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Friday, July 19, 2024

Sandy says we have a problem.

Global Warming and Off Shore Oil Drilling

Global Warming and Off Shore Oil Drilling

Here’s a theory I saw last night on the National Geographic Channel. The problem is that the earth orbits the sun in a circle and then it grows into an oval putting the earth closer to the sun. Ten thousand years later it returned to a round orbit. In the past this heat would simply rise to the atmosphere but today it is staying put. This seems to be why the arctic and an-arctic glaciers are starting to break up and melt.

So how do we survive this heat until it heads into an ice age? Do we panic and blame it on crude oil fueling our industries and transportation? Do we start thinking like Bush 43 and demand oil drilling on the coastlines of America? Where is the logic of his actions? Who is he kidding that drilling without refineries will solve anything? Hell, we have the greatest source of energy called the sun. Let it heat up and let’s figure out how to use the energy to cool us off.

Do we read into Nostradamus’s predictions or wander around with the Evangelical prophets and simply waiting for the end of days? To we sit and do nothing as it seems to be the American way. When the disaster of our laziness hits us we look shocked and ask the White House what we must do. The churches say prayers and all will end as God has planned.

Bush is keeping us and everything American in debt. Even if someone came up with the solution to find a car that ran on water we would have to wait for the government big wheels to quickly invest in water distilleries before they would approve. If we could use sugar or honey you can bet nothing would be done until our government brokers could first figure on how to make the sugar canes and increase the lives of bees and become wealthy before letting the rest of know about the system. At this time we are being diverted into a killer war for oil.

Is the answer allowing the government to drill from oil wells off shore? How much more does this criminal in the White House want from us? Will it save the lives of our soldiers? No! Will it bring down the price of gas? Absolutely not!

I heard this morning that trying to save the coastal areas of both sides of America is strictly for the elite. Losing our tourist trade is not being elitist but simply Americans who have had their small business on the coast for years. What about the fishing industries that suffer if only a small amount of oil spills? What about the sea birds and protected sea otters in California? Would they be only protected by the elitists?

The Republicans in Congress will put a in bill this week to stop the ban on off shore drilling which is their action to support John McCain. There is no action they will overlook to keep the Bush Administration going for 4 more years.

We Americans are working for the benefit of the federal government. The government of the people is no longer in D.C. We must first “do no harm to the powers in office” and never complain about their illegal and corrupt actions. The Patriot’s bill and the no fly zone lists are waiting for a discouraging word.

This is what is facing all of us in November. Our physical future is on the line and unless we stop this nonsense and get out of the Middle East we will lose what is left of our American values. Are we too late?

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