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Friday, February 23, 2024

It’s time to reclaim America from the criminals, frauds, and traitors who tried to bring it down

America is supposed to belong to its people, not the grifters, con artists and traitors who are still trying to destroy it.
(Courtesy of The Lincoln Project)

There was a time when people joked about the absurd idea that Donald John Trump could become president of the United States and too many of us ignored the ability of the con man to succeed in his desire to seize power and destroy the honor and concept of America.

Nobody is laughing now as the now disgraced, corrupt, and criminally treasonous former president is once again dominating the airwaves in the midst of multiple investigations of his treachery, fraud, and sedition. The Justice Department is closing in on his open violations of America’s Espionage Act, his blatant obstruction of justice, and his endless defrauding of his lame cult of followers who have turned over their life savings to him in blatant grifts like Trump University and, most recently, take political action committee that has raised hundreds of millions of dollars that is being used solely fund his lavish lifestyle.

Trump is the most dangerous domestic terrorist in the history of this nation, a power-mad, greedy bully who cares only for his own personal desires for wealth and power. He is under investigation not only by the Justice Department but by multiple grand juries in cities and states throughout the nation. He survived two impeachments where his guilt was proven but was protected by a cabal of co-conspiracy terrorists who now control the corrupt and criminal Republican party.

Not only should Trump be convicted and locked away for the remainder of his pathetic, sordid life but he should be joined by the equally-corrupt cult of House and Senate GOP leaders, elected officials, and miscreants who ignore the laws, the Constitution, and the oaths they swore to uphold.

The list of traitors to America is growing: Former disgraced and corrupt House Speaker Newt Gingrich, current House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senator Lindsey Graham, former federal prosecutor and New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Trump strategist Steve Bannon and too many more to name or list here.

Some are already facing justice. More than 800 members of the mob that attacked the Capitol, a mob inspired by Trump, have either been tried or are facing trial, convictions, and sentences for their part. Bannon surrendered to New York authorities last week on charges of money laundering and fraud. Giuliani is certain to be charged for his efforts to overturn legal election results in Georgia and others will follow.

Trump promises to pardon each and everyone who is convicted on federal charges if he can find a way to get elected to return to the White House in 2024, a threat that demands quick and decisive action against him for his many crimes.

But many other frauds and criminals are embedded in elected offices at both the state and federal levels. Trump and his cult of Republican extremists in the Senate have installed a cadre of hardcore, right-wing federal judges along with a solid majority in the U.S. Supreme Court. Many, we have learned, lied to get there and far too many are unqualified to be arbiters of any reasonable form of law.

America remains under attack, not from the foreign terrorists who brought down the twin towers in Manhattan or blew a hole in the Pentagon with hijacked commercial airliners 21 years ago on 9/11 but now from the domestic ones who use hate, lies, racism, and bigotry to threaten what this nation once was and must struggle to become again.

Trump lost his hold on the White House in 2020 by a majority of nearly 10 million voters who said they had seen too much of his crimes and frauds but they, and others, must go to the polls in November of this year to reject the threats and terrorism of Trumpism and the dangerous extremism of the Republican zealots who want to overthrow our democratic republic and become a fascist state.

It’s up to us who can and must use our rights to vote to reject the treason of Trump and his cult and drive them from the halls of state and federal positions and return America to the people, the ones who matter now more than ever.


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