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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

This is what we are up against!

This is what we are up against! GOP Looks To Redistrict Itself Back Into Power

This is what we are up against!

GOP Looks To Redistrict Itself Back Into Power

For months, a sense of dread has been percolating within Republican circles over potentially massive congressional losses in 2008. Facing the possibility of a more pronounced minority status in the House and more than a couple seats lost in the Senate, the GOP has begun setting its sights on a contingency plan: redistricting.

Republican officials now believe that the party’s best hope for retaking seats in Congress may come during gubernatorial elections in 2010. Should the GOP win back the majority of these seats (Democrats currently occupy 28 state capitols), they would be extremely well positioned to influence the redistricting of the political map that will come after the 2010 census.

Yes, this is what we are up against. It’s also why this 2008 is CRITICAL…..and not just the POTUS! We must change not just the White House, but the Congress AND our state gov’t.

One thing history has shown. The pendulum always swings back. So here is the deal. We need to get rid of this Congress. The GOP has thwarted efforts for everything including ACCOUNTABILITY which they are famously known for demaning from everyone but themselves.

If we want to take back our country, we cannot sit idly by during this election and let the same old forces which have put the lie and cheat Republican Genuises of Propaganda into this position. Short of shooting them all, we have no other choice!

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