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Thursday, June 8, 2023

Republicans: a gaggle of unpatriotic psychopaths

Those who flock to disgraced, criminal former president Donald Trump call themselves "MAGA," which really should stand for "Mindless Anti-patriotic Grifting Assholes."

It is time, past time, for Republicans to decide if they are real Americans or simply want to remain part of the dangerous clan of cultists who support a psychopath who is determined to destroy our nation and it democracy.

Donald J. Trump is a narcissistic psychopath. That should be a given to anyone with an IQ above that of an average plant. Same for rapid-right morons like Kevin McCarty, the disgraced Speaker of the House, and his rabble-rousing neanderthals who ignore the Constitution and push a psychotic agenda that wants to destroy a nation in distress.

As a GOP insider, I watched this party become a gaggle of loons while working as a political operative in the early 1980s and later as the divisional vice president for The National Association of Realtors from 1987-1992. During that time, I managed what was then the nation’s largest political action committee and ran an independent expenditures program that spent millions to support candidates who kowtowed to the real estate industry.

I took the first job on the mistaken belief that I could learn more about how government worked but politics, and the money it paid, turned me into just another cog in a machine where money talked and bullshit walks. It is not a coincidence that I walked away from politics in 1994 — the same year that I joined Alcoholics Anonymous. I’ve been sober for 28 years, nine months, and 21 days and I will spend the rest of my life apologizing and trying to correct the damage I did as an operative of the GOP.

I learned a lot of how Congress works as a Congressional chief of staff to one GOP member and later the Special Assistant to the Ranking Member of the House Science and Technology Committee, where I worked on helping transfer the defense DARPANet to the National Science Committee to become the internet.

Sadly, that period also meant working on the Spece Shuttle Challenger tragedy at Cape Canaveral and investigating the nuclear plant meltdown at Chornobyl. I was part of the team the committee sent to Vienna when Russia released if first report on the disaster.

In another mistake, I accepted an assignment to work with Republican firebrand Newt Gingrich’s political action committee and worked at the GOP convention in Houston in 1992. Two years later, I was in the packed convention hall of the Capitol Hill Hyatt when Republicans took control of Congress and then named Gingrich Speaker.

“Forget coalitions and bipartisanship,” Gingrich told the crowd that night. “From this point on, it’s my way or the highway.” I know enough about Gingrich’s hypocrisy, lies, and immorality to turn down several job offers and took the highway away from politics.

Gingrich started the move of the GOP away from any truly representative government. They turned the party into an excess of greed and power. We saw that when the party turned to a hapless trollop like Sarah Palin as the vice presidential candidate for John McCain. Deservedly, they lost.

When Bill Clinton was feeding his presidential Johnson to willing intern Monica Lewinsky, Gingrich was nailing a House committee staffer who would become his latest mistress to become his next wife. His list of dumped wivers included one who was hospitalized with cancer

So it was no surprise that Gingrich flocked to Donald Trump, also a meandering adulterer who bragged, in a recording, that he liked to seduce married women by “grabbing them by their pussies” and also agreed with shock jock Howard Stern that his daughter, Ivanka, was “a great piece of ass.”

Trump also appointed Gingrich’s mistress-turned-wife Calista the ambassador to the Vatican, a move that angered millions of Catholics.

It’s little wonder that someone like Gingrich would support a disgraced, criminal president like Donald Trump. As for Trump’s cult, we must ask if they are (1) “uninformed,” (2) “stupid” or simply (3) traitors.

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