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Monday, May 27, 2024

America started losing its way in 1994. Those who helped must pay

In 1994, Republicans won control of Congress and installed a fraud named Newt Gingrich as speaker. He started the road of destruction that now leads to the terrorism and treason of Donald Trump.
Terror of Trump was already on display when he accepted the GOP nomination for president in 2016 but the party did nothing to stop him.
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In the hype of election campaigning, the support of Americans and patriotism by candidates is often challenged. It is usually something most voters shake off before deciding which candidate is their ballot choice.

In the year’s midterm election, where more than 300 candidates claim they believe the election of Joe Biden as president in 2020 is a fraud and continue to support a former president caught hoarding top secret documents in his lavish Florida estate, voters are asked to support a documented, seditionist who put his personal greed above the oath he swore to protect the Constitution and the people of this nation.

If polls are correct, most Republicans are willing to live with a president who will most likely be charged and tried for his sedition against the country he abandoned. Other charges for violation of the U.S. Espionage Act and outright obstruction of justice are also expected shortly after Tuesday’s midterm election.

Some who claim to know say Trump will announce his candidacy to run, again, as President on Nov. 14. If so, we can have a former president, who lost in 2020 after the first term of disgrace, corruption, and looting of the American treasury, seeking office with charges of more corruption and treason against America, its citizens, and democracy.

How, many will ask, can something like this happen in the land of the free and home of the brave? The beginning takeover of America with plans to turn it into a fascist state, I believe, started in 1994, with the Republican takeover of Congress and the assumption of power by acerbic and dishonest Georgia congressman Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich used a lavishly constructed “Contract with America,” laden with lies, to bring new GOP voters into the fold. One of his biggest lies was the claim to impose term limits on members of Congress. It was also the first promise he scrapped after taking power. Many others would follow.

He also eliminated compromises to achieve legislative accord, scrapped any coalition building, and reported that the new rule was “my way or the highway.” So petty and childish was Gingrich that he stalled a vote to keep the government open because he did not like a seat he was given on an Air Force One flight.

Those who despised Gingrich felt satisfaction when he was forced to resign his speakership and his seat in Congress after a sordid affair with a committee staff member and illegal use of Congressional funds to backroll a book project that fattened his wallet came to light.

Gingrich tried to run for president but voters were wise to him and said “no.” The committee staff member who became his current wife was part of his illusions when he showed up as an advisor to Trump in 2016. Trump quickly showed his mockery of decorum, morality, and lies when he nominated the adulterous wife of Gingrich as the ambassador to The Vatican. That pissed off enough Catholics to be part of the millions of voters who turned Trump out in 2020.

Still, the seeds of extremism that Gingrich sowed reappeared with the Tea Party movement after the election of Barrack Obama as the first African-American president and the incredibly stupid decision of the John McCain presidential campaign to add a Republican trollop named Sarah Palin to the ticket as the vice presidential candidate.

As detailed in the HBO movie, Game Change, Palin was a phony, a one-time Alaska TV sports announcer who covered her geat by bedding the star players of basketball squads, threw cocaine parties at her home, and didn’t know a damn thing about how American government worked, a lack of basic knowledge discovered by GOP consultant Steve Schmidt, who now admits his role of recommending Palin was the biggest mistake of his political life.

Palin became a darling of the racism-based “Tea Party,” a collection of conservative extremists that was born out of the fear of the election of Barack Obama, the first African-American president. The group’s outright racism brought phony charges that Obama, born in Hawaii, was actually born in Africa, was a Muslim, and could not be president because he was not a true American citizen.

That lie was perpetuated, at length, by real estate fraud Donald J. Trump, when he launched his campaign for president in 2016, a campaign dismissed by mainstream GOP leaders, which turned out to be one of the biggest mistakes of their political lives.

Trump, who parlayed his role as the host of a TV “reality show” called The Apprentice, knew how to use the medium to turn hyperbole into a semblance of truth and studied the propaganda tricks used by Adolph Hitler to take “absolute control” of Germany. He employed a Hitler propaganda technique that said a “lie could become truth if repeated often enough.” Fact-checking services found that Trump lied thousands of times during his four years as president.

This brings us back to the election madness of Tuesday’s midterm elections, a case study of propaganda of lies, bullying threats, and a lockstep cult that follows his criminal actions and lies.

Law enforcement agencies, select congressional committees, courts, and organizations that study fraud and crime agree that Trump is guilty of a long, sordid list of crimes, fraud, misrepresentations, and blatant violation of public trust and the nation’s laws.

In USA Today, David Rothkopf outlines Trump’s criminal, sordid and dishonest presidency and related actions:

A corrupt and fraudulent family foundation. Hush money to mistresses to help swing an election — felony violations of campaign finance laws. Seeking and embracing the help of an enemy to win an election. Repeatedly obstructing justice to cover up those crimes.

Selling out American interests to patrons overseas. Profiting from the presidency. Helping foreign murderers cover up the murder of an American permanent resident. Attacking our allies. Destroying the international architecture that has been the foundation of our strength.

Lying to or misleading the American people on average 10 times a day. Celebrating Nazis as very fine people. Building detention camps for children on our borders. Racist policies that turn away good people from our shores. Serial misogyny. Upwards of 20 allegations of sexual harassment.

At least one accusation of rape from an underage minor. A massive, decades-long record of income tax fraudSeventeen investigations into his activities. Virtually every major organization he has run for two decades under investigation.

An international record of celebrating despots and autocrats and kleptocrats and brutal totalitarians and enemies. Unprecedented isolation from America’s friends and a repeated record of insults of them and international rejection of him as a trusted leader.

Attacking America’s law enforcement institutions. Attacking America’s intelligence institutions. Collaborating with fellow travelers in Congress to circumvent the laws and to undermine decades and decades of regulation. Irreversible damage done to the environment.

A campaign to take health care away from the neediest Americans. A systematic effort to deport productive contributors to our society who have lived and worked here for decades. Hypocrisy. Vulgarity. Deceit. Mounting evidence of criminal behavior. Serial violation of his oath of office. Serial betrayal of his country.

“This is our president,” Rothkopf writes. “This is the heir to Washington and Lincoln. He stole the office with the aid of our enemies, and he has done grievous damage to this country ever since.”

He concludes:

Let it in the end be worthy of the best of the legacy that came before. We’re an imperfect society, but we should not elevate the worst among us as we have done with this man Trump and the corrupt crowd of enablers surrounding him.

Yes, Trump must be punished to the full extent of our laws. So should be those who enabled and supported him, without question and, apparently without morality or care for our country and its people.

The first step must be to deny election to these enablers, supporters, and co-conspirators. That first step is needed immediately. Vote Tuesday and throw the bastards and bitches out. Our nation expects no less.

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