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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Time for a new American revolution?

As an American, I can no longer site idly by and watch George W. Bush and his criminal cabal destroy the country that I love.

As an American, I can not hide behind the excuse that I'm tired or retired or no longer interested in politics.


As an American, I can no longer site idly by and watch George W. Bush and his criminal cabal destroy the country that I love.

As an American, I can not hide behind the excuse that I’m tired or retired or no longer interested in politics.

What Bush and his henchmen and women have done to this nation goes far beyond politics. He is a despotic criminal, a deranged faux leader with megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur that threaten not only the future of America, but the peace and security of the world.

George W. Bush is a war criminal, a mass murderer who has sent not only more than 4,000 American men and women in uniform to their deaths but whose insane actions have killed untold and too often undocumented thousands upon thousands of Iraqi and Afghan civilians.

He and his criminal conspiracy have gutted the Constitution, destroyed the liberties that once defined this nation and stripped America of respect on the world stage.

He must be stopped – now. We cannot wait until January 20, 2009, to replace this madman.

We know what must be done. The question is how to accomplish his removal without putting the nation in even greater peril.

Simply impeaching Bush is not an answer. Removing him by impeachment means turning the reins of power over to Vice President Dick Cheney, the mastermind of many of the criminal acts that will define forever the legacy of the Bush administration. That option is unacceptable.

Ridding this country of the cancer that invades our government requires far more drastic action. Sadly, no one in the line of succession measures up to the formidable task of steering the nation back onto a course that will avoid our inevitable date with destiny.

The Democratic leadership of Congress is not up to the job. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid are political hacks who can’t even enforce the mandates handed them by voters in the 2006 mid-term elections and Pelosi refuses to let her party take any action that would remove a despot like Bush from power.

Sadly, we can’t depend on the November elections to change the course of history. Republican John McCain has turned into a Bush clone and Democrat Barack Obama has gone from being an agent of change to just another sniveling, opportunistic wannabe who will do or say anything for a vote.

America’s problems cannot be solved by removing one pack of corrupt jackals from office and replacing it with another.

It’s time for Americans to take back America. It’s time to stop looking for short-term solutions to a long-term problem.

Recapturing America requires drastic action and radical change.

How do we do this?

I don’t know.

But I’m back and I’m working on it.

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  1. Tropical. I sent the video to Lew Rockwell and he will use it on his blog. We just may have a good thing going with this. Lew is a Libertarian and an old friend.

  2. I said I was done posing, but Doug writes a post and dang it, he GETS it!!! Cheers for Doug!
    Here’s my version of a revolution. I don’t do parties. They are both corrupt and chirping to the same parrot.
    When Jay Rockefeller ignored the will of the people of WV and sat by as the press labeled them racist, I checked out the guy running against him. Nice guy.
    Name is Jay Wolfe. I sent him an email, told him I was moving to WV and I will support him.
    If he screws up, I will be working just as hard to fire him.
    He CALLED me. He took the deal.
    We need to find more people who will take the deal. Do your job, or we will fire you.
    The final deadly sin for Rockefeller was he was willing to prosecute the telecoms, until they gave him a donation to his PAC. You would think someone with a name like Rockefeller would be whore proof. Guess not.
    You want change? You have to do it yourself. And stop falling in love with these people. They are all dirty. It’s like dealing with the mafia. All that matters is they do their job.

  3. Right on, Doug — the stakes are too high, the damage to date too deep, for any of us to give up fighting for a return of our country. The ideals that the US represents (never fully achieved but there’s a better chance here than anywhere) are, through our Constitution (best document ever by the human hand) and prefaced by our Declaration, are still the future of the world, and we are fast losing them.

  4. We really do all know that the civil servants are the ones who actually day-to-day run the gubmint and make it work, but a great many of them have never understood “Testament” or “The Day After” to be anything more than entertainment.
    As we all know from watching “The Big Snit”,
    a great many civil servants aren’t even aware that there’s a problem, a great many are caught up in their own version of “American Splendor”, a great many believe what they’re told to believe and a great many just simply don’t care.

    Jeff H in Occupied TX

  5. I couldn’t agree more, Doug. Unfortunately, George W. Bush and DICK Cheney are the tumors, not the disease. The disease is the American people, and it is malignant. We may be a VERY imperfect democracy, but the blame belongs to the 80% of Americans who supported this criminal enterprise and the 32% who still do. Think about it: one in three of your neighbors STILL support the filthy scum that makes Hitler look rational. This after nearly eight years of relentless lying, torture, depraved wars, lying, spying, a MILLION innocent Arabs slaughtered and more maimed, lying, the Constitution strangled, treaties broken, patriots betrayed, lying and still more lying.

    And more wars for the zionists in the offing. Look out, folks.

  6. I’m just not at all looking forward to the nukes coming in over the north pole.

    It seems what this whole mess is headed for.

    Just re-watched The Day After and Testament gotten from Netflix. Disturbing movies, to say the least.

    The brain-dead goobers in DC all seem afflicted with some sort of stupidity disease. What? Are they magically immune to nukes exploding on them? That’s the penalty for sheer stupidness. Eventually, time runs out and it becomes time to pay the piper.

    The lower echelon civil servants in DC better wise up real quick for their own personal survival. As we all know from watching episodes of Yes, Minister and Yes, Prime Minister, the civil servants are the ones who actually day-to-day run the government and make it work or not work.

  7. So we’ve been snookered into having to vote between the lessor of the two evils once again, now we have to work with what we’ve got. Obama must work at what he does best, peaceful dialog with other nations. While we let our government and the world know that we don’t want or need leaders but representatives of the people. We need to demand that Bush and company be tried in a court of law like Vincent Bugliosi suggests… All it takes is one mother or father who has lost a son or daughter to take them to court. And if we can’t send them to jail, at the very least wrongful death lawsuits will rid them of the money they profited from this and other wars. After all, anyone of us would surely be prosecuted and punished for far, far less.
    Is it too much to expect that our elected officials conduct themselves in a truthful, straight forward manner ? It is up to us to let them know that any less will not be tolerated.

    If ye love wealth greater than liberty, the tranquility of servitude
    greater than the animating contest for freedom, go home from us
    in peace. We seek not your counsel, nor your arms. Crouch down
    and lick the hand that feeds you; May your chains set lightly upon
    you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.
    —Samuel Adams

    By the way, has your lawful dissent group been infiltrated
    by police officers getting double overtime for keeping
    an eye on you?”Homeland Security” has become a multi-billion dollar industry.
    Everyone has their hand in the till from friends
    of the White House to “law enforcement” professionals
    who clearly have too much time on their hands.

    Welcome to the Snitch State:

  8. The only way tea will be thrown into the harbor is if enough people have stockpiled enough food and drink to get them through the very long and dark times which will follow.

    Since we have effectively disconnected from the ways and means of coming up with our own, any stockpiling will simply enrich the ones currently in power.

    That means that a great thinning of the herd is ahead, in two parts, one a very long and trying time in which the herd is slowly strangled, and another, in which that of the herd which is left, stronger and wiser, prepares to fight back.

    We haven’t even begun the first part.
    It’s going to be a very long seventy years.

    Jeff H in Occupied TX

  9. Doug Thompson. I’m so glad to see you back in good form. Vacations can do wonders.

    As for the problem, how about a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, similar to the one in South Africa? This idea is not original with me. At least two different people have written about this (sorry don’t remember the sources), and it may have possibilities.

    I do believe a Pres. Obama would be light years better than what we have or what Sen. McCain would provide, but he will need public pressure to help him do the right thing. Prosecuting all the criminals in the Bush administration would take more energy away from the real problems we face. The new administration would also be accused of turning policy decisions into crimes. Retaliation would occur and things would go from bad to worse.

    A Truth Commission could operate by allowing the criminals to confess their wrong-doing, provide the evidence needed to demonstrate their own culpability and ask for forgiveness. Those who would not confess, and are found upon investigation to have committed crimes would be prosecuted as are all other criminals. This would have the advantage of bringing the truth to light, so such crimes would be far less likely to occur. Public opprobrium would be a severe punishment for such public people.

    Such a Commission might also mean far fewer criminal prosecutions and far less continuing partisan bitterness. This might be one way to start the process of redeeming our country.

  10. Carl. Absolutely, we must not return any congressman to power. I’ve always felt the power was in the Congress and it was until 30 years ago. The voters are apathetic and more concerned with television than the wars or gas prices. Too many of the last two generations are drugged and it has taken their ability to think rationally until it is too late.

    We may have to prepare for the “too late” and concentrate on survival. I know my kids are prepared and I am as well. The way we handled the millennium scare was to have food and water available and of course meds if necessary. Some cash on hand would be a good idea. Red Cross has some good ideas and I will review the list that I know includes keeping our gas tanks filled.

    If Bush even threatens Iran we will have to stock up as all of us could be a target. I’m just a few miles from Luke Airforce base and am aware of it. I’m not that far from Phoenix Airport which could be another problem.

  11. Welcome back Doug to CHB along with one of your fine, vitriolic rants. Just don’t blow a gasket though in the process.

    On June 28 you posted some comments on the Muse concerning the fact you hadn’t taken a vacation since 1993 and you were going to make a serious seachange in your life by taking mini-vacations etc. on a regular basis. It seemed to me from your comments that it was time to smell both the roses and the coffee, but not that which comes from Starbucks… : )

    I hate to say it, but it’s too late to extricate Bush from office. You’ve discounted impeachment leaving only force as the final choice which is obviously a big no-no unless you want to spend your last days in a Federal slammer or worse!

    From today’s Rant I can see you are in the depths of despair as are millions of Americans at this point in our history. The reason for this hopelessness is the obvious fact that people are no longer represented by the people they ever so foolishly continue to send back to Congress time and time again.

    Probably the most constructive thing that can be done is to identify every “Blue-Dog” democrat that’s up for reelection this November and to post a list of their names on CHB along with a listing of their “vote” crimes against “we the people”.

    As far as I’m concerned my Congresssional District Rep. Brian Baird votes in a pro-rethug pattern along with my State Senators on occasion. Truly a bunch of wimps. None of them will get my vote again.

    It’s these 5th column republican sympathizers imbedded in Congress that continually give the Bushistas that extra margin of support which leaves us helpless to make change. They think of themselves as centrist, conservative Democrats. I think of them simply as traitors.

    We can forget about who sits in the Whitehouse if we can start building a Congressional base that truly represents the will of the people and not a bunch crooks that once they leave Mayberry wherever USA only maintain their office by pitching scraps of pork back to the citizens while they climb aboard the corporatist, NWO bandwagon.

    Carl Nemo **==

  12. Have not the justifications for empire that are so imbedded in our culture, assaulting our good sense that war is necessary for security, that expansion is fundamental to civilization begun to lose hold of our minds ? Have we not reached a place in history when we are ready to embrace a new way of living in the world. Expanding not our military power, but our humanity.
    (Howard Zinn)

  13. What would Jesus or Ghandi, or Mother Theresa do when faced with such evil and villainy?

    passive resistance….ie stay at home!

  14. Perhaps we can start a class action lawsuit against the govt’ specifically GW, Cheney and various others for FRAUD? Dang, where a good atty when you need one? Or how about the ACLU?

  15. No taxation without representation, does that mean what I think it means ? Over 74% of Americans are clearly not being represented by our government.

    Forget the bible and the prophets of old, they were for the people of their time. Best we look to the prophets of our more recent history and today…

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
    (Martin Luther King, Jr. )

    “If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.” – Samuel Adams

    If impeachment is off the table, truth is off the table and if truth is off the table then this body is living a lie.
    (Dennis Kucinich)

    There are some crazy things going on in the world, not because our leaders are “unaware”; But rather because we the people are kept in the dark… Because it is profitable to suppress possibilities that exist for peace, health, liberty and justice for all. (Eric Andrew Blair)

    What our congress needs now more than ever is a peyote enema (Mike Welling)

    President Franklin Roosevelt Nov. 21, 1933 “The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the larger centers has owned the government since the days of Andrew Jackson.”

    Our world is changing at a faster rate than any other time in recorded history. (?)

    “How strangely will the Tools of a Tyrant pervert the plain Meaning of Words!”(?)

    American people are the best entertained and least informed people on the face of the earth’
    Robert F. Kennady

    and my very favorite ..

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.” (Jimmy Hendrix)

  16. I just ordered the book for tomorrow’s delivery. Thanks Truth. We need a Mission Statement for us too add to our discussions for removing Bush and his cabinet ASAP. I will read through the book and review it in hopes of getting every legal thing we can about Bush.

    I cannot get to D.C. for a month but I can write letters for others from here. My hip is not working well and I am trying not to become a drug user.

    Maybe Doug can start up “Our Campaign for our America” again and allow me to return to Reader Rant. If not, I have my own website that can be set up for discussions. RR gets much more coverage.

  17. Forty-four percent…….

    of US citizens have been brainwashed into believing torture of “enemy combatants” is OK… ’cause that will save us. The fear factor has almost everyone in this country scared shitless and thinking that only the Pres and the gubmint can save them. Who got them thinking that way ???

    You’ve got it: the poli-tics and the brain dead morons we call the MSM. No wonder people would rather drink beer and watch reality TV.

  18. This is a very painful route for everyone involved. Let’s try getting together first. People still need to eat and that won’t be happening with a general strike. Those in power have enough money we could strike for 50 years and they would still have millions.

    We should create a list of actions like this so we have a solid agenda and not a bunch of people doing whatever all unorganized.

    1. Peaceful protest
    2. Civil disobedience
    3. General strike
    4. Violent opposition

    Just listing some here, thinking out loud so to speak. Certainly needs more/modifications. What would Jesus or Ghandi, or Mother Theresa do when faced with such evil and villainy?

  19. Hi Doug and all readers of CHB.

    I just saw this today but figured it could help us oust Bush and Cheney from Government as criminals instead of using impeachment: “The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder” by Vincent Bugliosi.


    Here is an excerpt:
    Perhaps the most amazing thing to me about the belief of many that George Bush lied to the American public in starting his war with Iraq is that the liberal columnists who have accused him of doing this merely make this point, and then go on to the next paragraph in their columns. Only very infrequently does a columnist add that because of it Bush should be impeached. If the charges are true, of course Bush should have been impeached, convicted, and removed from office. That’s almost too self-evident to state. But he deserves much more than impeachment. I mean, in America, we apparently impeach presidents for having consensual sex outside of marriage and trying to cover it up. If we impeach presidents for that, then if the president takes the country to war on a lie where thousands of American soldiers die horrible, violent deaths and over 100,000 innocent Iraqi civilians, including women and children, even babies are killed, the punishment obviously has to be much, much more severe. That’s just common sense.

    Lastly, I did not post this for book sales…I neither know nor am affiliated with Mister Bugliosi.

  20. Mr. Thompson, its great to have you and your rant back.Corporate fascism rules and has since the rethuglicans took office in 2000. gwb was a corporate shill while gov-mostly a symbolic office, the speaker of the house along with the leader of the senate and the Lt Gov really run the state-which is why georgie liked it so much, he could spend half his day exercising, and could be in his bed by 9pm every nite. Could be that he thought the US ran the same way, which is why cheney got so much power. gwb would rather exercise than think. He is very uninvolved in what his govt does. All hacks in charge. But the future is already laid out. Corporate fascism leading to a theocratic fascist dictatorship in 50 years, and the US to become somewhat like the current India. 25 years after Bopal, the mess is still not cleaned up. Chemicals left are still there and seeping into the ground water, while Dow-the current owner-makes threats about not building any more factories if they are forced to clean up Bopal. THIS is the future of the US, as the corporate power in the background continues to push for repeal of all enviromental laws,repeal of food and product purity and safety laws along with all laws regarding employer/employee relationships and attempting to outlaw unions and child labor laws. They want to pay the US worker $1 an hour, they want to go back to the days of the robber baron, freewheeling unbridled capitalism. And if st john is elected, that is what they will get. Look at what deregulating banks got us-via sen Phil Gramm, a mccain consultant on the economy, a VP at UBS bank- How about airlines. In the 70’s I could afford to fly anywhere in the US-and as an E-4 in the AF I was making about $5,000 a year- get a free-and good-meal, and be treated nicely. Compare that to the cattle car like flying now. Yeah, unregulated capitalism in which the rich get richer, and all the rest of us become debt slaves, that is exactly what the rethuglician masters want.

  21. Welcome Back STAY PUT!!! To those who think we cannot change anything.. what choices do we have on the elections. Been around this world 84 years and have seen all the crap that gets thrown and tossed around by anyone who can toss it. The media is so corrupt in their thinking , they can be bought by anyone with the right amount of cash. They continue arguments long after the subject is dead. After reading much about Mcbush on Snopes and other places, I don’t think we HAVE a choice BUT Obama. Give the kid a chance- If the American people back him, he CAN do a lot to change the way things go. The Congress is pathetic and they ALL need to be sent home to suck their thumbs, while we do our damndest to get some people with common sense in their offices. My generation went without a hell of a lot during WW2,and for what? So we can have a generation of gimme gimme kids? This materialistic wave drowning our nation must be brought to a stop. Get rid of the electorial college crap..try to get a new younger generation into positions where change CAN be done. We do not need that old man and his trophy wife as examples of good Americans.Anyone who cannot see them as more of the same, better take his blinders off and look around..Would be nice if others do what I do and try to check out lies and pharsing for what they are..I take no ones word as the Gospel truth until I have done the best I can to either debunk it or accept it as the truth. Right now I am deep into 9/11 and some of the things I see are about as scarey as anything else I have read in years. So welcome back to our world Doug..spit out whatever you need to to make you happy..I read most of your things nodding my head in agreement…………..

  22. I bet the whole CHB membership list was merged with the No Fly list long ago. We are far too free-thinking making us a threat to the establishment. We are in good company with over 700,000 people on the watch list.

    At least we’ll get free housing when they put us in the camps Haliburton is building for us. We’ll have few worries then.

  23. Well, if this doesn’t earn you a National Security Letter, I don’t know what will!

    So, how would you handle it? Like Martin Luther did the papal bull, read it in public and then burn it?

    Most sincerely,

    T. J. Flapsaddle

  24. How about we all just stay home from EVERYTHING. Shut it down!

    And keep it shut down until the Congress impeaches BOTH Bush & Cheney!

    If you stock up on groceries, we could go a long time and break the backs of the corporate fascists.

    Think about it. How would anything work if nobody left their homes?

    If not voluntarily shutting down our country, then maybe involuntarily… in govt declaring Marshall Law.

  25. Pollchecker you speak for me on this threat of any action against the government. I remember clearly the Executive Order what was written and ready to be put against the American people with the Martial laws already in place. I had a copy of that E.O. and brought it all over the internet. I’m certain we discussed it here. I have a hard copy in my notebooks eventhough it is no longer on the D.C. archives. The problem was at that time that the religous right had been told to enter the campaign for Bush and ignore anything else. This was in 1999 and the fear of the millennium was all over the ‘net. They outnunmbered me and I was banned from CHB.

    I wrote to my congressmen to act in the manner of good solid Americans and keep an eye on Bush 43.

  26. We need a Viktor Yushchenko type of movement. I proposed we all go to D.C. for as long as it takes and clog the streets until change happens.

    Of course I was ridiculed as an elitist for thinking hard working American’s could afford to go to Washington for a month. My words however, were twisted by a detractor.

    What I had proposed was that each of us goes to Washington for as long as we are able. I did not expect any one person to go for a whole month. But if all of us went there for a day, a week, as long as we are able, we could fill the streets with angry Americans.

    It would only take 1% of us being involved to put 3 million people in the streets of D.C. Why is this so hard to understand, organize, and accomplish?

  27. In the days of the American Revolution, freedom i.e. Liberty meant more to men than comfort, emprisonment or even death.

    We live in a disposable age when the young people believe themselves to be entitled to whatever they decide they want.

    If it doesn’t work, throw it away and buy another. That applies to EVERYTHING even families and friendships.

    People are NEVER, I repeat, NEVER inclined to take action unless they are suffering some form of MAJOR PAIN. In the 1770’s it was oppression by King GEorge. In the 2100’s, it will be economic pain.

    So you must inflict major economic pain back at those who have created this siutation.

    The problem is the bureaucracy is HUGE like a cancer…you can’t just cut it out. You have to shrink it down to size. Again, that is why this coming election is massively important because it is our only viable way to shrink this bureaucracy down to size.

    Also, everyone wants to discuss issues. Why? So they can be used against us by the Disinformationalists.

    We have seen how they use social issues to create a controversy, thereby motivating those crazy neo-cons to vote, while the Dem base sits back on its collective behind and yawns their future away.

    I’m not so certain some of these people aren’t looking to give Fox News a headline….say…Liberal Dems want to talk about Issues (har,har). Give me a break. Doug, you’ve been in the game a long time, surely, you understand the show.

    You want to talk about major changes in our society, then talk to me on Nov 5, 2008 because I can just see the Fox News headlines tonight…..”Liberal Dems want to create anarchy and bring down our govt!” And the worst part is the sheep will buy into it.

    Here’s an odd thought….perhaps this is what GW wants…anarchy! That way he can declare Marshall Law, suspend the constitution and the election and continue to sell off the rest of our country while the sheep sit and watch it happen on TV. At this point, I would not put ANYTHING PAST these neo-cons to hold onto what little power they have left.

  28. Welcome back Doug! We’ve missed your highly valued & much needed leadership! After all, you are the Commander-in-Chief of the team!

    Before anything will ever happen with respect to political change in this country, we, as a nation, must overcome voter apathy. Quite frankly, people just don’t want to be bothered!

    As long as Joe Workerbee’s simple little life style isn’t interupted, and he can continue to sit in front of the boob-tube & let coporate America dictate his life style to him, & allow the farcical media tell him what he’s supposed to think & to believe; he’s content to let this country fall down around him. All he’s got to worry about is beer in the fridge, gas for the atv & where he’s going to have his next tattoo or body piercing placed. The school system will brain wash, errr teach, his kids, and the government will take care of everything else — hell, he’s got it made!!

    Now, I will admit that rising fuel prices & the senseless war in Iraq have gotten Joe’s dander up; but, not to a point where he’s willing to demand change — real, honest change. You see, Joe has been conditioned to let somebody else do his worrying & decision making for him. This started long ago & far away with every new piece of legislation that made life easier for him, and yet by slowly chipped away at his precious rights as guaranteed under the Constituion of these U.S.A..

    Yes, Joe Workerbee is pathically apathic & very content to not get involved. Until this situation is corrected ol’ Joe ain’t gonna budge, and we, as a nation, are doomed to go the way of other failed nations of the past vis-a-vis’ Greece, Rome & etc.. Because, none of today’s presidential candidates are capable of nor desire to make that kind of change…

    Charlie Couser

  29. Since our country is based on economics, an economic strike is the only option for taking back our country.

    Imagine no on going to work? No one paying their bills? No one buying gas or driving anywhere? What would happen if everyone cashed in their stocks, bonds, emptied out their bank accounts, didn’t pay their mortgage, thumbed their noses at those credit cards, those hospital bills?

    Imagine No one following the laws? They can’t put us all in jail! Since our POTUS and his henchmen don’t have to follow the law, then we shouldn’t either.

    Since the NRA wants us to take guns to work AND play now….it might be time for everyone to go out and buy some guns and ammuntion WHILE YOU STILL CAN. I mean….what ‘cha going to do when they come for you?

    Short of buying up West Texas and seceding from the Union (with a little help from our friends on the border, what other choices do we have?

    The cancer is too massive for anything but major league action. This election is our LAST CHANCE to take back our govt.

    PS — since the media, especially the TV pundits, seem to be set on disseminating the false disinformation of the lie and cheat Republicans, perhaps we need to get rid of the TV stations first!

    If you recall, in Orwell’s 1984, it was the Media that was the biggest culprit to BIG BROTHER GOVERNMENT!

    Orwell’s 1984 is here! Today! If we can get people to turn off the TV, we might be able to get somewhere!

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