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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Pollcheckers Rant – America is like Christy Brinkley

This past week the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been full of tales from the Divorce Court of Christy Brinkley. And as I hear this stuff in passing, it occurs to me that America is a lot like Christy Brinkley. Christy Brinkley is obviously a VERY ANGRY WOMAN. She even testified to that in court.

This past week the Main Stream Media (MSM) has been full of tales from the Divorce Court of Christy Brinkley. And as I hear this stuff in passing, it occurs to me that America is a lot like Christy Brinkley. Christy Brinkley is obviously a VERY ANGRY WOMAN. She even testified to that in court. She’s so angry that even though she would like to have a love affair with someone, she can no longer trust a man.

Personally, I think she has intimacy issues. This is not the first time she has been married and divorced. For some reason, she can’t stay married even though she obviously desperately wants to be married. These intimacy issues and anger were most likely cause(s) of her continued problems with men. I know. I’ve been CB.

No one can blame a man for taking care of his own needs. Everyone uses the internet for some purpose. And yes, older men generally prefer younger women who are not quite so tainted in their outlook and open for anything especially new experiences which their elder counterparts usually are closed off to.

Perhaps she doesn’t understand that a marriage is something 2 people actively participate in. Both PARTIES are RESPONSIBLE for whether or not it succeeds. So Christy, sitting on your butt, whining about life and not doing anything about it, isn’t going to solve a damn thing.

That’s you America. You are CB, you are the angry woman. You want a leader but when you get your shot, that anger and those intimacy problems rear their ugly heads. America is so angry that they no longer trust any politician. And can you blame America? After all, look what America has produced in the forms of leaders over the past 2 decades.

I say yes……our country is like a marriage. It takes both sides to participate to make it work. And quite frankly, America has been too busy sitting on its collective rear to even pay attention, let alone, do anything constructive. For the most part, America sits back and complains a lot, just like a scorned woman.

We all understand the concept that unchecked power is most likely to run amok. Do we care? Nope. We sit back and let those politicians decide our lives without even batting an eye. Oh, we love the concept of “Liberty and Justice for All” and “America, the land of the free, the home of the brave”, but that is just an idea, words, if you will. That America no longer exists except in the memories of those of us old enough to remember what we once had.

Inevitably, if the people don’t participate in this relationship, America will find someone else. It is no wonder our politicians hook up with lobbyists, or whatever they find on the internet. It’s new. It’s fresh. It gives America what it wants…which is attention, participation in a real relationship. It throws money and people at America and lures her even farther away from the will of the people into the hands of the seductress of corporate money.

We may think that we are watching some trivial Hollywood gossip in a divorce court on TV, but this is happening for real all around us with our country. We are in the midst of losing America….hell, we may have already lost America. It may be too far gone to even save. But we have to try. We have to go through all the avenues of reconciliation in order to ascertain where we went wrong. Those who do not learn from the mistakes of the past are destined to repeat it.

Many of us have children. We have to settle our relationship with America, NOW, for the sake of the future of our country. If we just walk away and blow off America, what will become of the kids? I will tell you because we see it all around us…….they become a bunch of wild, apathetic, narcissistic, entitled kids who don’t have a clue about anything. They are too busy with their head up their $200 pair of tennis shoes and $200 pair of jeans and $200 pair of sunglasses, all of which will just be thrown away and replaced at some point which a more expensive model. It’s not a surprise they don’t place value on America. They don’t place value on family or friends or even their very own lives. Someone please tell me when it became ok to walk out in front of a moving vehicle? Today’s youth not only walks in front of the car but looks at you like they are daring you to hit them.

This country was designed to work only when both sides actively participate just like a marriage. The check and balances that were written into the Constitution will only work when the people are actively watching, participating, working hard at making America a better place.

That’s not happening. And I’m not sure it will. It scares me because I don’t want to lose America. I do place value on America. And even though I may not be around much longer in the future to participate in rebuilding and restoring America into the great country it once was, I have an obligation as a parent to ensure that my kids have the same America to grow up in and raise families in, which my parents gave me.

Every generation is supposed to build upon the foundation of America that our founding fathers fought for and many good men died for. This may be the first time in the history of our country that future generations are not better off than their parents.

History clearly shows where abandonment of America, our future generations, may lead to. If we do not raise our children to understand and place value on America, then we have lost. We will have lost not just the country that we profess to love so much, but we will have lost our future as well.

We talk about destroying ourselves with Global Warming; all the while we are tearing ourselves apart with anger and angry words. No it’s not Christy Brinkley and her ex husband that is on trial today for the entire world to see. It’s America that’s on tiral and all the world is watching to see what will happen. Will America reconcile with its people and become the great world leader that it once was? Or will America and its people part ways? In which case, perhaps the Mayan calendar is correct when in ends December 2011.

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