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Saturday, September 23, 2023

As America burns, Biden fiddles with promises he can’t keep

He promised so much that so many believed, but he failed, and they are now fed up with his broken promises.

After so much fanfare from his defeat of Donald Trump and his corrupt administration, Joe Biden arrived at the White House as a great hope for a return to normalcy and a president would deliver on his promises.

And his promises were grand, bolstered by control of both Houses of Congress and an electorate that seemed behind him, but Biden’s promises were too grand and his impact on a fractured government with serious splits in the Democratic Party, combined with a virus pandemic that worsened, again and again, brought his high-flying political balloon crashing, deflated and flat.

After getting an infrastructure bill through Congress, Biden pushed too hard on a social services and climate control bill that went too far for moderates and not far enough for liberals in his party. His first year in office fell on with a hard, jarring thud.

The 2018 midterms put Democrats back in control of the House and progressives promised a lot of o change, especially with Biden talking about the presidency and the primal repulsion of Trump cost his party control of the Senate with a razor-thin majority.

Some say Biden moved too carefully in some key areas and too quickly in others, misjudging the COVID-19 variants that brought record-high levels of infections and hospitalizations and spiraling inflation that brought back the income-strangling rates of the Jimmy Carter years. Republicans roared back with wins in states like Virginia, and most polls say the GOP will recapture the House and Senate in the midterms later this year.

Democrats are in a panic mode now, trying to reposition the party away from the far-left ideas to something that could present a complete wipe-out of the party. The Democrats may control the House and Senate, for the time being, but two Senators from their own party are threatening to either deep-six Biden’s Build Back Better Act or parting down to something far more moderate than he promised.

And hanging over this mess is perennial political pariah Trump, lashing out with insults, promoting his barrage of lies about a “stolen election” that wasn’t, and threatening to run with a base he feels will put him back into office, no matter what.

With Republican-controlled states passing gerrymandered voter restrictions determined to keep voters who don’t support them from the polls and GOP leaders in the House and Senate that seem willing to overlook the democracy-threatening riot that shut down the Capitol for a while on Jan. 6 and the traitorous actions of the cult of Trump, the revolution that many have predicted and feared may already be underway.

America is under attack, and the party in power at the moment seems to be wrapped up in fighting among themselves to focus on trying to save the way of life we should be protecting and saving.

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  1. He’s doing a great job. Its the republicans and two traitorous Democrats are the hang up. If republicans sweep congress this year and take the presidency in 24, it will be the fault of liberal media like you who keep stabbing him in the back with articles like this one. Support him goddamnit.

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