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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

No action by Manhattan grand jury on Trump this week

If indictments are coming, they won't come until April, at the earliest.
Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The Manhattan grand jury investigating hush money paid on Donald Trump’s behalf is not expected to take up that inquiry again this week, meaning any potential vote on an indictment probably won’t happen until next week at the earliest, two people familiar with the matter said Tuesday.

The panel did meet Monday, and a longtime Trump friend and potential key witness in the investigation was seen leaving the building where the grand jury has been meeting.

The grand jury has been meeting regularly Monday and Wednesday afternoons, but did not hold last Wednesday’s session and met last Thursday for other unrelated matters.

Trump himself has ratcheted up anticipation that an indictment could be near by posting on his social media platform that he expected to be arrested imminently. His representatives later said that they had not received any such indication on timing from Manhattan prosecutors.

The Manhattan district attorney’s office, which is leading the investigation, has taken several steps seen as signaling that it could be close to wrapping up, including inviting Trump to testify.

Still, the exact status of the probe remained unclear, and it’s possible that the schedule could be complicated by the Passover holiday next week.

The people who confirmed that no additional action related to Trump was expected this week were not authorized to speak publicly about secretive grand jury proceedings and did so on condition of anonymity. A message left with the district attorney’s office was not immediately returned.

NBC News was first to report the development.

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3 thoughts on “No action by Manhattan grand jury on Trump this week”

  1. There aren’t any indictments coming, sorry. Sure, we’d all like to see them and indictments are probably very well deserved but that sort of thing doesn’t happen in the U.S. It’s all smoke and mirrors and titillation and eyeball grabbing to keep people on the edge of their seats. They’ll drag it out with various excuses until they pop out the too close to election excuse and then the whole thing will disappear into file cabinets. Surprised that people still fall for this. I know you’re just passing the word along and that’s cool, but the sooner people wake up to the oh-yeah-going-to-do-something con the better.

    • My pessimism has been shown the door. I was wrong. And I am so glad to be wrong. Now we need to get it right and put the SOB where he belongs. In jail, or at least out of public life forever.

  2. This is all starting to feel like just theater. Years later, obvious crime(s), conclusive evidence, and all we hear is “might be… could be… should be… will be…”. two years later and absolutely no repercussions, no accountability; just speculation, anticipation, and frustration.

    Now, it is becoming political season again, and any indictment will be seen by the Republicans as a political maneuver, rather than a call for justice and accountability. It almost feels like the delays were deliberate in order to bring us to this point before any action MIGHT be taken.

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