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Saturday, June 22, 2024

Obama is unfit to be President

Barack Obama is not an acceptable choice for President of the United States as long as he supports the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act.


Barack Obama is not an acceptable choice for President of the United States as long as he supports the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act.

Obama was not in the Senate when the Bush Administration rammed the Constitution-shredding Patriot Act through Congress in the shell-shocked days following the 9/11 terrorist attacks but he was around in March 1, 2006 when the vote came up to reauthorize the unrelenting assault on the freedoms that once formed the foundations of this nation.

He voted to reauthorize the law, giving the Bush administration more authority to strip away the liberties of Americans.

I made a vow on that day to never, ever, support or vote for any slimeball political hack who voted for the Patriot Act.

Barack Obama is one of those slimeballs. The last thing we need is another President who supports taking away the freedoms that once defined this country.

Sometime today, Obama will reaffirm his membership in the Hall of Slimeballs when he votes yes on reauthorization of the FISA Act, the bill that gives the government unwarranted rights to tap the phones of Americans and grants immunity to the telecom companies who conspired with the Bush administration.

So much for the great Black hope. The only change Obama offers is in color of skin. When it comes to principle, he is as black-hearted as the man he seeks to replace: No morality, no honesty, no desire to keep his word.

With the Democratic nomination assured, Obama now seeks to sell his soul for votes at every opportunity – from embracing Bush’s faith-based initiative that clearly violates the Constitutional principle of separating church and state to announcing that he will "refine" his position on the illegal and immoral Iraq war.

Obama claims he is a "progressive." Bullshit. He’s about as progressive as Pat Robertson. As he moves more and more towards the "center," he proves that he’s just another good old boy in a political system driven by focus groups, polls and the shifting mood of the electorate.

Politicians sell their souls for a variety of reasons. Some do it for votes. Others for campaign contributions. Others for money under the table and still others for a secure financial future. All are traitors to the Constitution they take an oath to uphold. All put their own personal agendas ahead of the nation they promise to serve.

Obama promised us he would be different.

He lied.

Just like any politician.

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  1. So all posters are equal, but some are more equal than others?

    Churlpat — a plutarch by any name is still a plutarch

  2. I don’t see that as the case. Today, on another thread, our host squelched an Oh! Yeah? contest between a forum moderator and another poster and reminded them that they, too, must follow the rules.

    And I speak from experience. I’ve had a few posts yanked and I’ve been given a come-to-Jesus lecture on playing nicely with others.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  3. carl — I am not beating up Doug for his lack of enthusiasm about any candidate. I want to know what he brings to the table in the way of solutions in lieu of angry rhetoric, that’s all.

  4. “Never stop questioning.” Einstein

    I totally agree. Now that Obama supported the end of the 4th amendment, the word slimeball doubly applies. We need to have a revolution to take back this country before it’s too late.

    Good post here.

    R. Moran

  5. Yo Alexandria Lupu…

    Just because Obama is possibly a sham doesn’t make your “pig in a poke”, sweetheart candidate, Shillary, the Mother Theresa of honest politics either… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. I’ve noticed when Doug Thompson posts a negative rant aimed at what seems to be the darling candidate for many CHB’rs; folks get all in a tizzy.

    Doug has stated in the past that he basically loathes all politicians especially those that are rabidly involved in partisanship.

    One thing I’ve learned in life and my former career is that one has to be both flexible and creative in their decision making process. Rigidity in thought can possibly result in a range of results from simple personal embarrassment up to and including one’s early demise. Worse yet, a demise based on false beliefs or premises to downright stupidity… : |

    I surely don’t like McCain and I must say I’ve been impressed with Obama’s silver-tongued oratory skills and his public persona that has gravitas.

    I’ve taken the time to study his record which should have been done much earlier on my part.

    In Illinois he supported a “ban” on all handguns which explains his lack of enthusiasm for the recent SCOTUS ruling affirming the 2nd amendment.

    His core solution to everything is to have more of big government taking it over and getting evermore involved in our already over-regulated, over-taxed lives. He’s going to be “Big Brother” on steroids funded by our tax contributions.

    Does the somewhat scary expression…”I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” ring a bell…? /:|

    His current support of the draconian FISA bill supports my thesis regardless of all the political sophistry used to absolve him of his actions.

    He’s not mincing words and has promised to raise taxes, but little discussion of extracting full performance and accountability out of our existing governmental agencies that have been failing us mightily during the nightmarish reign of the Bushistas and all at a very dear cost to the taxpayer.

    The purpose of these tax increases will be to allegedly save Social Security, Medicare and prescription drugs. Obviously this man and his advisors are arithmetically challenged because they cannot begin to comprehend the enormity of 55 “T”rillion dollars; ie., 55,000 billion dollars of outstanding projected costs associated with these “underfunded” services into the future. There aren’t enough trees and their derivative paper stock on the planet to even print this amount of fiat funny money.

    He’s also the sponsor of the Global Poverty Act SB 2433
    that would extract at least 850 billion dollars per annum of U.S. taxpayer money sending it to third world nations with the ever so corrupt U.N. and its agencies in charge of these mind-boggling contributions based on the U.S. GDP.

    “We the people” have 9.7 Trillion dollars of public debt hanging over our heads and he wants to rape the U.S. Treasury even more so by giving away more “debt money” courtesy of the Fed~Treasury 95 year old “funny money” scam.

    He’s voted to give our already underfunded Social Security money and amnesty to illegal aliens.

    He supports the barbaric practice of partial birth abortions.

    My list could go on.

    So folks, quit beating up “Mr. Doug” concerning his lack of enthusiasm with Senator Obama. Btw, I’m surely not one of Doug’s groupies and I think we both like it that way. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Doug…Nice to see your standards of debate haven’t changed…
    “Barack Obama is one of those slimeballs”……….
    ……looks the time off was for naught!!!

    when is your next pity party scheduled…i for one would sure hate to miss it….

  8. I think that you may get one strike…if our host is feeling magnanimous. However, he has – on at least one occasion I remember – pulled the plug on a new poster for a first posting that was especially offensive.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  9. I want to vomit! I want to cry! I want to scream at the top of my lungs! Short of the “slimeball” reference I concur 100% with Doug. I feel betrayed by Obama. I can no longer trust him. As far as I’m conerned he’s now just another wolf in the pack.

  10. Exactly! Just as I – and apparently a few others – plan to advocate their form of action while they, too, are free to do so.

    Travis did not force his men to stay at gunpoint – which he could have – but offered them as free men the choice of how to serve their cause, a cause which I believe that all but one chose to stand and make the ultimate premium payment to liberty. They, too, advocated for action that was personally lethal but ultimately of great value to their cause.

    Had the Duke paid attention a couple of days earlier to what his CoS said about Napoleon, then he might not have had to stand such a small force against Napoleon’s advancing army. They did not have the choice Travis offered his men.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  11. Don’t stay home…just vote for someone else…or just vote for your local guys…like another advocated doing. Just remember that you and your family will have to live with the consequence of your actions or inactions for decades to come.

  12. But I keep crossing paths with this thread that Obama really doesn’t work well with others. That he has an arrogance about him and neither he nor his staff reach out across the isle to collaborate on legislation. Or that he has an MO of signing onto a piece of legislation, showing up briefly for a couple of meetings, letting others do all the hard work and then coming around in the end for the photo-op and making a pretty speech. Or that when he was back in Illinois, his “meteoric rise” was done over the backs of others who had worked on legislation that he then stepped in to reap the benefits thereof by doing a little to complete it after the Democrats gained some seats. He was able to do this not on his own but because of the help he got from a powerful patron.

    Then he has been selling his judgement, but his Iraq stand aside, he associates with Rezko, and Wright, changes his position on several things, and when criticized says he didn’t see it (“it”, as in criticism, trouble and uproar)coming. I think he has not shown particularly great judgement, and he was not in the US Senate when the Iraq resolution came up for vote, so I don’t see that his stand on it meant anymore than my stand against it.

    I know that voting for McCain would be far worse, but I still find voting for Obama to be too revolting to deal with. Unless something happens between now and November to drive me in that direction anyway, I’ll stay home on election night.

  13. There is some hope insofar as this is concerned. The first is that criminal prosecution is not included in the bill. Perhaps, just perhaps, the next administration might appoint an attorney general who will go after ALL the crooks – not just those out of favor with the current administration. Its unlikely, I know, but it IS possible!

    It is unfortunate that candidates, who assume they have a real chance, tend to ‘adjust’ in an effort to maximize their votes. Actually, what Obama did, was pretty brave. I have no doubt that he was well aware how the progressive wing would take that vote. In spite of that we all know how McCain feels about this stuff (just like Bush). Please consider, McCain has actually repudiated HIS OWN BILL, on immigration. Now THERE is a stellar performance in integrity, consistency and self interest that one can only hope that Obama is not capable of.

    Sometimes hard choices have to be made in spite of the will of the mob. Just wait until whoever wins, takes office, and actually starts to deal with the mess being left by Bush – now THERE is going to be an interesting exercise in, I suspect, what will amount to actually saving the country, after 8 years of incredibly bad, obviously incompetent, and even possibly criminal, management. Its unfortunate that we can’t know, right now, how the new president is going to deal with the great steaming pile of crap that he will be gifted with. In any case it will be interesting (unending entertainment!).

    Right now all we have is election blather – from both sides. I suspect that just about everybody understands that it is just blather. The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding and that’s not until next year!

    Port Angeles, WA

  14. Ironic, that this posts quotes from men of action and your intial comments advocated for inaction.

    If we are fortunate, perhaps rants like this one and yesterdays will inspire a lot of people simply to opt out, to de-legitimize the system through non participation – in effect, to “vote with our feet.”

    If this type of participation had been followed at the Alamo, Texas would be just another Mexican state.

    Excuse me if I choose to continue to advocate for actions of any kind while I still am free to do so.

  15. Historical images:

    Colonel William Barrett Travis mustering the garrison of the Alamo, draws a line in the sand with his saber and invites all who believe in their cause to join him on that side of the line.

    The Duke of Wellington on having the Black Watch stand-to at Quatre Bras: “They will not run away and it will take a long time to kill all of them.”

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  16. Bob gets it. What’s wrong with the rest of you? Buck the trend and write in Ron Paul. Like you said, voting really doesn’t matter. Diebold and ES&S pick the winner and make it whoever they want.

  17. re “… what are we going to do? Let bin Laden plot to kill us in our own back yards?”: Since the administration long ago made the decision to let bin Laden continue to plot to kill us more or less where he has always been, why turn the US into a police state?


  18. I agree that whether it’s Obama or McCain, our Constitution, our democratic republic, and such niceties as the “rule of law”, accountability in government, and due process are gone forever. Wealth and power have triumphed, as I suppose we always should have known they eventually would do.

    On the other hand, I think that governmental policies in many areas will be worse under McCain than under Obama. Thus, on the off chance that voting actually matters, I will be voting for Obama. It’s not enthusiasm, it’s desperation.


  19. At least two of us will be writing in Ron Paul. Maybe he does have a chance? Will anyone else join us?

  20. Epiphany – Archimedes received his when the bath-house attendants lowered him into the tub. Paul received his on the Damascus road. Constantine received his from the evening sky before a great battle.

    You, sir, have received yours when you realized that your hope for change was just another opportunistic bottom-feeder who bent you over just as he has countless others.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  21. Let’s face it, anybody running for political office these days is running on an agenda, hidden or otherwise. To think that either McCain or Obama possesses the credentials necessary to make real, needed change (in support of the average Joe that is) is pure naivete’.

    Prior to the 2000 presidential election, George W. Bush offered change. He was a ‘…uniter, not a divider… ;’ he was a ‘compasionate conservative.’ He promised to reach across party lines and get positive things done. Instead, what we got was a lying, fascist, imperialist who now has more innocent blood on any of hands than any post WWII dictator. George W. Bush, Dick Cheney and their henchmen are, without doubt, the epitomy of evil…

    As of September 11, 2001, our whole world was forever changed. Gone are the days of conventional wisdon. Gone are the days of conventional security measures. Gone are the days of conventional warfare. We are now battling an enemy who is both desireous of and capable of striking at our weaknesses — when we least expect it. Which, of course, means we can no longer sit back and allow these bastards to plot against us — no matter where they are!

    All of that being said, we know what we are going to get with McCain — an unstable hot head who can’t be trusted to make rational decisions, period. With Mr. McCain, we know we’re getting 4 more years of G. W. Bush.

    Obama, on the other hand, is pretty much an unknown quantity. We know he can give rousing speaches; we saw him do that in 2004. We know he’s smart — look at his educational credentials. He seems to be able to work well with both sides of the aisle. Chuck Hagel can verify that. However, can he be a good president? I think the answer to that is yes. But, he has got a lot to learn!

    Yes, Obama is supporting a compromise version of the NISA Act. Additionally, there is no question, the USA Patriot Act is a terrible piece of legislation. But, what are we going to do? Let bin Laden plot to kill us in our own back yards? As I said earlier, this country is never going to be the same, and our lives are never going to be the same.

    Our choices for president are certainly less than optimal. But, I still believe Obama (given a learning curve) is the only candidate who can and will make a positive difference in the future of this great nation.

    May God save the USA!

    Charlie Couser

  22. That’s exactly why I do not vote for a presidential choice – there is no choice!

    Now, that does not mean I don’t express an opinion – I write in the name of the person – Ron Paul, in this case – who best reflects my views. No, he isn’t a candidate; no, he will not be swept in on a tide of popular sentiment, defying the two parties. Barred a write-in, I will deface the presidential part of my ballot to render it incapable of being stolen by either pretender to be the next White House squatter.

    Both Mr. Change and Mr. Rebushing can go piss up a rope.

    I’ll still cast votes for local offices – I have genuine influence there – and I’ll vote for my Congressman – Ron Paul.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  23. Using big words doesn’t always mean that people don’t understand the intent behind them, tj.

    Personally, I would only ask people to vote…period…for whoever they believe in their heart best represents their views.

    I still believe that is the first step to overcoming the apathetic quagmire we find ourselves in the midst of.

    People seem to be asking for some kind of action and it seemed to me you were advocating more of the same inaction.

  24. unfortunately, the repigs know about the 900 lb gorrila in the room. That is the 50% of of people who, like gwb, are uninterested and incurious. Who have zero knowledge of how the govt runs and who their representives are local, state, or federal. These are the voters who get all their information from political ads that break up whatever programs they are viewing while sitting slack jawed and staring at the TV. These-the sheeple-are the people who both parties try and attract. The repigs however have the edge because they are willing to get down and slime the dems. While the dems feel that somehow slimeing the repig isn’t fair. Its not polite.

  25. I fear for our country if Mcbush gets in. Obama may not be the best to all people, but he is the beat hope we have today. When people accuse him of not getting things done, please try and remember that he is only one of 100 senators, and with the wishy washy Pelosi and Reid running things. no one will EVER be punished for all the illegal things going on in our country. Feinstein has lost my vote already for siding with bush on ANYTHING he proposes. ONE MAN alone cannot change the world.. Only Jesus Christ could do that, and HE is not running for president. Lay off Obama, he is the best we have going for us right now and slamming him will not accomplish a bloody thing. As for what the talking head people insist on calling flip flop.. I see a man who changes his thoughts when given new evidence on anything. I think that shows intelligence and NOT the same kind of crap we have had to endure for the past 8 years. Maybe after a trip to Iraq he will come back with a whole new train of thought as to how to end this obscene war.and end it he will. WHy has not the press been as dirty and hard on Mcbush lately…the real heros of that war were the 65,000 who NEVER CAME HOME.. you want an elitist? Look at the old man. Always feel like I am at a funeral when his face and voice invade my living room Cannot wait to see the two candidates side by side on a least there is life when Obama talks and not a sea of old tired faces. After 84 years of living in this world.. I know intelligence and understanding when I see it and I hate to say it, but Onama is just too nice sometimes, when he should bite right back at the liars. A Republican will never tell the truth when a lie will do……………………….My grandpa used to say watch a politicans mouth..if it is moving ,he is lying… somehow I do not feel that way about Obama….

  26. I appreciate the depth of your concern, Pollchecker, but I refuse to be chevied into the logical fallacy of the false alternative. I will not vote for a heaping pile of feline feces because it is somehow supposed to be better than a heaping pile of canine crap.

    We have far to many people now indulging in the political equivalent of skatophagia.

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  27. Perhaps a McCain win might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

    Unfortunately that logic was applied to the election of 2000 and 2004? How much further do we have to go, how much more pain do the sheep have to feel? It is not just as simple as what happens to us TODAY. It is about the future of our country, our children, etc.,etc., which I think we all agree is pretty damn important. Important enough, that the majority of the people here in the US, supported the invasion of Iraq and the 4000 lives it cost.

    Is it a wonder they can’t look at the faces on the quilt I made? Is it a wonder they show no empathy for the plights of their family’s except for catchy slogans? Maybe I didn’t understand it, but after making and displaying Iraq Memorial Quilt I came to understand it.

    America is ashamed of our behavior and looking for a way out. One thing we know for 99% certainty because he has said it over and over again, is that McCain won’t be the one to do that.

  28. I’ve had to remove some posts that violate our comment guidelines: One that included outright racist comments and two others by a long time poster who attacked others in this thread. If I have to do it again, they will be banned from future postings on this site.

  29. So, what is the solution – to not vote?

    What does that accomplish? If you are a citizen of this country, it is your duty to vote. It’s the foundation of our democracy. If you don’t vote, you give up your right to complain about our government, to participate in our democracy, and to have any voice in the direction our country goes. We have gone through the longest primary season in history, and we have the canidates that we and our fellow citizens have chosen. We need to make our choices, and do everything we can to help get them elected. This includes calling your representative and senators to voice your opinion. How many of you called your senator about the FISA bill on the floor today? It’s your job to do so. If they do not vote like you would like to see them, vote them out. If they did vote how you would like, tell them so. Communicate with your representatives. The balancing conflicting views takes compromise and work, but is what makes government fair – at least in theory.

    I do not agree with everything Obama stands for, but he is the best we have this time – and was chosen through an exhaustive campaign. What good will turning your back on him do? Have you sent emails and made phone calls to his campaign? Have you made your voice heard? Complaining is easy – but impotent. Do the hard work – take the steps to get your voice heard. Join together in groups (Moveon, True Majority, etc.) to make a louder noise of more voices. It is time for change, and change will not happen without initiative from the people.

    Or sit around and complain – and that will accomlish nothing and only make you bitter.

    If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.
    Mark Twain

  30. Well, Doug, Thanks for helping put John McCain in the White House.

    When he begins to appoint Scalia clones to the SCOTUS I’ll think of you.

  31. Posts that contain racism, homophobia, bigotry or Antisemitism will be removed and the posters banned.

    No zero tolerance for racism?

    Churlpat — a plutarch by any name is still a plutarch

  32. Being from Iowa I really feel badly about the way things have turned out. As I’ve said, I was a campaign volunteer for Joe Biden, who I thought was the one with the best chance of undoing the Bush/Cheney damage. But it turned out that there were so many who got caught up in “making history” that nobody would listen to anyone else. They didn’t want to hear. They are still congratulating themselves here about giving Obama the boost that got him started. It makes me sick to think about the good candidates that we needed in this time of national turmoil who were just ignored. Who could imagine that the majority would prefer at this time to nominate someone who’s claim to fame was that he had little experience, and “experience” itself would become a put-down? Just what kind of cool-aid were they serving at these Obama gatherings? I didn’t get Obama from Day One, and I still don’t. My Biden stickers are still on my car and so far I can’t even force myself to consider voting for Obama. The thought of voting for him makes me ill, because of what was thrown away. The part my state played in it also makes me ill. I think it is grossly unfair to give any state the power to “weed out” candidates before others even get a chance to vote them up or down, and I hope that is changed.

  33. I don’t trust any politician. My father who was very active in politics awhile back says he never met an honest man who didn’t become a crook once he took office.

    It has ALWAYS been nothing but the lesser of 2 evils based on a very expensive con job. SO?

    I repeat, that the apathy about the system is what has brought us to this place. And mostly what I hear here is a call to more apathy.

    Well, those crazy neo-cons are going to vote and participate even if the rest of us don’t and personally I’m sick of them deciding my fate, my children’s future.

    I am just as angry as Doug but now is the time to lead not just rant ESPECIALLY if you are going to call someone who has the balls to do something UNFIT!

  34. Sounds like someone is finally realizing what I was saying about any candidate active in the Chicago ( Obamamama ) political scene and the boys from Chicago who were products of the Machine.

    Obamamama is worse. He gathers supporters under false pretenses.

    I do not trust him

  35. That is exactly what has been happening in the past 2 decades and we find ourselves with the biggest bozo of all who thumbs his nose at the country, the constitution and everything we hold dear. No, that’s nothing but a sure path to 4 more years of Bush/McCain!

    But perhaps that is what you would prefer?(wink)

  36. Great you’re back…..but who’s the choice?
    Sure ! Barack a self-serving pol as are 100 per cent of folks labeled politicians. However, Barack is certainly more akin to the human race than the hideous Hillary,or the moronically deranged McCain or, indeed, any of the other legitimate candidates.

  37. I am just waxing Hegelian. Let the process continue to unfold into one logical absurdity after another until it collapses under the weight of its own internal contradictions.

    Logically, the civic problem would be solved by greater participation to throw the rascals out; however, that is not happening. Going the other way, fewer and fewer participate and the system becomes meaningless.

    Perhaps a McCain win might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  38. When the Democratic nomination clusterphuque was in progress and you were devoting considerable attention to Hillary Clinton, you were frequently accused of being pro-Obama and/or anti-Clinton and/or anti-woman – but you told everyone that Obama would get your attention when you thought it necessary.

    Now that you have pointed out that Mr. Change is wearing no clothes, I assume that many will now call you racist and/or pro-McCain. But I see you as doing what you said a good journalist should do: Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

    If we are fortunate, perhaps rants like this one and yesterdays will inspire a lot of people simply to opt out, to de-legitimize the system through non participation – in effect, to “vote with our feet.”

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  39. Thanks, Hal, I posted that as well. It’s a good piece that I can live with…..FOR NOW!

    That doesn’t mean I am letting him off the hook. But I haven’t seen a politician address an issue in such a way in a very, VERY long time.

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