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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Republicans: A terrorist mob. Time to declare them enemies of the the state

A few former Republicans are now calling out the GOP for its racism, bigotry and hate. About time.
He didn’t have to change the party. He brought out the racism and bigotry that was already there.

It took the most racist American history to draw out the inbred bigotry of the Republican Party as it now openly supports Jim Crow voting restrictions with GOP legislators and governors.

Donald Trump may be gone from the White House but the rabid-racist Republicans are still led by white supremacist Mitch McConnell and bolstered by the 50 percent of Senators who share his party and his rancid politics.

Former Kentucky State University president Raymond M. Burse last year noted that Trump, as the nation’s accidental and corrupt president, called out his blatant acts that he said creates a “greater racial divide” in America.

“These outright divisive acts — subtle and not so subtle — should address squarely and forthrightly,” Burse said in a blunt letter to McConnell in August 2020. “In all of this you have been silent. Why?”

The answer is simple. McConnell is as racist as Trump, perhaps more so, and his party if riddled with white supremacists, racists and bigots.

Even members of ethnic groups spout racist rhetoric and stand with the party’s Jim Crow leadership.

That led at least two of GOP Rep. Sery Kim, to step away from her after sickening racist comments about Chinese immigrants spilled out of her mouth like bigot diarrhea.

“I don’t want them here at all,” Sery Kim said of potential Chinese immigrants during a GOP forum in Arlington, VA. “They steal our intellectual property, they give us coronavirus, they don’t hold themselves accountable.”

Most Republicans at the forum applauded her comments at the gathering but two other Korean Americans, the first GOP women of their ancestry in Congress, to withdraw their support of Sery Kim.

“We cannot in good conscience continue to support her candidacy,” California representatives Young Kim and Michelle Steel said in a statement. They added:

We urged her to apologize and clarify her remarks, especially as hate against the AAPI community is on the rise. However, she has not publicly shown remorse, and her words were contrary to what we stand for.

Former GOP strategist Stuart Stevens says the dark side of his former party made it easy to adopt the racism and bigotry of Trump.

“None of it means anything,” Stevens writes about Republicans and its claim to be an inclusive party in his memoir. “It was all a lie.”

He adds:

It is a strange, melancholy feeling to turn sixty-five and realize that what you have spent a good portion of your life working for and toward was not only meritless but also destructive. I refused to believe what Donald Trump proved about Republicans, about myself, could be true.

After the book was published, Stevens talked to writer Benjamin Wofford in Washingtonian magazine:

I feel like I’m watching a friend drink themselves to death, and I don’t know what to do about it. I was part of it! I was in the middle of it all. I bear as much responsibility as anybody else. There is a direct line from the more genteel prejudice of Ronald Reagan to the white nationalism of Donald Trump

The Republican Party is against everything I thought it was for. Now we’re the anti-character-counts party. I mean, actively—that’s the official position. We have a president… who from the White House defends a woman at the center of an international child rape ring, and wishes her well.

He concludes:

The Republican Party, what does it stand for? I have no idea.

Some of us to know what the GOP have become because its racism and bigotry has been there for a long time. The self-declared “party of Lincoln” was, and is, anything but. I know. I worked for the party as an operative to seven years. I walked away from them because of their lies, racism, hate and bigotry. My first stop after leaving them was a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober for 26 years and exactly nine months as this is written.

They are undeterred racists. That is enough to declare the Republican Party a dead terrorist mob. Their demise is necessary to save America.


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