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Saturday, July 13, 2024

Trump is not the only felon: So are members of his GOP gang

Let's call them what they are: Co-conspirators, enablers and traitors to America.
GOP Speaker of the House: Kevin McCarthy: Trump enabler, co-conspirator, and traitor to America.

I don’t know which is more damning and worse: The sad, pathetic fact that the disgraced criminal Donald Trump is running, again, for president or the cabal of co-conspirators in the rabid right-wing of the Republican Party that is abandoning any pretense of morality, love of country or patriotism to support his continued criminal actions.

The facts say any Republicans who continue to claim Trump lost the 2020 election because it was stolen through fraud are committing treason against the nation they swore an oath to support and protect.

The list of these traitors is long: the corrupt Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, is valueless co-conspirator Marjorie Taylor Greene, unqualified committee chairmen like Jim Jordan, and too many others.

Some who claim knowledge of what is happening within the several other grand juries that have not yet finished their investigations of the Trump cult say he will not be the only one indicted. Let’s hope and pray they are right.

In more than a half-century of work either covering our failing government or working within it as a political operative — a failure of judgment on my part — I have seen too many actions with Congress and the White House that seriously threatens our democracy.

In so many ways, the assassination of president John F Kennedy in 1963, started the wave of threats that threatened democracy and America: The attempts during the Watergate scandal that brought the resignation of disgraced president Richard Nixon. the just below-the-surface racism that bubbled up from the surface after the election of Barack Obama, the 9/11 attacks by terrorists who brought down the ‘World Trade Center and damaged the Pentagon head a growing list of events that threatened our way of life

Georga W. Bush lied outright with claims of non-existent weapons of mass destruction to fortify his invasion of that country in what we later learned was his desire to “punish” a claimed plan to kill his father during his presidency.

The rise of rabid right-wing extremism injected outright idiots like Sarah Palen into our presidential races when GOP strategic consultant Steve Schmidt felt she would be a “needed celebrity candidate” for the vice president to help John McCain in the race he lost, primarily because of her stupidity.

As we have reported here before, the Republicans took a hard-right turn towards extremism after gaining control of Congress in 1994 and electing self-righteous demagogue Newt Gingrich as speaker. Gingrich used affairs with mistresses to dump two wives, let another man’s wife give him a blowjob while waiting for his kids to finish a softball game, and talked Trump, during his one-term presidential disaster, into appointing her ambassador to the Vatican.

Gingrich was forced from the speaker’s office and resigned his Congressional seat after the House ethics committee found him profiting from a book deal in violations of the rules, the same kind of felonious crap that defined the failed term of Trump.

Former prosecutor and now political pundit, Glenn Kirshner runs a podcast called “Justice Matters” and his topics of late, focus on Trump’s many criminal actions.

“Keeping track of Trump’s many criminal investigations and prosecutions are doing to keep us working overtime,” he said in a recent podcast, shown below. “I for one, do not have any problem putting in the extra hours.”

Neither do we, Glenn.

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