Carter’s Presidency.

Many Democrats point to the economic prosperity of the Clinton administration but much of that growth came after the Republicans seized control of Congress in the 1992 mid-term elections. Both sides claim credit for the growth but – in reality – the economy thrived in spite of the partisan bickering between the Democrats and Republicans.

America’s problems cannot be solved as long as partisanship replaces patriotism, anger replaces reason and hate replaces debate.

Until we stop thinking of ourselves as Republicans or Democrats, liberals or conservatives, right or left and start remembering that we are all Americans the problems will continue to grow and there will be nothing that any President – Republican or Democrat or Libertarian or Green – can do to fix them.

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  1. Lillibet Hamilton’s folly folded. The Federal Reserve was not and is not an extension of the bank envisioned by Hamilton. Please, learn the history.

    Hamilton’s was the First Bank of the United States, established I believe, in 1793. It lasted 20 years, dying when its charter was not renewed. The second such bank, the Second Bank of the United States, was chartered in 1816. It too died.

    The Federal Reserve is neither governmental nor is it based upon the recommendations of Hamilton. The Fed is a wholly private institution that prints and loans money, largely on the fractional reserve system of banking, that has brought us the huge problem we call the National Debt. The last figures I saw on that were $64,000 for every man, woman and child in the US, and that was more than a year or two ago. That figure didn’t even count the Steiglitz estimate of $3 Trillion for the Iraq War.

    And Sandra, you rock! I regret I was not able to read what you wrote ten years ago. Your comments are spot on, well reasoned, and insightful. We need more of you. Doug, sorry about going off point here, but partisanship is always hyped when it comes to the third rail of dinnertime conversation that is not politics or religion, i.e., money.

  2. Deja. You see, I took on the mess America is in through the Federal Research system 20 years ago and very few listened. I even did it on the internet 10 years ago and nobody gave a damn. Why should I not expound on things that nobody cares about? This forum is not the place where I even try to tell the truth about the mess America is in. I did try and the replies were hideous. If I tried again, the results would be the same. You and I see America with different desires. So what?

    Flapsaddle floats around on several subjects like turds in a septic tank. This is more your style but do not ever compare my words with this smoke and mirrors.

  3. Lillibet Great Minds – Great Legs(!?!)
    It’s very nice to be back indeed Sandy. Whenever I am playing Schubert, whether on violin, cello, piano or oboe, I think of you. Must be something in the white spaces between the notes.

    The lesson may simply be that he/she who panders last, panders more. It is the classic definition of insanity to continue repeating actions that do not work, hoping for success. We in the US are so good at that, particularly with the Fed, that we have now reached a century (almost) of pure, unmitigated insanity, which shall be writing on the infamous wall of the Book of Daniel, the message of our measurement and our lacking.

  4. RichardKanePA

    There is a world wide race for the bottom, and counties around the globe cuts wages and working conditions. Reagan and Hoover hit the unions hard. As Reagan cut wages, working conditions health and the environment, the economy shot up like a shot of Meth. But there was no union organizing under Clinton, something Reagan and Hoover could only dream of.

    If McCain despite bringing on a US depression, manages to quell the dream of Cuba and Venezuela, perhaps the endless slash of wages and working conditions will lead to armed robberies of widow vegetable gardens, with cannibalism soon to follow. But I think rather than cold-blooded, McCain honestly thinks that a shot of Meth is just what we need for what ails us.

    The British empire has been declining for generations, and they still eat, so it isn’t hopeless,

  5. The Federal Reserve system was created by Alexander Hamilton under none other than George Washington. It went by a different name, which I can’t remember, but it was the same thing: control of the country’s money and fiscal policies to an elite group an BANKERS, most of whom were buddies of Hamilton. It hasn’t changed, since.

    Nice comments, Flapsaddle. Sandra, you always amaze me with the verbose ways you invent to say so little.

  6. Well said, Lillibet. Nice to have you here. I think about you every time I put on a Schubert String Quartet. Our politics has turned into who can pander to the most people with our money, without a thought to the real value of the American dollar.

  7. Lillibet I confess to being tickled a bit with these discussions. How did we get from toxic partisanship to knowing the mind of a god, and whether or not one is repentant. Clearly, forgiveness too easily given, or too easily obtained results in a cheapening of grace. After all, Jesus admonished the woman at the well to go and sin NO more; not crack open a flagon of wine, grab the Kama Sutra and shoot the lights out until you cannot take it any longer, and then think about stopping, repenting the deed(s), and getting forgiveness.

    But such is human nature. We want the good without trudging the difficult path. We want the easy when tough decisions are called for.

    Perhaps the greatest “sin” against the Republic was Woodrow Wilson’s in signing in the Federal Reserve System. Destroy the monetary system and watch the rot begin. And so it has, and so it shall continue. Greed, on its own, is possibly the most difficult of urges (or sins), to overcome. Were it not so, we would not murder for gain, lie for profit or to falsely honor parents, commit adultery, covet the neighbor’s ass, his wife’s ass or his asses asses. (I believe that’s pretty much the list from the “Big Ten” of sins of commission.)

    We are where we are because of greed, and nothing likes a good pack for protection like greed. As the Mafia or any functioning street gang. Individual greed is good, group greed gives the patina of spreading the wealth, or sharing. Which leads again to that cheap grace of forgiveness for the repeating repenter.

    We’ll not solve this problem of the US if we don’t control the money. Money in politics, in benefits of holding office, in perks, in tax breaks, corporate welfare, laws skewed to benefit the rich, and on and on, I could go.

    Neither Nixon, Johnson, Kennedy, Clinton or the Bushes are totally to blame. They are but symptoms of a nation becoming what greed demands at the hands of the money machine known as the Federal Reserve, that privately controls every penny spent around the world. The politicians just game the system for those in their particular greedy pack, and dress it up in faith, religiosity, and the promise of a better day.

    A better day will be a truth for politicians for they have made the system work for that better day for them. At least, that will be true, so long as the Fed keeps the presses rolling.

  8. We are now entering the age of the fascist theocratic oligarchy. Prepare for turbulence. I have said before that I give the US as a constitutional republic 30-50 years. I have been chided here because I think that our republic will last at least 30 more years. Most think that, unless we turn things around, we have about 10-20 years. But with rumors abounding that gwb-following in Regan’s footsteps-has made a secret executive order regarding the succession of the president. IOW, gwb has changed the law(as did Regan) so that it is not the speaker of the house or the pres pro tem of the senate following the VP, but is someone in the executive branch-like the sec State, or DoD, or DoJ-I can actually imagine a scenario where both the prez and the vp are removed in some fashion, and when the speaker of the house steps up and claims the job, one of the executive branch sec. steps up and says no, according to this secret executive order, I am the prez. Some conundrum, hunh? I can also see that whoever that military decided to follow would be the winner. I can even see in some cases where the military itself would take over. post script: If Regan did in fact issue such a secret executive order, what did Clinton do about it? If he knew about it, and cancelled it, why not let congress and the people know? We are, after all, still a republic. If he had no knowledge of it, why didn’t he? Did he agree with the EO, and let it continue? Did gwb make a new EO, so that no member of the other party could become president if something were to happen to both the prez and the vp. I think, that more than anything else, the excessive secrecy of the bush administration and the extreme paranoia of the VP along with the incompetence of the political appointees in this administration will render gwb the worst president in history. The secret DoJ memos regarding torture-the position taken by this administration about imprisoning(native born) american citizens without trial and arresting them without charges, WITHIN THE BORDERS of the US STATES claiming that the president is above the law, and can make his own laws-claiming that the VP is in essence a fourth branch of govt, and is immune to all laws-that congress can pass laws, but the president can, without a veto, erase those laws with a signing statement-all this and more, will, if the leadership of the government and of congress(grow some spines people-I can not believe that repigs in congress are so blinded with partisanship that they can not understand that the powers that congress allows the current president-a repig-to gather, will continue to belong to whomever is elected next. What if HRC had become the next president? She would have gotten all of the power that gwb took from congress. Does any person, dem or repig, really think that any person elected president, would give back to congress those powers usurped from both congress and the constitution? I mean, really? Or don’t the repigs in congress think that far ahead. gwb has power now, so lets let him take as much as he wants(remember that gwb had a repig majority in congress for 6 years-a do less than nothing congress we have never had).-it took less than 10 years for the repig majority to become totally, and publically corrupt. Massive corruption and outright theft occured in Iraq during repig rule, yet they refused to do their duty to investigate. Almost $1Trillion has disappeared into Iraq, without the repig congress doing anything. In fact, quite the opposite. They facilitated the theft. No, not 30-50 years before the republic collapses. As others have told me many times, the fascist oligarchs are already pulling the strings behind the scenes. Meanwhile the theocrats are coming up fast. Dumping their belief in christianity to gain power, they twist their ideology to fit into their lust for temporal power. So, an outright rending of the constitution. 20-30 years. Then they will come out into the open to rule as a fascist theocratic oligarchy. 1984 was right, the author just missed it by 100 years. Should be titled 2084 The descent into madness and how the constitution was torn apart.

  9. I don’t pretend to know God’s mind but he is supposed to know ours and whether we are sincere or not. Supposedly we are made in His image. I loved the movie Dogma where God was a woman. Icons like Mooby the Cow were considered false idols and not just harmless distractions, ala Mickey Mouse. Made people think and funny to boot.

    There have been good and evil gods in different religions. I spent many years attending different denominations from Mormon to Jewish to find what suited my views best. Turned out none of them really fit perfect but I wanted to make sure my kids were raised with a religious influence versus none at all. Maybe it’s the wrong reasons to attend as well but I’m only human.

    But we are moving off-topic. I’d love to see a blog by you on it as I was basically agnostic through most my time at college. My point of the post being only maybe 90 million Americans actually go to a church of any denomination. These include the Easter and Christmas only types, as far fewer attend regularly each week.

  10. ” … but they are insincere and hence, not really repentant at all, and therefore, likely not forgiven either.”

    But who can presume to know the mind of a god? Does a god have a sex? What does a god really look like — a human being? Why does anyone presume a god must be kind and loving and good? Why couldn’t a god be a being of pure evil? Or could a god have no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ traits at all but simply be amoral? Three Abrahamic Religions all lay claim to a ‘god’ but that god has differing characteristics. They can’t all be correct. Or maybe they can? Who can know the ‘mind’ or the intent of a god? None of this negates the possibility of a ‘god’ or a ‘creator’ of the universe. There may or may not be a creator but if there is, I think its rather arrogant of mankind to presume to know the nature of that creator, to ascribe human characteristics to that creator. These are my own beliefs and I’m not trying to convince anyone else. These are questions I as an agnostic wrestle with.

    — Kent Shaw

  11. According to the church I attend only 30% of Americans bother to go to church. So if the number you are quoting is correct then these are people that claim to be religious, but never bother to attend an actual sermon. Perhaps that is why they think Jesus is going to whisk them into the sky. Or they think they can sin the same sins over and over and still go to heaven. They treat repentance as a eraser, but they are insincere and hence, not really repentant at all, and therefore, likely not forgiven either.

  12. ” … and I believe that the Secular Americans are on the rise … ”

    I sure hope your are right about that. But it seems to me that more and more are turning to religion. I’ve read that there are 100 MILLION evangelical types in the U.S. More than ever we MUST get religion out of government. Thats not our only or our main problem but it IS a big problem.

    Please note, I’m not disrespecting anyone’s religion. To each his own. I happen to be agnostic. I harbor no ill will toward the religious; I just want religion OUT of government.

    — Kent Shaw

  13. Janice, many of us are working very hard at putting together some plans for correction. Our country needs new political blood to get off this name calling. I’m working on it but not as Sandra Price, I’m too well known on the internet and have many enemies among both parties.

    It is too late for any action prior to November but after the Inauguration, you will see some changes to be discussed around the ‘net. I know Doug well enough to see him coming back strongly with changes and hopefully they will blend in with others. We know what we don’t want and we all need input on what we do want.

    Why not start your own list. What priorities would you want in our Federal and State governments?

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