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Sunday, July 21, 2024

For President, can we please have a real leader, not a pretender?

Let's face it. Donald Trump is a criminal and traitor, Joe Biden is too old, Ron DeSantis is a racist and homophobic thug and no real leader exists among the rest.

It’s a sad time when the rabid-right racists who control the Republican Party are divided over backing disgraced, criminally-indicted Donald J. Trump or right-wing thug Ron DeSantis, the Florida governor who has sunk Florida into the depths of another Jim Crow era with support by homophobes, racists and idiots.

The slow, but steady, walls of justice are closing in on the many criminal and traitorous actions of Trump with many legal experts, along with his once-compliant attorney general William Barr, now predicting conviction and prison for his obstruction of justice, theft and illegal retention of classified documents and outright sedition in a blatant attempt to overthrow a legal election and what is left of democracy in America.

So now, more and more ethically-challenged members of the GOP are turning to DeSantis, who bans books from school libraries , removes teaching oif African-American studies for students, doesn’t them to even use the word “gay” and has targeted the giant Disney organization for its justifiably-lenient treatment of gays and transgenders.

Is the best the party of Abraham Lincoln can do in these modern times?

Others are seeking the GOP nomination and more are threatening to join in, a move that New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu warns can give Trump or DeSantis the nomination with a minority of the vote.

We have Mike Pence, Trump’s former vice-president and cheerleader, who managed, somehow, to develop enough backbone in 2021 to defy Trump’s orders that he block certification of the legal election that threw the con man from Manhattan out and elected Joe Biden. Other than that, he’s just another right-wing whack job from Indiana.

And there is Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor who got rid of confederate flags at the state capitol but the joined Trump’s administration as ambassador to the UN. She’s a tea party ideologue.

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christies abandoned Trump’s sinking political ship after supporting him. He’s run for the job and failed.

And there are others, including Tim Scott of South Carolina, but none have shown any real leadership qualifies or an ability to lead a diverse nation without pandering primarily to a hard-core right wing base.

That’s the problem. Leadership ability no longer is a necessary qualification to be president. Joe Biden served in the Senate and as Barrack Obama’s vice president but has been unwilling to take leadership of the issues our country needs. Voters in 2000 wanted anybody but Trump and many hoped Biden would restore some control and decency to the presidency but some reel he has been too slow to make major steps. He has had wins but the Blacks who helped put him in office say he has not kept his promises.

Hypocritically, Trump, who is 76, claims Biden, who is four years older, is too old for a second term yet Trump seems more inflicted with dementia than his 80-year-old opponent.

Frankly, we see both as too old for election in 2024 and I’m 75.

Another typical election where our choice will be the one we dislike the least.

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