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Friday, June 14, 2024

A Secular Community

A Secular community; would it be possible?

A Secular community; would it be possible?

Would it ever be possible to have a community within a County or State that sets the laws without any reference to God/Jesus/Allah/Abraham? Our marriages would be totally secular and handled like a business contract. Our homes and commercial buildings would be purchased under another contract where both men and women were obligated to pay the mortgages. Our schools would have secular classrooms focused on math and science with an emphasis on academics. Since we would have no churches we would not request or accept government faith-based money. We would have our own charities for the homeless and handicapped residents. We can have tutors on the basic rules of right an wrong without any mention of hell and damnation.

Our local government would demand that the Federal Government stay out of our social choices and absolutely under the 10th Amendment. Our newspapers would reflect the 1st Amendment for freedom of speech. We would be the perfect example of a Separation of Church and State. Our schools under the guidance of the parents would teach right from wrong from the first day of kindergarten. We would not be required to hand the Federal Government any information on our private or personal lives. The 4th Amendment would be restored inside our secular community. We would be under no obligation to follow any Congressional interference in our lives. No wire-tapping, no eavesdropping and no requests for our medical records or job histories to be put in a National ID registration.

All celebrations whether local or religious would be by choice as many Atheists enjoy the time off from work and school to spend with our loved ones.

We would pay our taxes to the County, State and Federal Government but our personal lives will not depend on any religious leader found in the White House or the Capitol. This came to me last night when I had had quite enough of the Candidates running who want full control over our individual lives. I want my America back.


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