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Friday, July 12, 2024

Traitor Trump came far too close to destroying democracy, America

The Jan. 6 Capitol Riot hearings detail the treasonous acts of the most corrupt president in American history

Another week of hearings before the Select Committee of the House of Representatives investigation of the Jan 6th Capitol Riot in 2021 detail how, without a doubt, how close corrupt former President Donald Trump to destroying democracy and, with it, America.

The evidence is clear. Trump is a criminal who committed treason, sedition, and more during his disastrous four years as the worst, most venal, and corrupt, president in American history.

Sadly, the same must be said of those who aided his attempt at an outright coup to overturn the legal results of the 2020 Presidential election. Each, and all, are traitors to our nation and should be considered as such and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

This conclusion is not mine alone but I write this as a lifelong newspaperman who covered Watergate in the 1970s and worked, for a while, as a senior GOP operative from 1981 through 1987. I watched the Republican party descend into abject political hypocrisy, outright illegal criminal activity, homophobia, and blatant racism.

The blemish on my life from those six years working for that deteriorating political party can not be cleaned away by apologies. I sold out and will spend the rest of my life trying to correct some of the damage I helped inflict on this nation.

Before the vile hole in our nation’s soul that allowed a corrupt con artist like Trump to seize power that wasn’t his, the GOP saw what was left of its honor by scandal-tainted Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, expanded by selecting bed-hopping Sarah Palin as John McCain’s failed run for the presidency and other cheats and liars.

But the Donald “trumped” them all, with open contempt of the rule of law and the needs of a nation. He looted the treasury to support the lavish lifestyles of himself and his family, paraded his adultery and sordid lifestyles with a wife whose citizenship was under question and would gladly disrobe for the cameras on his private jet.

He turned a historical landmark like the old Post Office building on Pennsylvania Avenue into a tacky, overhyped “Trump International Hotel” that ignored federal laws that prohibited presidents from profiting during a term of office, accepting millions upon millions from foreign dignitaries and lobbyists for overpriced room rates, expensive meals that drew horrid reviews from restaurant critics.

He tried to lure an international economic conference to his debt-ridden Doral Country Club but the lawyers finally found ways to block his attempts to steal more millions in payments he was blocked from accepting.

Audits from his presidency show he spent far more than any other president on travel on Air Force One, including almost weekly trips down to his Florida estate, overcharged agents of his Secret Service team, aides, and others at room rates that were doubled and meal charges that exceeded all limits.

Trump went into his 2020 re-election effort with massive debts coming due from his failing real estate holdings. He promoted the sale of his hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue and included millions of “management fees” from the U.S. Treasury that were illegal.

When lost the election he started raising millions from his die-hard supporters for “funds to fight an illegal result of that election,” but audits show the funds went to himself and his overdue debts.

Reports The Washington Post:

Since his first month in office, Trump has used his power to direct millions from U.S. taxpayers — and from his political supporters — into his own businesses.

In all, he has received at least $8.1 million from these two sources since he took office, documents and publicly available records show.

The president brought taxpayer money to his businesses simply by bringing himself. He’s visited his hotels and clubs more than 280 times now, making them a familiar backdrop for his presidency. And in doing so, he has turned those properties into magnets for GOP events, including glitzy fundraisers for his own reelection campaign, where big donors go to see and be seen.

Trump says the reason is comfort. “People like my product, what can I tell you, can’t help it,” he told reporters last year.

But documents show that visits by Trump, his family and his supporters have turned the government and the Republican Party into regular customers for the family business.

In the case of the government, Trump’s visits turned it into a captive customer, newly revealed documents show. What the government needed from Trump’s properties, it had to buy from Trump’s company.

“Americans elect a president to serve the people, not profit off them. Yet President Trump exploits his office to line his pockets with taxpayer dollars,” says Ryan Shapiro of the group Property of the People, whose lawsuits and public-records requests helped bring to light some of the earliest details of this spending.

Shapiro and others who keep watch on corrupt politicians like Trump say the former president far outstrips the abuse of power and use of taxpayer money by other presidents.

As those watching the hearings that continue on Capitol Hill, Trump’s corruption and greed are even worse. He is revealed as a traitor to America he has looted for the last several years.

It must be stopped.


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