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Thursday, December 7, 2023

The terrorist who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

In George W. Bush's perverted, pathetic, partisan view of the world, anyone who disagrees with his lunacies is not only wrong but unpatriotic - a traitor who cannot be trusted and a voice of dissent that must be silenced.

In George W. Bush’s perverted, pathetic, partisan view of the world, anyone who disagrees with his lunacies is not only wrong but unpatriotic – a traitor who cannot be trusted and a voice of dissent that must be silenced.

In recent weeks, a growing number of Republicans have joined the loyal opposition, telling the President, mostly in private, he is dead wrong to wage his illegal invasion of Iraq while they also refuse to appear with him in public because they are scared shitless that his escalating unpopularity will rub off and end their miserable careers in elected office.

Now Bush has a new set of "enemies," ones that are neither partisan nor political in their assessment of his failures but provide a sobering look at just what a miserable disaster his Presidency has become and verifies what many have known for months – that the actions of this madman has placed this country in harm’s way more than any acts of terrorism that have been waged on our shores or elsewhere in the world.

The National Intelligence Estimate, a compilation of information from seasoned professionals in the many spy agencies that now exist in this country, concludes that Bush’s war in Iraq has increased the threat of terrorism against the United States and the world, putting to bed the President’s longstanding lie that he has made the world a safer place by waging war against those who had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

Completed in April, the NIE is the first intra-agency assessment of the terror threat worldwide since the invasion of Iraq and it concludes that Bush’s dirty little war there has spawned a new generation of terrorists bent on revenge against the United States and those who support our war mongering.

"It’s a very candid assessment," one intelligence official told The Washington Post, "It’s stating the obvious."

Obvious, apparently, to everyone except George W. Bush and the lemmings who follow him. The Bush administration continues to claim, falsely, that the war in Iraq has reduced the threat of terrorism against the United States.

It’s a lie, like just about all the verbal diarrhea that spills out of the mouth of Bush, destined to become the most despised, most venal and most rights-robbing President of modern times if not in the entire history of the American democratic republic.

"Together with our coalition partners, we’ve removed terrorist sanctuaries, disrupted their finances, killed and captured key operatives, broken up terrorist cells in America and other nations, and stopped new attacks before they’re carried out. We’re on the offense against the terrorists on every battlefront, and we’ll accept nothing less than complete victory," Bush claimed earlier this month.

"Bullshit, total bullshit," says a friend who works in the intelligence community. "It doesn’t take a code-level security clearance to know the President is lying when he claims we have reduced the threat of terrorism. We’ve increased it by quantum leaps and we add new enemies every day in Iraq, in Afghanistan and in the rest of the Mideast because of our failed and flawed policies. When the next major attack comes – and it will come – it will be planned and financed by those who had no real beef with America before we invaded Iraq."

The White House, spinning the report the only way it can because admitting the truth is never an option in the Bush administration, says the conclusions support the President’s position that America cannot withdraw from Iraq because doing so would open the door for terrorists who exist there. Such spin, of course, ignores the fact that we created the environment for these terrorists and now use their existence to justify our original illegal actions based on false information.

The military has an acronym for this: FUBAR, which stands for "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition" (or "Repair" depending on the branch of military involved). In Bush’s case it should be changed to "Fucked Up Beyond All Reality."

The reality is that America is less safe today than it was on September 10, 2001, and that decline in our security stems from a threat that lives not in a cave in Afghanistan but in a suite of rooms on the second floor of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

29 thoughts on “The terrorist who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue”

  1. A massive class action lawsuit sounds good right about now. We need to get our money back. This product sucks.

  2. In the lead up to the start of the Bush debacle in Iraq, I used to scream, rant and rave at the television and the newspapers. I alienated so many friends, family and co-workers that I’m still trying to mend fences.

    The Monday following the attack on Iraq, I went to work totally distraught, having not slept at all over the previous weekend.

    My boss at that time took me out for a cup of coffee and counselled me that, short of quitting my job and flying back to DC to stage a one-man protest, there wasn’t much I could do except vote and write letters to my senators and representative in the house.

    On the way home that day, I decided to reread a biography of MLK, Jr. As a result, I began to formulate my own methods of civil disobedience, which while not ending the sin we have witnessed would at least give me some comfort that I was doing something.

    One thing, however, I never stopped ranting about was torture. I was constantly amazed by the “24” prism that Americans viewed the world through.

    The world, as should be expected, is finally coming full circle and the roosters are circling overhead. While we bemoan Cheney, Condi and Rummy today, GWB will forever be remembered as the worst failed president in the history of the country and the great torturer-in-chief.

    Obviously that is no consolation to the scores of dead and maimed Americans and Iraqis and their loved ones. But it’s all quite a scary thought to have to share with your grandchildren and then take to your grave.

  3. Bush say’s that the Iraq War will only be”a coma in history”, Cheney say’s that knowing what he knows now “he would do it all over again”

    This is “madness”


  4. What is scarey to me are the numbers of sheeple who STILL think shrub is doing a good job. Are they blind and dumb or just stupid ? I stood up before my democratic Club one night and told them we were much better off under a president who got a decent blow job in the White House than under this madman.. They were shocked at this 83 year old woman saying such a thing but I meant it then and I mean it now. Doug says he must be silenced ,, tell me how Doug I have lived long enough and I will do it.

  5. Lots of comments; first to Sandy Price…yes,yes, yes Bush/Clinton/Bush all the same.
    To Fred Goepfert read Sandy Price….she knows!
    And South Point, whoever you are, you are right on target….Do people even know that WTC 7 came down afterwards with imploded devices… was a 43 story building, which the owner Silverstien, who owned the other 2, said to bring it down on the same day after the other two came down EXACTLY the same way.
    One year before this Boeing showed on Discovery that it was re-wiring all fo its’ planes and they could be CONTROL “4” planes from the ground with a lap-top computor. How come 9 of the 19 highjackers are still alive….. but no one remembers all that silly stuff, because they were too sacred by the red, orange alerts after antrax & buying duct tape!
    Again WAKE -UP America!
    Thank you Doug…keep telling the truth, some of us are really listening and know, what you know.

  6. Bush’s “war on terror” is actually a “war OF terror” against the American people. The whole idea was to CREATE a “terrorist threat” that can be used to browbeat Americans into accepting his fascist agenda — and it’s working.

  7. “In summary, I’m not certain that the presence of Thermate would clarify much.”


    It would clarify the cutting charges were set in the buildings by someones with the complicity of other someones.

    Whether those in the White House were accessories before, to, or after the fact, by their own actions they have proven themselves to be accessories. And possibly instigators.

    And as far as I know, 1st degree murder of americans by americans (or complicit in the action thereof) is still considered 1st degree murder and is still considered a criminal offense. Both in the state and city of New York. And since planes were used in the commision of the crime, also a federal offense.

    If Bush and Cheney proven to be complicit or instigators, they would lose all their support base except for the most frothing-at-the-mouth hardcore sycophants.

    Clinton was about to be removed for an adulterous BJ which isn’t exactly a Leavenworth-worthy offense. Bush and Cheney apparently were participants (in whatever way) in pre-planned cold-blooded, very deliberate murder. Thousands of them. They most definitely can be arrested, tried, and sent to Leavenworth.

    If we want these nincompoops out of the White House, then do the legal thing and get them out of the White House.

    This is getting really bizarre. The total mental blockage and cognitive dissonance towards Bush’s and Cheney’s role in 9/11.

    Why? You don’t like them. You despise them. The way of getting them out of the White House is right in front of your face and yet you go off in 80 zillion different directions that will never have much if any effect… You can swear at them all you like and the only response from them will be “Sticks and stones will break our bones, but names can never harm us.”

    Again, I say, put the horse before the cart. And then the cart can be put into motion.

  8. I have read these postings over several times and keep coming back to the same points. Basically we all pretty much feel the same way. We know and understand the terrible things that Bush and his cronies have done to this once great nation. We are not perfect, but we had a country–the most unique in history.

    We failed to learn the lessons of our not too distant past–the first warning shot that nothing good would come from this president was the under-handed way in which he won? the 2000 election. We failed to listen when people started to speak out against the war in Iraq. They told us there were no WMD, no biological weapons being processed. They told us the sanctions were working.

    Many sheeple still aren’t listening. They never will. They are no longer the problem–their numbers are small. We need to take back Congress, and we need to remain focused. As I read these post, I noticed that the tone of being together against the things that are going wrong started to break down, different agendas seemed to creep in.

    Please don’t misunderstand what I am trying to say, these posting are terrific and Capitol Hill Blue is a place I look forward to visiting everyday–your all voices of sanity in a world gone mad. The upcoming election in November when we take back the Congress and turn it into a body for oversight of this madman, can and will be a beginning. It can be the start we need to restore democracy to this country.

    Then we can start the investigations–find truth–the proof will be there, these people are so enamored of the power they hold. They will have left trails because they think they are so clever. The investigators can use the very tools that Bush and his cronies have passed into law–just think of the irony. And when they have all been rounded up and made to pay for their lies and deceit, we get rid of those laws and restore the power of The Constitution of the United States of America.

    It’s that or get ready for a revolution–time is running out.

  9. Don’t worry, you all will get your chance to be back in power, Then you will Cut & Run just like you did in Viet Num, (Democratic Controlled Congress cutting all funds for the Viet Num War) and what followed, the single most embarrassing moment is American history with the Fall of Saigon.

    So you will get your way, return to Power via any and all means, but mostly bashing everything American. So you will cut & run… and your result will be the fall of Iraq and the nuking of an American City on your watch and that will be the defining legacy of the Democratic Party for the rest of the 21st century.

  10. @South Point Man-
    Even given the assumption that there were thermate cutting charges in the WTC buildings on 9/11 (the best evidence I’ve seen of this are chemical post-cursors, which could have been produced from a variety of different reactions), I’m not clear what that would proove.

    Possibility 1): Someone was (possibly illegally) storing thermate somewhere in those buildings, with no intention other than storage.

    Possbility 2): The chemical analysis was done substantially after 9/11. The “thermate” that was detected was actually used by the crews seperating out large pieces of debis so they could be removed from the pile.

    Possiblity 3): The Terrorists had a bunch of thermate with them when they took over the airplanes.

    Possiblity 4): The Government decided to blow up buildings with people in them using Thermate Cutting charges (among, possibly, other explosives), “disappeared” people from multiple airplane flights permanently, and brainwashed/paid off/blackmailed tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of witnesses from a wide variety of positions, places, and walks of life, in such an amazingly competant way that there has yet to be a significant leak (despite this Government otherwise leaking like a sieve).

    In summary, I’m not certain that the presence of Thermate would clarify much.

  11. Title ” The terrorist who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue” – I think that the evidence that George W. Bush is a terrorist is weak; the best legal argument under U.S. law that I’ve seen starts with the presumption that (former president or Haiti) Aristide was kidnapped by U.S. forces, which is something I’d suggest is in dispute.

  12. Want the abominations out of the White House? Now?

    When the question of how the thermate cutting charges got into the WTC buildings is answered, the abominations will be sent to Leavenworth. No more Bush. No more Cheney. No more Rumsfield. Et cetera, et cetera.

    It is far wiser to put the horse before the cart than to try doing things the other way around. A horse can pull much better than it can push.

  13. Fred,

    We, as in we the people of the US. The same way we can hate all Iranians for Ahmadinijad, the same way we can hate the french for Chirac, we can be hated for the leaders we elect and the policies they practice.

    And yes, it goes back to the first time we decided to force another sovereign nation to bend to our interests, whether imposed militarily, economically, or politically. After some 50-odd years of watching America’s foreign policy be one of coercion, how could anyone from another country not expect that we, the public most in control of their government, are not predisposed to an empirical philosophy?

  14. i’d like to help free the coutry from the evil tentacles of the gop but i have to go to
    work, I have mbna cards to repay and my wife is in the hospital – and you know how expensive that can be even when the helthcare plan pays 80%, plus i have to work to jobs to make ends meet. so you go and i’ll be there in spirit.

  15. Doug, You said;

    “. . We created the environment for these terrorists . . ”

    Who is “we” and when did “we” create it?

    Is it just Bush and the NeoCons?

    Was any of it created in the previous 8 years of the Clinton administration?

    Was any of it created during the early colonial empire period?

    Do you have a non-partisan answer, or is this now just a place for Libs to bash?

  16. The problem, as I see it, is that the average citizen in the USA can’t spell terrorist much less understand the word’s meaning! They assume what they hear on CNN or FOX news or from conservative truth trashers like Rush Limbaugh or from the zombie sycophants in Bush’s administration is always true. As long as nobody rocks their little boats, they’ll continue to believe Saddam still has WMD’s, Iraq is not in civil war, the Middle East is now more stable, our borders and ports don’t need to be sealed and the recent reduction in gasoline prices, two months before the mid-term elections, was not politically motivated! Hell, the next thing ya know, Bush will be announcing the capture or the death of Osama bin Laden, and these chowder heads will be none the wiser!

  17. A definition of insanity is doing the same exact thing repeatedly—yet each time, expecting different results. Are most of my fellow Americans insane?

    It is insane to believe the same two parties who made our world-class mess will now resolve it. Both political parties are bought and paid for and proven corrupted beyond repair. Both parties abrogated their responsibilities to wage war to the President, and both parties voted to essentially rescind our Constitution by passing the Patriot Acts. The majority of both parties should be voted out of office immediately and replaced with new and hopefully untainted-by-corruption blood—that more of the same is insanity.

    We must try something new folks, because the direction we are going can only lead us to the abyss, no matter whom or however one defines it. What is striking to me, is how many differing people are all variously defining our nation’s present direction as being antithetical to not only most of our laws, but most all of our founders’ wishes.

    If you are looking for a new direction and new answers for many different kinds of questions, I urge you to visit the website and help transform it into a new-style political movement, and one that you will enthusiastically endorse and support.

    Or you could continue to do the same things over and over again and each time getting the bipartisan shaft. Your choice.

    ( )

  18. I’m wondering how I am going to be able to hide all my Jewish friends in the basement once the attack on Iran is done to “save Israel”.
    The neocons and Zionists deserve whatever they get. But there are a lot of decent Jews out there.

  19. I talk night and day about the problems within our government and I know I’m getting through just reading my emails. I’m beginning to see a movement starting up talking about the Goldwater agenda. To me this is the light in the closet I had hoped for 5 years ago. Books are coming out weekly on the probhlems facing America since Bush/Clinton/Bush started to destroy our Constitution.

    The first thing we must do is get the balance of power back in our Congress and we have one shot at this in November. I’ve got a car full of brochures on the candidate running against my Congressman who was the one man who had changed his vote for the Medicare Prescription drug addition. Bush called him before the second vote and Trent Franks caved. He has never voted down a program in his life and hopefully he will be defeated in November. I fear Senator Kyl has changed his opinion on Amnesty and will be reelected. Damn!

    Demonstrations do not work in Arizona as few people go outside other than to play golf. But I have a telephone and an internet connection and I use them!

    Talk about a diversion; we have 19 propositions on our ballot in November and that will keep people home. Damn!

    I’m doing everything I can to balance our Congress to at least slow down the Bush programs. I’ve thought about impeachment but it could turn Bush further into madness and at this point we must simply cut his support out from under him.

    Doug is doing a terrific job in stimulating our interest in this mess. I just hope he has the strength to keep it going and allow us to blog here.

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