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Saturday, June 8, 2024

Rove’s speech is hardly appropriate all things considered

Karl Rove has a LOT OF NERVE! I wonder if we could lynch him in Texas? Some realtors riled up over Rove speech Apparently, a lot of people do not believe this is appropriate. That's a good sign here in Texas.

Karl Rove has a LOT OF NERVE! I wonder if we could lynch him in Texas?

Some realtors riled up over Rove speech

Apparently, a lot of people do not believe this is appropriate. That’s a good sign here in Texas.

“What kind of message are we sending to the public we seek to serve by our very invitation to such an infamous politico?” Melott said in a letter to association leaders.

“Our main goal is to promote property sales in Texas; we don’t need that kind of atmosphere at the meeting,” Derr said.

But some Realtors say the issue boils down to whether the Realtor trade group wants to be associated with Rove, who until 2006 was the focus of an investigation involving the leak of CIA agent Valerie Plame’s identity in 2003.

“Rove definitely does not embody the ethics we want the public to associate with Realtors,” said Bill Hammond, an agent with Karen Derr and Associates Realty.

Every time a group or association does something like this, they are condoning all the dirty politics that Rove has not only embraced but endorses to this day.”

I’m not surprised that the head of the Realtors association will not disinvite Karl. Money says that they are probably friends, maybe even cronies.

Perhaps, all the people in Texas as well as the neighboring states that have lost their homes or their jobs because of the current mortgage crisis should consider going to San Antonio and protesting. They are already planning a protest at the convention. But we can protest outside of the convention and San Antonio is a very fun place to visit.

The Texas Association of Realtors’ convention is scheduled for Sept. 6-11.

If we book up all the roons in San Antonio, maybe no one will be able to attend the convention.

But that is not ALL the BS in Texas!

$100,000 gift led the attack on ethanol

Why is this important in the scheme of things? Well, first of alll….

Perry’s April 25 waiver request has national implications because an EPA waiver of renewable fuel standards would affect all ethanol production in the United States, not just in Texas. On Monday, more than four dozen House Republicans made a similar plea to the EPA, asking for a reduction in ethanol production mandates.

Secondly, there are a lot of rumors about Perry including possible VP nominee, possible Senate candidate when Hutchinson retires, etc.

This is the best example of how our country is for sale to the highest payer.

Perry aide Allison Castle said political donors get nothing but “good government” from Perry


I bet they say the same thing about GW as well down at Halliburton or KBR or Blackstone, etc.

In the meantime….

While Perry’s staff was in the process of preparing the waiver request, senior adviser Mike Morrissey and agriculture policy expert Toby Baker met with David Gibson, executive director of the Texas Corn Producers Board. The corn producers opposed the waiver.

“We never got to talk to anyone at a level higher than that,” Gibson said.

Gibson said corn producers felt the meat producers were punishing grain growers in a year when prices were good.

Apparently the corn producers were NOT the highest bidder for Perry’s support.

This is nothing new but Perry is one of the worst. Look out for him when he goes National.

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