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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

As a voter, are you a Trump Republican or an American? You can’t be both

If you continue to support a seditionist traitor like the corrupt and immoral Trump, you are simply another enemy of America -- just like him.
Those who rally around Trump are just more treasonous thugs just like him.

The midterms are three weeks and a day away and the polls say Republicans will take control of the House, install the treasonous Kevin McCarthy as Speaker, and work to stop any investigations and/or indictments of their head treasonist sedition conspirator and enemy of America and Democracy.

If polls are right, election deniers who genuflect to the amoral, unethical, and criminally corrupt Donald J. Trump will win the right to restrict any voters they don’t like. To these Republicans, this includes restricting the rights of other colors, heritage, or those who possess common sense and decency.

The Republicans will flush Democracy, the Constitution, and America down the toilet and move our government even closer to an autocratic mob of crazed criminals, religious racists, and white supremacists.

Sadly, there are enough Americans left in this nation to defeat the election deniers, the conspiracy-driven bigots, and outright traitors to our flag and government. All we need is for those true Americans to stand up, demand their right to vote, and shut down the traitors to our way of life.

The Republicans will try every trick in the book to discount votes of the true patriots and those who are about the law and morality. They are putting election deniers into state offices that control elections and endorse restrictions aimed at minorities and the poor. Too many now openly express their white supremacy desires and outright racism.

I know firsthand how the GOP works. I worked for the national parties and for three GOP Congressmen in the 1980s as a political operative, chief of staff, and special assistant to the House Science and Technology Committee. It is no coincidence that I left political work and joined Alcoholics Anonymous. Joining AA saved my life. Walking away from politics saved my soul.

Attorney General Merrick Garland is moving to indict Trump for his acts of sedition and blatant obstruction of justice. The New York attorney general is pursuing a criminal investigation that could shut down the corrupt Trump organization and grand juries in Atlanta are putting the finishing touch on indictments of Trump cultists and, perhaps, the fat anarchist himself.

With the exception of the Trump-loving Aileen Cannon, who has been shot down repeatedly by the 11th District Appeals Court in Florida, Trump has a long list of losses among federal judges, and even the Supreme Court he packed with right-wingers. The legal hanging rope of justice is tightening about Trump’s triple chins.

On Election Day, each voter needs to ask: Do I care more about America than I do for a political party? You can’t be both, not in these hyper-partisan times and if you claim to be a Republican who supports Trump and his outlaw gang of election deniers, you are not an American. You are a traitor to this nation and the democracy that is supposed to define it.

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(Originally posted on Oct. 24. Expanded on Oct. 26 to add information)