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Saturday, July 20, 2024

Our stupid bureaucratic government at work.

At a time, when we need all the energy we can get, the govt decides to make some REALLY STUPID MOVES....AGAIN! U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

At a time, when we need all the energy we can get, the govt decides to make some REALLY STUPID MOVES….AGAIN!

U.S. Freezes Solar Energy Projects

Solar energy is renewable and clean! Businesses and science have been investing in solar technology for the past 30 years and we finally get it to a place where it is practical, workable and CHEAP. What happens?

US Department of Energy to Invest $90 Million in Advanced Geothermal Research

At a time when we have huge federal deficits and we are in desparate need practical applications for energy we can use other than oil, this is absolutely INSANE!

I would like to see how the steal and lie Republicans are going to blame this on the Democrats because you KNOW they will eventually.

90 Million dollars is a lot of money. There are lots of better uses for that money.

Whatever happened to letting our capitalistic system develop the Geothermal energy.

Oh, that’s right, we no longer have a capitalistic system. We have a fascist system. Our bureaucracy is bought and paid for by corporations who get the best of the tax breaks. But they don’t spend any money developing ANYTHING anymore. They just let the govt spend our tax money developing it for them. Then they come in, bid it out at the cheapest rate possible and take over raking in all the profits.

We need to change our system of govt and taxation. That won’t happen if we have 4 MORE YEARS OF BUSH/MCCAIN!

So remember to re-elect Bush/McCain ’08! Selling off the BEST of our country’s resources one dollar at a time!

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