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Friday, July 19, 2024

FBI seizes more material looted by Trump during his corrupt presidency

The FBI search of Mar-a-Lago shows increased action by the Justice Department's probe of Trump's criminal actions during his despicable time as president
A Secret Service agent stands outside of Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla. on Tuesday, Aug. 9, 2022, the day after the FBI searched Donald Trump’s estate as part of an investigation into whether he took classified records from the White House. (Joe Cavaretta/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP)

An armed, sizable team of FBI agents descended on the disgraced and corrupt Donald Trump’s opulent spread Mara-a-Logo on Monday, armed with a search warrant, and carted off a cadre of documents and other items that the former criminal president diverted from their rightful place in the National Archives.

“Now that the FBI has executed a search warrant at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club, the former president can indulge what has become his most important impulse, his driving motivation, his very reason for being: to whine and complain,” writes Paul Waldman in The Washington Post.

Waldman continues:

The gleeful enthusiasm with which his party has rallied to his defense shows how invested Republicans have become in Trump’s personal narrative of oppression, one that is notable for its distance from anything that might affect the lives of the Americans whose votes Trump might soon be seeking again.

Let’s keep in mind one vital fact about the FBI’s action Monday: No one you see commenting on this matter — not the angry members of Congress, TV hosts or the pundits aplenty — knows precisely what crime the bureau is investigating or what evidence was presented to the judge who approved the search warrant.

That hasn’t stopped Trump’s defenders from assuming that he can’t possibly have done anything that would justify the search. After all, we know how careful he has always been about following rules, particularly with regard to classified information.

Don’t forget that in order to get a warrant, the FBI would have had to convince a judge that it had probable cause to believe a search would locate evidence of a crime. One would like to think that if Trump had committed crimes, even Republicans would admit that it would be appropriate to investigate.

Good points, but let’s remember that Republican willingness to genuflect before Trump relies on outright hypocrisy, ignorance of facts, and outright criminal activity and fraud.

As a growing number of us have reported, the march towards blatant ignorance of rules and constant lies began more than 30 years ago when another blatant fraud, Newt Gingrich used lies to help convince enough gullible voters to turn control of Congress over to a party he would lead to disdain, destruction, and depravity.

A protester stands in front of Trump Tower in New York on Aug. 9. (Seth Wenig/AP)

Trump is, without a doubt, the biggest whiner in American presidential history. He claims the FBI is “targeting me” without evidence. That’s a pathetic lie. the lies usually come from him where he claims he lost the 2020 election through fraud that did not exist based on evidence he claims he has but never produces.

His lockstep GOP chorus, led by House Republican Kevin McCarthy, fell right into lockstep by joining the whiners with a ludicrous claim of a “political stunt” and a promise that he will lead an investigation into the Justice Department if Republicans regain control of Congress in the midterm elections in November.

Other Republicans have followed, including the party’s governor’s association.

The Washington Post reported Tuesday that the FBI seized “about 15 boxes” of documents and materials that belong to the government and not him. Trump has been caught looting the treasury and other government agencies for his personal gain.

After the National Archives found an earlier, another 15 boxes of documents and items that Trump claims were “his” but were not, he claimed he had complied with the law that requires departing presidents to turn such material over to the archives.

The Post reported Tuesday:

One person familiar with the investigation said agents were conducting a court-authorized search as part of a long-running examination into why documents — some of them top-secret — were taken to the former president’s private club and residence instead of shipped to the National Archives and Records Administration when Trump left office. The Presidential Records Act requires the preservation of memos, letters, notes, emails, faxes and other written communications related to a president’s official duties.

In January, the National Archives retrieved 15 boxes of documents and other items from Mar-a-Lago. David S. Ferriero, then the archivist of the United States, said in a statement in February that Trump representatives were “continuing to search” for additional records.

–The Washington Post

Trump resisted handing over some of the boxes for months, some people close to the president said, and believed that many of the items were his personality and did not belong to the government. He eventually agreed to hand over some of the documents, “giving them what he believed they were entitled to,” in the words of one adviser.

In their search of Mar-a-Logo on Monday, the FBI agents broke a lock on a storage unit in the estate’s basement and found another dozen or so boxes of materials that they found were supposed to be with the Archives.

The search warrant, approved by the Justice Department and authorized by a federal judge, gave them the right to seize the materials.

Some Republicans have questioned the extreme reaction of some members of the party. The Post reports:

People are “ready to fight … and the silence by some in the GOP, and the capitulation by others, does nothing to abate that type of rhetoric,” said Michael Steele, a former chairman of the Republican National Committee who has been an outspoken critic of Trump. He said the most extreme rhetoric in response to the Mar-a-Lago search should be taken seriously.

“We saw what happened on January 6,” he said. “ … So all of this noise about, let’s suspend habeas corpus, we’re going to defund the FBI — this is all projection, all projection of how they would handle this situation if they were in power.”

–The Washington Post

Trump, again, was caught stealing items from the government he used as a tool to loot and steal to benefit his various corrupt and criminal enterprises. And, again, his brain-dead followers, including GOP elected officials, whine and support his illegal action, just like they have done for years.

They should be arrested and charged too, right after Trump is dumped into a prison cell that he so deserves.

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