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Sunday, June 23, 2024

That’s my $4566 you are giving away!

I don't want no stinking rebate. I don't care if it's $300 or $600. I want my $4566 PER SECOND that the US govt is spending in Iraq. Iraq PM al-Maliki Handing Out Cash To People In The Streets

I don’t want no stinking rebate. I don’t care if it’s $300 or $600. I want my $4566 PER SECOND that the US govt is spending in Iraq.

Iraq PM al-Maliki Handing Out Cash To People In The Streets

It is a politician’s dream: Handing out cold, hard cash to people on the street as they plead for help. Iraq’s prime minister has been doing just that in recent weeks, doling out Iraqi dinars as an aide trails behind, keeping a tally.

The handouts by Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki and a handful of other top officials are authorized _ as long as each goes no higher than about $8,000, and the same people don’t get them twice. Aides say they are meant merely to ease the pain a bit, and are motivated by a belief that better conditions will lead to more security.

The cash handouts are just one small _ if eye-catching _ part of a major investment push this summer by Iraq’s government. The aim is to rebuild basic services and jumpstart Iraq’s damaged economy by quickly distributing as much of the country’s glut of oil revenue as possible.

U.S. officials and a fed-up American public are urging exactly that _ for Iraq to spend its own money, not America’s, to rebuild the country now that violence has eased.

Hey if Iraq is rich enough to give away $8000 per person, then we need to get the hell out of there and STOP the drain of money, resources and men in Iraq.

It’s way past time to “SAVE OUR TROOPS!” AND DEMAND that they get the hell out of Dodge….er I mean Iraq! Period end of story!

Oh, and none of this defeatist attitude. We have not lost in Iraq. Saddam Hussein and his evil regime are gone. It has been verified that Iraq does not have weapons of mass destruction. Al Qaeda no longer is any type of threat in Iraq like they are in Pakistan and AFghanistan. Iraq has a constitution, an elected gov’t….an army, police…basically EVERYTHING has been done that GW said needed to be done in order to leave.

So why are we still there? So Cheney can bleed us dry giving out tax dollars away from Halliburton. There is a reason his income is 5 times higher than GW’s.

So Military Industrial Complex gets their money. So KBR, Redstone, Blackstone and all the other Bush contributors get theirs.

I WANT MY $4566 (per second) in Iraq. Do the math.

1 second per person in America = 9.71 years in Iraq. And we are only at a little over 5 years.

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