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Monday, June 24, 2024

There are a lot of unsure people about John McCain’s candidacy

John McCain was in Columbia yesterday allegedly talking about free trade. So I find today's headline quite ironic, indeed. McCain Backer's Firm Pleaded Guilty To Funding Terrorist Group In Colombia

John McCain was in Columbia yesterday allegedly talking about free trade. So I find today’s headline quite ironic, indeed.

McCain Backer’s Firm Pleaded Guilty To Funding Terrorist Group In Colombia

McCain’s people are ALL LOBBYISTS! Hell, with lobbyists like this, who needs enemies. They can manufacture their own terrorism to justify anything they want. They have done it before, and most likely under BUSH/MCCAIN they will do it again.

It seems there are many, MANY people of all backgrounds and politics that are concerned about electing BUSH/MCCAIN for 4 more years however.

Cochran recounts McCain dustup with the Sandinistas

“The thought of his being president sends a cold chill down my spine,” Cochran told the Globe. “He is erratic. He is hotheaded. He loses his temper and he worries me.”


But he’s not the only one concerned.

McCain game plan worries insiders

“It’s not just message or not having just one single meta-theme to compete with Obama,” said a veteran Republican strategist with close ties to McCain’s top advisers. “It’s not just fundraising, which is mediocre. And it’s not even just organization, which is [just] starting or nonexistent in many states.”

“McCain’s campaign seems not to have a game plan. I don’t see a consistent message,” said Ed Rollins, a veteran of Republican presidential campaigns. “As someone who has run campaigns, this campaign is not running smoothly. But none of this matters if they get their act together.”

It’s interesting how the military sees McCain & Obama.

Military See Presidential Race Through Own Lens

It’s not as straightforward as the cheat and lie Republican Disinformationalists would have you think.

This is what happens when you turn against the lie & cheat Republicans. Some anonymous source makes A LOT OF TROUBLE FOR YOU! Check this out….

Sen. Coleman May Be Investigated For Cheap D.C. Apartment

UPDATE: Lindsey Graham: Sink McCain’s Boat

Graham and Joe Lieberman are traveling with McCain on his two-country tour of Latin America, but this morning were shunted to the press boat (think of kids and the small table at Thanksgiving) for a tour by the entourage of the Port of Cartagena. McCain was in another vessel — a faster, drug-interdiction speedboat called the Midnight Express ……..both boats cruised out to open water, where they separated a bit. Graham, hopefully out of earshot of the Secret Service detail, pointed across the waves to McCain’s craft and said, “Sink that boat!”

He then added: “I could get the nomination if you sink that boat.”

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