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Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Abandon hope all ye who vote here

How many more must die because of the deceit and arrogance of the American government and its despotic leader George W. Bush?

How much deeper must America sink into the cesspool of corruption?

How much is enough?

How many more must die because of the deceit and arrogance of the American government and its despotic leader George W. Bush?

How much deeper must America sink into the cesspool of corruption?

How much is enough?

According to the United Nations, a record 6,599 Iraqi civilians died in July and August as a direct result of the illegal American invasion of a sovereign nation on trumped up charges that have, one by one, fallen to the onslaught of fact.

Even worse, the UN report says torture of Iraqi civilians have surpassed the levels during the reign of Saddam Hussein.

This is what we call liberation?

Bush’s cold, calculated manipulation of Congress, the media and the American public allowed him to launch an invasion based on lies, an action that the previous Pope called a "war crime." The Republicans who control Congress went along with his madness but so, too, did most of the Democrats serving in the House and Senate and too many of them are still reluctant to oppose the war and call for a withdrawal even today.

These mindless, brain-dead lemmings still follow this madman and his insane policies into the abyss, obviously unconcerned about the damage to individual liberties, civil rights and a little document called the Constitution of the United States.

Such pathetic, intellectually-challenged morons, like Bush, put political partisanship above their country and don’t give a rat’s ass about the law, morality or ethics. They, like the President they follow, are little more than scum of the earth.

Yet these cretins may actually keep control of government after the mid-term elections because the Democrats lack both usable brain matter and political savvy and have yet to offer any real alternatives to voters.

To win in November, the Democrats need to offer something with an ounce of logic and a modicum of common sense. They can’t because, like Republicans, original thought is beyond their capacity. Sadly, politicians of either party lack the ability to come up with anything that really matters to the American people. Both Democrats and Republicans are hopeless losers who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse on freebie night.

Bush and the Republicans have their lemmings and so do the Democrats. Political partisans are foolish little followers who subscribe to the inane belief that a political party is capable of caring about the will of the people or the welfare of a nation. They lack both the capacity or the will and anyone who thinks such a system is the best we can do lost their minds years ago.

In the end, voters this fall are left with no real choice, no real hope and no real way out of the morass. The corruption of the Republican Party must be stopped but the only other choice in the battle is another collection of fucking idiots incapable of leading a Cub Scout pack out of a city park.

Maybe the best answer is to just bring the soldiers home from Iraq and then send every elected official – Republican and Democrat – along with every political wannabe to Iraq and leave their fates to the fanatics, suicide bombers and "Islamic extremists."

Then we can start over and build a real government.

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  1. I read the Rant and many of the comments posted here. Mr. Thompson, might not you use your considerable gifts at rabble rousing to organize a third political party? If you do not like the Republicans and Democrats, why not create a new party?

    The internet offers an opportunity to organize like minded individuals for a variety of pursuits, including politics. Perhaps this country is long overdue for a realignment of the political party system in place since the Civil War.

    The first step is to form a new party that stands for a lot of the things that you discuss in you columns. Mr. Thompson, if you are interested, please let me know. I am willing and able to help you, and I believe there are many more like me.

  2. As usual the comments excellent, well thought out and for the most part correct but they all lack what is necessary something that can be seen by those in Washington. If you think words alone will get us out of this you are all nuts, what is needed is action, for now, nonviolent action. Thousands must take to the streets at every opportunity during this election period where you will certainly be filmed by the Gastapo Homeland Security. This work can not be hired out folks, it’s time to get off your lazy behind and get into the streets. If we don’t you’re going to see this country turned into a Police State, and then the only way out will be to fight.

  3. The United States of Apathetica

    Over the past few decades the technology and information revolution has brought to our presence the daily bombardment of political abstract rhetoric, corruption, and public exploitation from every possible power incumbent and power seeker. The political power mongers have successfully managed to desensitize the collective mind of the American constituent base and in effect have created a state of chronic voter apathy.

    There is so much hatred and dissention between Democrat and Republican politicians that it is unmistakably obvious that the expulsion or the irreparable destruction of the respective opposing party would be seen as a revelled victory, thus saving the American constituents from being victims of incompetence and failed policies of its rivaling contemporaries.

    Each party, via its spin mills and propaganda machines, all but openly claim to be the omni-potent solution to all of America’s woes. The bond between the parties is so frayed that ‘bipartisanship’ is nothing more than a vulgar word.

    In reality, Republican and Democrat politicians are actually two factions of the same party, ‘The Renegade Party’, both of which are greedily vying for power to ‘dictate’ to the American people their best interest and welfare.

    How is it possible that a political label such as ‘Republican’ or ‘Democrat’, ‘conservative’ or ‘liberal’ is powerful enough to steal away an individual’s ability to utilize critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, applying logic, reason, and engage in self-examination of the validity of one’s values? Surely it’s possible to belong to a political party and still maintain individual integrity, decision and choice making without being accused of not being patriotic when expressing opinions that fall outside of a party’s platform or principles.

    During the last half century, voting Americans have been either in denial about their profound responsibility for the general welfare of our country or they realize that their long-term political apathy has now made them political prisoners and they will forever remain silent. While voter denial would be the most comfortable explanation for our political state, I choose to believe apathy is the prevailing malady and ultimate demise of our nation being the world’s leading super power. It’s obviously easier for voters to yield to the power of another upon compulsion or demand. The old saying, “We reap what we sow.” is the simplest way of stating the point.

    There’s nothing ambiguous to even the most uninvolved individuals regarding the degradation of our political system and the disintegration of the core value of our Constitution. The preamble of the Constitution begins with, “We the People of the United States”. How soon we forget.

    Every human concept, principle, or aspiration is subject to change. Human survival depends on the contributions of individuals who share their labor and ideas. Individuals are mutually dependent regardless of political affiliation. The health of our political system relies on interdependency. I believe that the authors of our Constitution conveyed the necessity of an interdependent nation as the key element to our very existence; otherwise, we might as well surrender to living under a monarchy or dictatorship.


    A Guilty of Apathy Citizen

  4. Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free. Weve gold in soil and wealth for toil our home is gurt by sea…if your looking for an out come to oz mate.please leave your ego at the in peace steve erwin.

  5. Perhaps it should be written into law that no politican can vote for war unless they’re willing to send a child or go themselves into combat at the most basic level.

    Might make them think twice.

  6. Well you are right of course, but all you do is rant, a big dog barking, but no bite. Ho hum, names don’t accomplish anything. But what did you do about the 9/11 truth movement? You defended Bush one hundred per cent. So keep on barking, the administration could care less, until/unless you put your “money” where you mouth is, and help expose the lies about that day of infamy.

  7. It is amazing that someone with a rant like this – someone who between the lines – is suggesting the removal of all elected officials to be sent to Iraq (coup???)

    will not entertain the possibility of what launched the neocons into this sci-fi nightmare – 9/11 as an inside job.

    really, there is time when silence is betrayal. MLK

  8. Just counting down till I can get out of the US. In finals this week and next just 12 more months…! Get my medical and i am gone..Canada/England looks better all the time

  9. @Capt. Brett-

    The primary advantage of a secret ballot is that it makes vote buying slightly harder to pull off. In the (unfortuntely rare) event that good, secure equipment and procedures are carefully followed, the accuracy of a secret ballot can be very high.

    I agree that two parties is a bad way to organize a government system, but I don’t think that the framers had intended that (and it’s better than one party). Personally, I’d prefer changing the law and constitutions to enable 3rd, 4rth, 5th, etc. parties to have some voice, particuarly at the federal level.

  10. In this article, you choose very harsh language for members of both parties, but are hesitant about calling a clear violation of the Nuremberg Principles and U.N. Charter (a crime against peace) a War Crime. There isn’t even a defense presented by this adminiistration that there was a conflicting jus cogens obligation (such as the obligation to prevent genocide), so should it ever get to a court, there is no valid defense under international law.

  11. This situation has its’ roots all the way back to the Northern War Of Aggression,and if you actually researched American History outside of the “approved” syllibus provided by the government,you would be able to see things as they actualy are,and ALL of the DECEIT and LIES of re-education would be laid open to review and inspect.Hell,even George Washington warned us against a bi-partisonship based electoral system,as well as voting in “secret”.By swallowing the lies hook, line,sinker,rod,reel and fisherman as well,we have come full circle so that we now see what has really been going on for the last 140 years in this country,since Lincolns’ Bolshevic styled revolution.ONE THOUGHT FOR EVERYONE WHO READS THIS…HOW CAN ANY ELECTION BE CONSIDERED FAIR IF THE VOTES THAT WERE CAST ARE NOT PUBLISHED FOR ALL TO SEE AND VERIFY,ESPECIALLY WHEN THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE,FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE??????????????WAKE THE F*CK UP AND REALIZE THAT YOU HAVE HAD NO VOICE FOR OVER A HUNDRED YEARS.WE ARE ALL NOW SLAVES TO THE DOLLAR BILL,REGARDLESS OF RACE,CREED OR RELIGOUS BELIEF,AND NOW THEY ARE ONLY LETTING US KNOW WHAT SOME HAVE KNOWN FOR YEARS.THIS CASTE SOCIETY THAT YOU ARE JUST WAKING UP TO HAS BEEN EVOLVING FOR SOME TIME NOW,AND THOUGH IT IS A BITTER PILL TO SWALLOW,SWALLOW IT YOU WILL….THE MILITIA THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN YOUR STATE TO PROTECT YOU IS OVERSEAS FIGHTING A WELL CONCEIVED COUP OF THIS COUNTRY BY LEAVING THE STANDING ARMY HERE,THE ONLY ONES THAT CAN DEFEND YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL BE YOURSELVES….

  12. The 2 parties are really just the 2 sides too a piece of flypaper aren’t they? Nevertheless, I’ll vote for the D’s only because they aren’t R’s. The Rethugs have damn near destroyed this country over the last 8 yrs.

  13. The reason there’s no hope is because the parties have truly merged when it comes to “doing a job” on “we the people”. There are no Democrats or Republicans per se. To use Nader’s term he coined a number of years back. They are “republicrats” plain and simple. Neither party truly cares who reigns in D.C. as long as the incumbent’s get to stay, continuing to suck on the taxbase; while also serving the needs of their corporate master’s. America is long overdue for a viable independent party. Since the media is controlled by same master’s that control the pols, this will not happen and will be very difficult to achieve. They will always try to portray an independent candidate as a fringe wacko etc. American’s are brain-dead when it comes having some political savvy; the result being they are getting the government they deserve! Thanks Doug for another on-the-mark rant.

  14. Since my last post, I have (certainly my opinion) seen nothing but thoughtful, most importantly correct analysis of the current horrible situation that has “taken over” the American way of life.

    I’ve said this before, and i think it is worth repeating.

    IMO George W. Bush has ZERO real actual power and influence in Washington…REGARDLESS of the office he holds.

    Until we realize and admit that, we will get nowhere as a voice of reason.

    So here is a possibility, especially right now.

    first, American or no, living overseas I have written enough e-mails and enough letters and received absolutely ZERO response. Apparently, if you don’t have a state, you don’t have a country either these days.

    I would like to see a Congressman or Senator file a Bill of Impeachment…right now against Dick Cheney.

    He is IMO absolutely and unequivocally running the show in Washington, as THE charter member of PNAC.

    I believe that deep down inside that most Republican Senators and Congressmen and perhaps all of the DEMOCRATS know that.

    I BELIEVE that they fear this man and the power he weilds which has been building over the last five years. GWB has the title, it’s all he really wants…Cheney has the power.

    So, going after George W., Bush would in my view be useless when all was said and done and take a LOT of time poorly spent.

    PNAC will jettison George W. Bush in a heartbeat when the time is right and anyone that doesn´t know that or hasn’t figured it out, SHAME ON YOU.

    I believe that these Senators and Congressmen at the BEHEST of their state people base, Republican or Democrat would support a Bill of Impeachment against Mr. Cheney right now. But the problem is …would the PEOPLE in their district demand it and when the going gets rough…and it would, fall by the wayside.

    The problem. Who did all the talking from pre-written speeches . BUSH did of course and I’m willing to bet half the time had NO IDEA of what he was actually reading or saying.

    He certainly is responsible but he should be the second target of impeachment NOT THE FIRST.

    Bush is ZERO without Cheney. Get Cheney out leagally and you send Bush into a tailspin and you also weaken PNAC’s power grip on Washington.

    Rumsfeld is the THIRD on the list.

    Once those three are gone the rest of the stack will collapse like Domino’s with the save myself at all costs attitude.

    So, enough talk about impeaching BUSH He is not the problem other than just being there. He is like the training wheels on a bicycle or the bumper on the bumper cars. He is NOT DRIVING.

    Get the DRIVER first.

  15. We’ve not only lost our credibility as a nation, we’ve lost our spine to stand up for our beliefs and lost our voice to corrupted elections. I truly beieve that the only way forward is through a coup. Enough of the lies and corruption in government, ’tis time to act.

  16. We’ve not only lost our credibility as a nation, we’ve lost our spine to stand up for our beliefs and lost our voice to corrupted elections. I truly beieve that the only way forward is through a coup. Enough of the lies and corruption in government, ’tis time to act.

  17. Doug, a couple of things- until the MSM stop praising the repigs, and stop ignoring the dems-the current bunch of crooks will continue to hold office

    and to all those idiots, like BOR, who insist that warerboarding is not torture, I would like to suggest that they volunteer to have it done to them, on TV. I don’t think that anyone would, because they all know it is torture-but it would make them look like fools

  18. Didn’t Senator Feingold make a speech outlining a plan for things like a withdraw timetable universal healthcare? I believe that there are some Senators who are actively trying to come up with something; but it is true that they don’t seem to have the backbone to try and really push the issue towards a vote. Rather, they just talk about it in speeches or sound bites, because they seem to be under the impression that any topic like that would never see the floor.

    But I agree that kicking them out of the country would definitely be an option that I would consider to be a good solution. 🙂

  19. Ever consider the idea that voting IS the problem? When you vote for the “lesser of two evils”, you’re still choosing evil. It’s like a slave choosing his Master.

    If there was an election between Stalin and Hitler, who would you “choose”?

  20. I think the major problem with the people are not that they are so scared to act. I think it is that they are too lazy to even know what the problems are. It is easier to just not vote and blame the rest of the people for the shape the country is in. Or to say “I didn’t vote….so it’s not my fault.” They don’t understand that since they DON’T vote, it IS their fault as much as anyones!

  21. Mr. President, the American people have never liked being lied to. And since you have become our President, you have been telling some whoppers.

    Right after 9/11 you told us that our forces would be hunting for Bin Laden until he and his ilk were “brought to justice”. However, soon thereafter, you removed most of the troops that were looking for him. You have since allowed his trail to go “stone cold”.

    Then, you told us that we needed to invade Iraq, a sovereign nation, because Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and was somehow a “grave” threat to our “national security”. You even gave bogus “evidence” of the existence of those weapons to one of our most credible statesmen…General Colin Powell…and then sent him in front of the United Nations to also lie about our justification for invading Iraq. To date, no weapons of mass destruction have been found.

    And, once you and your far superior armed forces had clearly toppled Hussein’s government, you then strutted across the deck of that aircraft carrier in your flight suit and cowboy hat and arrogantly informed us all that our “mission” in Iraq had been “accomplished”. It’s now over three years later and you are about to send even MORE men and women (ON TOP OF of the hundred and fifty thousand or so that you’ve been keeping in the region ever since that mission was supposedly “accomplished”!) to once again fight and die in Iraq.

    You categorically denied that our prisoners from your “war on terror” were being tortured and abused. But then we were shown pictures from those prisons that clearly proved that, once again, you were lying to us. Now, you are even trying to get long-standing international laws against such torture changed so that you won’t have to also lie about being a war criminal.

    You’ve categorically denied that you were keeping prisoners from that war locked up in a number of foreign jails (besides the gulag you DID admit to running down at Guantanamo). Now, under pressure from the courts, you have also admitted, that, well, yes… you HAVE been keeping prisoners locked up elsewhere, too.

    You and your cronies have labeled the Government of Iran as a “threat” to world peace because they now wish to start producing electricity from nuclear materials, something that dozens of other counties around the world (like France and Canada) do on a regular basis. You’ve told us that Iran is actually trying to develop nuclear weapons and that it would eventually become a threat to its neighbors. Unfortunately, you’ve conveniently failed to mention that Government of Israel already HAS nuclear weapons in the region (provided by the United States no less!) and that they’ve been pointing them at Iran for decades.

    What’s more, rather than admitting that it is YOUR Administration’s imperialistic policies that are at the root of all this madness in the Middle East, you’ve apparently convinced yourself that, somehow, your own citizens are at fault because they are now refusing to believe your lies, and are starting to speak out in ever larger numbers in public against you and your obvious lack of veracity.

    So, rather than search your soul to see who might own this problem, you’ve sent your FBI, CIA, NSA and Homeland Security goon squads to tap our phones without a warrant, strip search us at airports, sift through our electronic and other mail at will, monitor our Internet conversations and then throw those of us whom you (or your Homeland Security “thought police”) somehow deem are “against you” into a military jail in a faraway land without due process (let alone any hope of a fair trial!) all in the name of “protecting” the rest of us from an enemy that you…and your lies…helped create.

    Sadly, you keep telling us that we are now safer because of what you’ve done. This, too, is a lie because, the only “mission” you’ve really “accomplished” is to turn our once proud and free nation into an armed camp…a country that now must be ruthlessly controlled by intimidation and fear using your own 21st Century version of George Orwell’s “Big Brother” in order for you and your right-wing goons to stay in power.

    Mr. President, the trouble with lies is that they tend to keep piling up. And, after a while, it becomes harder and harder to keep them all straight. Sooner or later, the truth always manages to come out. Unfortunately, that’s the downside of lies. You can’t keep telling them forever because after a while, nobody believes ANYTHING that you say, regardless of its veracity.

  22. JOI,

    Very well said, but the MAJORITY of Americans ARE IN FACT hiding under their beds hoping that if they are quiet and just live a normal life, no matter how shredded the Constitution gets or exasterbated the Bill of Rights becomes that these self appoinbted ANGELS OF DEATH will not come to their door.

    This is as you say ONE TIME when SILENCE IS NOT GOLDEN

  23. I completely agree with the assessment that simple-minded partisanship is what has brought us to this very real constitutional crisis. As a veteran I am deeply offended by the hypocrisy of the GOP and the weak-kneed sisters in the Democratic party. But first and foremost perhaps we should remind ALL americans of our TRUE nature (excepting the rightwing lunatics who believe America stands for KGB-like tactics). Americans are NOT a people scared of their own shadows. Children hiding under their beds hoping and praying for a patriarchial government to shield them from the truth and protect them from invented boogeymen. Americans are decent, compassionate and, for the most part, DO have good intentions toward peoples of other nations, races and beliefs. That our national identity has been twisted beyond recognition by this “misadministration” is a crime against us all. We should rail against being lied to and manipulated like so many school children and DEMAND that those responsible on BOTH sides of the aisle pay for their betrayal of our ideals and our heartfelt beliefs. We should display our collective outrage that our constitution has been shredded, we’re being spied on, lied to, and face the real possibility of political detentions and “disappearances” in the very near future. We supposedly “crushed” the Soviet empire only to replace it HERE? Christ. This is not America. This is a silent coup against our democracy and our rights. We need to all stand together for the common principles once held dear, reinvent our government to represent the will of We the People and do so quickly before we pass the point of no return.

  24. Hi ALL !!

    The fact that KERRY of all people has had to utter a word to DEMOCRATS to get off their collective behinds, simply amazes me.

    Look we KNOW there is corruption in BOTH parties. One probably no better or less than the other. The ONLY difference seems to be that the Republicans preach big business and the the ideas and concepts of tax breaks when you “MAKE IT ON YOUR OWN”

    Then of course through little known budget cuts, program cancellations et al make it litterally impossible for any one to get started these days while those that have already “made it” continue on unabated by whatever means necessary.

    The Democrats say they are the party of the people, the poor the average joe, the program for this or than. Then you find that the “program” is not applicable to you unless a SLEW of conditions are met first, that NO PROUD AMERICAN CITIZEN would want to subscribe to.

    I think that the Democrats ar4e “deathly afraid” that the Republicans, some of them anyway if feeling threatened or challenged in any way will do whatever it takes to expose their hypocrisy…so they remain NUMB.

    The expression, “Caught between a rock and a hard place” pretty much sums it up…so for now they just HOPE things will go down well.

    The people that give a damn are seeing this and THAT IMO is why people are turning away from the Democrats…simply because they are motionless.

    If two or three “leaders” for lack of a better term would STEP forward and say


    They would win. BUT there are no guarrantees that there is enough out there to make this come to pass so they are playing it SAFE…so they think and waiting to see what happens.

    AMERICA is now a country with no morals ( with the supposed moral party in power) It threatens, it has no friends anymore,

    AMERICA once stood head and shoulders above the fray, above ever nation on earth, It stood for something, it was revered, it was respected, it was counted on to say one thing and then follow through, it was feared.

    It is no longer any of these things.

    It is a tragic turn of events and STILL Americans will not speak out and DEMAND change

    So the elected representatives, with no guarrantees just roll on and let the status quo prevail.


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