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Saturday, June 10, 2023

200-a-barrel oil: envisioning what the world would look like

People should think seriously about this because it's coming! May be here before the election! Envisioning a world of $200-a-barrel oil

People should think seriously about this because it’s coming! May be here before the election!

Envisioning a world of $200-a-barrel oil

Please note, that in a time when we need all the energy we can get, our neo-con administration has put the kabash on solar energy on public lands, as well as any new coal mining operations, etc.

Instead they focus on oil, and more oil. Oh, and nuclear energy! It’s called BIG MONEY!

The pain that this is going to cause will be very real and there will be consequences politically.

No stinking gas tax holiday won’t turn this around. If this was ANY OTHER POTUS in our history, they would have taken significant actions. Not this dumb ass, GW. He and Cheney are bleeding us dry and then McCain comes along and wants to permanently give it all away.

Dumb asses is just to nice! They should be tarred and feathered immediately upon leaving office.

13 thoughts on “200-a-barrel oil: envisioning what the world would look like”

  1. Yes Carl, there are all kinds of possibilities including where I recently read I believe in Chicago someone is working on turning trash into fuel.

    That would be the perfect answer when you think about it. It would solve 2 problems.

    The thing is that SOLAR POWER is available and affordable NOW! Industry has been working on it since Jimmy Carter was POTUS.

    Most people don’t know squat about it though.

    When I ask people if they have heard about the solar SHINGLES (not solar panels), they have never heard of it.

    And when I tell people they could have a house with no electric bills, or central ac/heat, they look at me like I am insane.

    So perhaps this oil thing is a good thing. Because it will FORCE us to make changes we should have been making since this problem reared its ugly head over 30 years ago.

    If we really want gas prices to go down, then rationing may be what we have to do.

    But I have noticed less people driving where I live and I must say, it makes getting around town more pleasurable.

    But we haven’t seen anything yet. People are going to go into SHOCK in August and September when they see their electric bills.

    If I was going into a new business, it would be installing these solar shingles on people’s homes. (grin).

    The problem is already having a long term effect on businesses especially in the service sectors which is SERIOUS s**t considering the service sector has been the primary creator of jobs during this administration.

    I read that stores are holding back on their Xmas orders because they are concerned that people won’t be spending much this year due to the high costs of gas and heating oil.

    What are the poor people going to do? Die from the heat & coal? Or are my tax dollars going to pay their heating & cooling bills.

    How about instead of paying their bills, we put some solar shingles on their homes to offset that costs? It would create jobs and maybe save some lives from heat stroke and the cold.

    If Congress was smart, which we all know they are NOT, they would offer a complete tax write off for everyone that built one of those solar houses.

    Then maybe the builders would get off their lazy behinds and stop building these energy consumers and build energy creators.

    Where is a good venture capitalist when I need one?(wink, grin)

  2. Thanks for all the links pollchecker. I can see we are on the same page concerning our leaderships’ lack of resolve in doing absolutely “anything” to abate the price of oil and its derivative products.

    Another source of energy is tidal electric generation by affixing turbines across high tidal flow inlets so power can be generated with both the ebb and flow of the tides throughout the day. The Dutch already use such a process. There’s also technology for tethered ocean turbines to simply take advantage of the change in heighth of coastal waters with the tide with the power shipped inland to users, but again our duplicitous, Congress could care less.

    Most people forget that most Congress members are millionaires or aspiring to be so. They are also getting great percs both in wages and fringe benefits courtesy of the taxpayers with which they evidently feel little kinship. They surely aren’t fretting over the price of a gallon of gasoline either… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

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