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Friday, July 19, 2024

As justice closes in, Trump is sinking in his toxic, depraved swamp

With luck, most of his MAGA mob of treasonous Republicans will drown with him.
(Courtesy Nation of Change)

The never-ending, mind numbing circus called criminally-indicted and disgraced former president Donald John Trump’s scramble to avoid criminal trials, convictions and needed time behind bars in prison continues ad infinitum.

Writes our friend and favorite New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd:

The man who tried to overthrow the government he was running was held Thursday by the government he tried to overthrow, a few blocks from where the attempted overthrow took place and a stone’s throw from the White House he yearns to return to, to protect himself from the government he tried to overthrow.

Donald Trump is in the dock for trying to cheat America out of a fair election and body-snatch the true electors. But the arrest of Trump does not arrest the coup.

The fact is, we’re midcoup, not postcoup. The former president is still in the midst of his diabolical “Who will rid me of this meddlesome democracy?” plot, hoping his dark knights will gallop off to get the job done.

Each set of indictments seem to drive up Trump’s popularity in his dwindling but still loud “MAGA” base, a collection of racists, white supremacists, bifots and brain-dead lemmings who would rather support a fraud and criminal than see America thrive under the democracy that he threatens.

In reality, Trump is a vicious traitor who deserves to be in prison, not the White House. The fact that he remains free is a testamint to the patience of a criminal justice system that still treats him like a former leaeder of our nation instead of the con-artist and criminal he is.

Special counsel Jack Smith, a seasoned prosecutor who has argued, and won cases before the World Court and put away international criminals, is a methodical, meticulous man who is closing the legal vice arouynd the despicgle Trump but the loose and vague rules hidden in our Constitution allow him to keep running for an office he doesn;t deserve or qualify for.

During the Jan. 6 2021 Capitol riot where mobs incited by Trump trashed the seat of democracy n America and came close to overturning a legal election, Trump aide, in a text asked: “How best [to] proceed tomorrow so we don’t look like a donkey show, particularly on the comms/media front?” Deputy campaign manager Justin Clark res;onded: “Here’s the thing the way this has morphed it’s a crazy play so I don’t know who wants to put their name on it.”

Trump, scrambling to saver his sordid political life and stay out of jail has no problem puttiing his name on the most toxic and illegal attempts to destroy the nation he had sworn to serve in a presidency he didn’t serve.

Dowd says it best:

While Trump goes for the long con or the long coup — rap sheet be damned, it’s said that he worries this will hurt his legacy. He shouldn’t. His legacy is safe, as the most democracy-destroying, soul-crushing, self-obsessed amadán ever to occupy the Oval. Amadán, that’s Gaelic for a man who grows more foolish every day.

The same must be said of the GOP ship of fools that is sinking under the weight of its own treasonous acts to support Trump in all his blatant criminality. How long, we wonder, can they tread water?

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