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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Returning to the madness

Had to ignore doctor's orders and return to the columnist's chair to discuss the first anniversary of the Ukraine invasion and the continued madness of a GOP move to make the AR-15 our "National Gun."
GOP fabulist liar George Santos (lower right) and two other Republican wing nuts who follow his endorsement of the AR-15 as “America’s National Gun.”

For the first time in weeks, I am sitting at my desk trying to write a column for Capitol Hill Blue, something I have been doing for this political news site for more than 28 years. My left leg, with skin cells and blood badly infected, is propped up, per the doctor’s orders. I am limited to no more than 30 minutes of such time a day. This site informed readers last week that I was down and not writing. I’m still down but will try to return to writing.

Lots to write about on this first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a war crime in the eyes of many, us included. With billions of aid from America and NATO allies, the invasion that Russian president/dictator Vladimir Putin said would be quick and easy, shows a small nation holding on.

Some wonder if American action will bring a war between us and Russia. Given the problems Putin has found in trying to take over its neighbor, we doubt that even he is insane enough to take on a nation with a lot more power and resources.

America is sending tanks, warplanes, bombs, drones, ammo, and other resources. We’re not alone. Other NATO governments are stepping in as well. They figure stopping Russia now could prevent them from having to fight Putin off later.

Let’s hope not and let’s also hope the right-wingnuts that control the Republican Party don’t hamper President Joe Biden and the American military in any efforts needed to prevent this from turning into an all-out nuclear war.

Speaking of right-wingnuts, the lies-spouting New York freshman Congressman George Santos, who lied about his background, heritage, mother, and just about everything else, has joined three other Republicans who want to make the assault-style AR-15, used in most mass murders in America, our “National Gun.

Writes Alexandra Petri in The Washington Post:

These brave members of Congress. Reps. Barry Moore (Ala.), Andrew S. Clyde (Ga.), Lauren Boebert (Colo.) and, of course, George Santos (N.Y.) have looked at our gun violence epidemic and said: There is something we can do. HR 1095 is excited “to declare an AR-15 style rifle chambered in a .223 Remington round or a 5.56x45mm NATO round to be the National Gun of the United States.”

Presto! Suddenly, what we have is not a gun violence epidemic, but a national pastime. Instead of hearing all the time, “It is wild and awful that there are so many loopholes that allow domestic abusers to buy these semiautomatic weapons,” people will instead call out, “It is terrifying and awful that there are so many loopholes that allow domestic abusers to buy America’s national gun!”

Ludicrous? Of course. Stupid? Without a doubt. Consider the sources, four of the kind of frantic idiots that are now part of the GOP majority of the House of Representatives. Collectively, the combined IQ of these wombats might reach 100, but we doubt it.

Adds Petri:

Now, all the parents who say, “I am just terrified that a gunman will bring an AR-15 to my child’s school,” won’t have to say that anymore. They will get to say, “I am just terrified that a gunman will bring the national gun of the United States to my child’s school.”What a difference! Before, we had a regular nightmare! Now, we have a dystopian nightmare!

It is just such a relief to know that the people serving in our legislature asked themselves, “What comfort can we bring to the parents who wonder every day whether this will be the day they get the most horrible call of their lives? What can we do for the children who have to practice active shooter drills in a place they should be able to learn in safety? What are we going to do for the hundreds of thousands of Americans traumatized by unthinkable violence?” and immediately replied, “We will declare it patriotic!”

Instead of screaming with terror, we will scream with recognition. That’s our national gun! That’s the one! Of course.

That way, it won’t feel like a horrible mistake. It will feel, almost, like we’re doing this on purpose.

This is a good time for me to listen to my aching leg and take it back to bed.

See you the next time.

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