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Saturday, December 2, 2023

Sorry Jesse. You’re too late

Jesse Jackson, echoing the disappointment and betrayal that a growing number are feeling towards presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, says "I wanna cut his nuts off."

Too late Jesse. Barack's balls are long gone. He gave them up when he decided pandering for votes was more important than standing on principle.


Jesse Jackson, echoing the disappointment and betrayal that a growing number are feeling towards presumptive Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama, says "I wanna cut his nuts off."

Too late Jesse. Barack’s balls are long gone. He gave them up when he decided pandering for votes was more important than standing on principle.

Barack Obama pulled off the con on the century when he convinced Democratic primary voters that he was something different, a non-politician who stood for real change. True, he had the advantage of running against Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and her multiple closets of political skeletons but he still conned America big time.

His electrifying speeches mesmerized large crowds and the media, which is proving far to easy to con these days. Just look at how easy they bought into George W. Bush’s con job on the Iraq war five years ago.

But Hillary has more balls than Obama. Hell, Hillary has more balls than most men in Congress and probably the rest of the country. But she also had one of the most mismanaged campaigns in Presidential primary history. As a result, the nation must depend on a political eunuch in $3,000 suits to save America from John McCain’s plan to give us another four years of Bushian policies.

Now I know how the Seventh Calvary felt at Little Big Horn.

Let’s face it folks. The Democrats fell for Obama’s con game hook, line and sinker. They placed their bets on an unknown and as more and more of his true self appears they are headed for the nearest bar to tie one on.

Those who questioned Obama mania warned all of us that the Democratic Party, and perhaps the nation, was buying a pig in a poke. An unruly, undisciplined wild boar is more like it.

While we can hope that John McCain’s growing senility will tip the balance in November, Obama’s performance of late makes me wonder if putting he and his party in office will make any real difference.

With each new election season, I’m becoming more and more convinced that we can no longer depend on our current governmental structure to bring any meaningful change to America.

This nation’s political system is corrupt and beyond redemption. Change may not be possible.

It may take a new American revolution but even that may be too little too late.

33 thoughts on “Sorry Jesse. You’re too late”

  1. Obama betrayed us but
    to start fantasizing that bold-faced hillary wouldn’t have betrayed us or is now suddenly a better candidate is ridiculous in my opinion. No matter how low obama stoops, she can and would stoop lower. And anybody who didn’t object to this war is not somebody I would say has balls; however I’d say anybody that threatens a country with nuclear annhilation does have a lot of nerve. Never forget how the warmonger marched us into the quagmire and how she and mccain all but called for the draft and never objected to the war itself until she became a candidate. If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it! Although obama will no longer get my vote (not sure if it will be McKinney or Nader still), I still am glad hillary lost.

    And no, we third party voters are not spoiling the election. Those that continue to vote repug-lite spoil the election. Those that continue to be frightened and vote for spineless demoncrats just because they have to are the ones spoiling the elections! When ya’ll get tired of losing to the repugs because those of us who have woken up no longer vote for the lesser of two evils and you keep supporting lying demoncrats, then you will wake up and quit voting against your interests. Then we will easily kick the repugs butts and the world will become a better place. I hope you wake up sooner than later!

  2. Been months since I came to this website, good to see Doug back.

    I told you people over a year ago, wrote blogs, and about went nuts from ya’ll wanting to hang me over my warnings about ‘Bama.

    Pollchecker is the last man standing defending his Obama stance. Remember how ya’ll crucified Hillary?

    “I’m a Goalie… Your a sieve”
    And it’s all your fault.

  3. I agree with Tinker that Bush has purposely allowed himself to be made out as misguided or ignorant. Could be true just as easily, but it does deflect some of the blame off him, out of misplaced pity for his stupidity if nothing else. But even morons have to pay eventually for their actions.

    As for Obama, there is hope for him as it is a fact that no politician ever means what he says or does what he says he will do when he is campaigning. Once he is the President, then we will know but not until then. Maybe he will be like Truman with the sign on his desk that read,” The buck stops here”, and be half the President that Truman was. He may figure that unless he stretches the truth or fudges a little, he will not stand a chance of being elected. Give him some leeway just as you have always had to do with every other Contender. He is just as worthy as they…and maybe even more so since he has not been on the scene long enough to become completely corrupted as someone like McCain.

    So why the rush to prejudge Obama. Did you prejudge Bush..even after all the messups of his first term ? No, you gave him another four years based on absolutely no evidence that he had kept any of his promises. Give Obama at least that much benefit of a doubt. He certainly will not be as bad as Bush has been. McCain would be even worse than Bush for he intends to follow Bush right over the cliff …with this country being pulled right over it with him.

    Remember, unless the next occupant of the White House Cleans house of all the NeoCons and Fascists that are presently pulling the strings on Bush…it will be an exercise in futility regardless of anyone’s best intentions. You already know that McCain would change nothing and would only make things more intolerable in every way. I venture a guess that McCain has already promised the Power Brokers that he would ‘pick’ Jeb Bush as his V.P. in return for their support. Why else would they be pushing old man McCain ? They would not expect McCain to live out a term, thus putting another Bush in the White House. Is that something you would want ?

  4. It occurs to me that if someone else had been caught off mic saying the same thing as Jesse Jackson…oh some one like Imus perhaps….the conversation would a lot different. America, Main Stream Media, etc, etc would never allow someone like Imus to get away with saying such a thing.

    But coming from another black man, it is apparently OK and appropriate to say and everyone lets him off with an apology, a slap on the wrist and a yawn, while whining about our choices, our system.

    No, If Imus, or ANYONE of a caucasian nature had made that type of remark they more than likely would have suffered the same fate they had advocated…at least politically speaking.

    You know darn well, people like Reverend Al Sharp, Quanell X or Other African American leaders would have been outraged. But apparently there is no outrage because it was said by Jesse Jackson.

    Perhaps this is what we should be discussing?

  5. It isn’t about Obama, a president doesn’t have much more than a bully pulpit. There are cultural issues that have been with us for decades that have shaped our military and how we approach wars. We lost Vietnam, not because of micro management by the cililians at DoD, not because of congress, not because of Presidents Johnson and Nixon but because of the basic mindset of the commanders, both the generals in the pentagon and Westmorland in Vietnam. The basic strategy was at fault-granted the Marines had the right idea, and the experience to do it right, but they lacked the time and the manpower-the rigid inside the box thinking that lost us Vietnam, is still in existance in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Until that very basic misunderstanding of the current world situation is removed, possibily by the wholesale firing of all the senior officers, we will continue to lose. Country against country, mass movement of troops like the battle of the Kursk Salient, or 06-06 D-Day, or the Battle of the Bludge, or all the D-day landings on the Pacific Islands is over. Won’t be happening again. We will not be facing the Russians as they flood into Germany. These are the types of battles our entire military, and the military industrial complex that supports it are set up for. Massive weapons systems used in open battle against a uniformed foe. Do we really need the B-2 at well over $1B a copy? The F-22, light years ahead of any other possible foe? The F-35, joint strike fighter? Why didn’t we just update the A-10-a close air support A/C that the AF has been trying to get rid of for years. Why not build updates of the Harrier, the USMC choice for close air support? Do we really need brand new weapons systems that cost hundreds of Billions? The USMC gets by quite well with a Super Cobra helicopter-basically a Vietnam war design- which the Army went with the Apachie(sp, sorry) a very high cost attack helicopter, which, when the Iraqi Army managed to ambush and shoot down several, the US Army had to drastically change all its tactics. Why didn’t the Army go with the Super Cobra? Why did we have to go to the Rolls Royce systems, when a Chevy system worked just as good? The A-1 tank is currently one of the best in the world. The British, Germans, and even the Israelis have great tanks that they designed and built themselves. But ours is gold plated. We built the Patriot anti aircraft missile system to replace the IHAWK-which is still in use(tho upgraded) after 50 years, it works, why replace it. Unfortunately-and I was assigned to the Patriot project at Redstone Arsenal in Al. in the late 70’s-it could never replace the IHAWK because it was so heavy it could not go cross country, but had to stick to roads. Both systems BTW are built by Raytheon, but IHAWK was a mature system, no $$$$ in it, so lets just develop a new system, for which we really had no need, but will give the company mondo $$$$. The Israelis now have a system that could easily take Patriots place, at about a quarter the weight, and less than half the cost, that can go X-country. There is a system in use right now that can totally protect vehicles from RPG attack. In service, it works. Will the US buy it? No, but will give Raytheon millions of $$ to develop such a system. Body armor. Dragon Skin has been proven better in test after test, yet the Army refuses to buy it. There is a better battle rifle than the M-4( which essentially fires a souped up .22) SOCOM has the new rifle, which outperformes the M-4, but is not made by Colt, so the Army will not even set up a fair test-they did a side by side test with 40,000 rounds being fired, what the Army failed to note in its test result is that the M-4 had to be cleaned every 800 rounds, and the barrel replaced after every 4,000 rounds-But it was a fair test, or so says the Army. The M-9 service pistol is a 9mm made by an Italian company(assembled in the US) meanwhile the troops want their .45’s back, but once more, it won’t happen. 9mm is here to stay, the general(now retired) who approved the M-9, is now a senior executive with that same company-move along, nothing to see here(except for the continuing looting of our treasury). The USAF tanker deal first went to Boeing-who has only been building tankers since the 1950’s. But Sen McCain-with Charlie Black, a lobbyist for EADS-Airbus-got the Boeing contract cancelled, and pretty much gave the contract to EADS, which, granted, would have assembled them here, but would have made all the pieces in Europe. After investigation, the contract is reopened, but the AF procurement people will not be allowed to touch it. The swinging door. Congressmen and senators who are not reelected or retire- 60% become WaDC lobbyists-senior defense dept officials-military and civilian-retire and go to work for defense industries, mostly for those companies that they gave contracts to. No new companies need apply, the pool is full and the defense industries do not want any competition. It really isn’t about who is president, the permanent parties who have been in, and bought, government for the last 50 years, can do a work around if Obama is elected. The cash cow that is Iraq(cash cow for KBR anyway) will work their bought and paid for totally corrupt congressmen to insure they don’t lose anything. SS private accounts pushed by the rethuglicians? Who would benefit. Follow the money. The banks would get billions, while the poor slob who bought into the rethug idea of instant wealth for retirement goes the same way as the Enron employees did. OK, I have now calmed down. My current rant was started by this, which I just found and read today

  6. Bush may not be as blundering as he has appeared. Better to appear to be misguided or ignorant than to have them come after you with criminal charges. Any means to an end. Not that I think him any sort of genius, just that he has perhaps cultivated an image that he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer to avoid worse charges. Perhaps he no longer knows where one leaves off and the other begins. It doesn’t really matter – he is just a figurehead.

    But just what sort of creature is Obama? He was going nowhere on his own, pretty speeches and all, until this Emil Jones Jr. became president of the Illinois Senate and launched him. Since then everybody he has walked over and every rung on the ladder of his success has been carefully calculated. But now that he is the one, almost ordained, he has begun to shape-shift.

  7. Oh I’m not the only one, but the Obama folks sure were out in force. I actually took great delight in taking them on, although the futility of it eventually eroded the novelty.

    You make a good point in comparing Obama’s camp to the neocons. Just goes to show that these tactics are non-partisan in their usefulness and will be employed as needed by either to see the desired end.

    I have been saying it all along. Bush was an engineered catastrophe, and Obama is a hand-fed creation. The emperor has no clothes, and apparently no sack either.

    I still find it incomprehensible that so many people actually believe in anything anyone in government ever says. Completely mind-boggling.

  8. We’re going to have to move down the ledge some Griff.

    Text Umbilicals. Beautiful Tinker.

    Please don’t feed the pigeons !

  9. Careful, we don’t want a rouge black hole to open up unless we can control it and turn it loose on D.C. HACK !

  10. I’m with you Griff. I never got the Obama thing – never even took it seriously. But when hoards of teenie-boppers showed up for him on caucus night, it became obvious that he, or his gurus, had learned how to manipulate the Youth (as in the social networking crowd who have umbilicals of text messaging holding themselves together)in a way similar to the way Rove manipulated the Evangelicals. They have been had, and I’m not sure they are even now wise enough to catch on to that reality. I guess you can say that this group really was born yesterday. I don’t what excuse the rest of them use.

    I’m not sure that it matters, as there are dark forces that really orchestrate what happens in this country and the world. It was no accident that Bush Jr. got elected and reelected, though it was incomprehensible to many of us. If Obama gets elected he will not have to be emasculated by Mr. Jackson, as these forces will see that he is neutered if necessary, and the status quo is maintained.

    If pollchecker wants to keep jousting at windmills and exerting himself so, I hope he gets some satisfaction from doing it because in the long run the outcome will be the same – with the power-brokers.

  11. Making up for lost time, eh Doug? As one of those proud few that opposed Obama from the start, and took much abuse in the process, I can thank only time for proving what was oh so obvious to some to begin with. Unfortunatley, as usual, most people find out when it’s too late to really do anything about it.

    The primaries were wasted arguing race and gender while his policies and record were taboo subjects. Had to beat Clinton first, then worry about policy.

    Now, he has to beat McCain, then worry about what he does. He’ll listen to us after he wins. You know – The People. He promised! And all the people that clamored for Clinton’s early departure are lucky she stood in as long as she did. If not, this would have happened two months ago. Less time before the general for people to dig around and less time for Obama to dig himself deeper.

    Brilliant choreography. Excellent production. Emmys all around – particulary the scriptwriters and casting. Top notch. Once again we have been duped by a puppet politician. We will never, ever learn. Ever.

    So much for the “no more lesser of two evils” rallying cry I heard so much just a year ago. This time we got ourselves a real change candidate. He’s not a Clinton and he’s not a Bush, so he’s my man. He was never our man, he’s their man.

    I could go on, but this is one “I told you so” that feels none too good. Even myself, the king of cynicism, managed to maintain the slightest, tiniest nano-particle of – shall I say – interest in seeing how his candidacy played out. A morbid curiosity, really, like looking for rolling heads at an accident scene (actually saw one as a kid – gruesome).

    Oh well. I can’t wait for the sequel. It promises to be epic. Or maybe a comedy, like “Liar, Liar”.

  12. Lillibet: It’s all I’ve got. I say this with most fervent hope in my heart that it’s true, Obama is merely trying to get into the Oval Office to deliver change, as in the change he promised.


    I hope.

    Oh, how I hope.

    Of course, when it’s down to that type of thinking, it is probably far too late. Voters are perceived as endorsing what the platform of the candidate actually is, not what you hope the execution of that platform will become. At least if the theory of voting is tantamount to an endorsement of what the candidate says, holds.

    Anyone care to join me at the bar? And, if we don’t get the Constitution back, can we at least spike the wine with hemlock? Hold the arugula salad please.

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