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Friday, June 21, 2024

Trump is a traitor, a thug, and a terrorist

His actions are nothing less than treason against America, a direct violation of the oath he swore for the presidency he never deserved or honored.

Corrupt and criminal former president Donald J. Trump is promising, if he becomes president again in the 2024 election, to pardon and issue apologies to those convicted and sentenced to prison terms for their roles in trying to overturn the 2020 election and destroy the Democratic republic that has guided America for more than two centuries.

This ludicrous promise comes as the Department of Justice and state governments in New York and Georgia are closing in on him for his flagrant violations of the federal Espionage Act, actions that showcase sedition and outright treason, and repetitive felony lies about his hoarding of classified documents, hiding them from the National Archives and agents of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Convictions of any one of these crimes can bar him, forever, from seeking or serving in any government office, especially president.

Trump’s documented actions are nothing less than treason against America, a direct violation of the oath he swore after his questionable win in 2016, thanks to gerrymandered Electorial College lines that ran counter to the majority of those who voted against him.

As the noose tightens, his many violations of the law also threaten to ensnare others in his cult, including Hosue minority leader Kevin McCarthy, Sen. Lindsey Graham and others of the MAGA (Make America Great Again) cartel that is more like the Mafia than a political operation.

Writes Laura Bogart in The Week:

Trump’s alpha male posturing and affected bravado — which he used to foment a personal brand of being a savvy businessman and a mover-and-shaker blessed with raw cunning — is bound up in the mythos of the mobster as portrayed in pop culture, film, and TV. However, the realities that seep through that mythos, like blood on the carpet, demonstrate why Trump is leaving the White House at a record low in approval. Trump may have tried to affect the steely suaveness of the hyper-competent crime boss, but he failed because, in fact, he’s a blundering thug.

“Trump and his accomplices are the most pathetic traitors ever,” says controversial Democratic fundraiser Scott Dworkin tweet to his followers in mid-July. “Cowards who need to be arrested immediately.”

Neil Steinberg in the Chicago Sun-Times says Trump “arrived on the political scene a long-established grifter and con man, congenital liar and serial fraud. How can he be held responsible for what followed? Can a man without convictions, devoted only to advancing himself, be said to betray anything? There’s almost an innocence to Trump, the great orange man-baby, kicking and crying, pooping and dribbling, demanding his needs be met now.”

On the other hand, Steinberg adds:

Trump certainly lacks the conscience that tormented other traitors. The most famous traitor in American history, prior to Donald Trump, was Benedict Arnold. His contemporaries found him worse than Judas. “Judas only sold one man,” Benjamin Franklin wrote. “Arnold three millions,” the U.S. population at the time.

To refresh your memory, Arnold was a Revolutionary War major general and a hero. He was with Ethan Allen and his Green Mountain Boys when they captured Fort Ticonderoga. Half his men died or deserted during the long march to Quebec City, where Arnold’s leg was pierced by a British musket ball. He was brave, daring, dedicated.

But Arnold’s heroism, rather than boosting his sense of self-worth, only embittered him, and he felt insufficiently appreciated, the common motivation of traitors. He sulked. He complained to George Washington. He put feelers out to the British to sell the American fort at West Point, under his command.

None of it actually happened. Like Trump, his plans for betrayal were thwarted. (At least so far, in Trump’s case. His efforts continue.) Arnold fled to England, where he met Talleyrand in 1794, who was surprised when Arnold refused to give his name.

“I must confess that I felt much pity for him … for I witnessed his agony,” the French diplomat wrote.

No agony for Trump, who is incapable of feeling shame or remorse. In that sense, Trump is more like Vidkun Quisling, the betrayer of Norway, who embraced Hitler so enthusiastically it made the Nazis squirm.

Quisling had a Trumpian lack of self-perception. “I have in all my thoughts and deeds been led by a love for the Norwegian people,” the man who helped plan the Nazi invasion of Norway claimed at his trial for high treason after the war.

Facing a firing squad, Quisling insisted: “I am convicted unfairly and die innocent.”

We can expect no less from Trump and his circle, who will ceaselessly declare their love for America even as they stab at her heart.

Neil Steinberg, The Chicago Sun-Times

For most Americans who put patriotism above party and common sense over partisan pandering, Trump is a traitor who sold out America and the ragged remains of the shattered Republican party.

May he rot in federal prison or in hell. He and his MAGA cult devotees deserve both–and worse.

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