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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Forget Trump. It’s time to move on to more important issues

Trump is history and history will judge him as one of the worst presidents in history and a monumental failure to tried to overturn Democracy.
A dejected President Donald Trump from a failed campaign rally in Tulsa, Okla. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Time to decide which is more important to this nation’s future: The movement on issues and unity promised by new president Joe Biden or another vain attempt to convict Donald Trump in his latest impeachment trial.

A vote on the impeachment itself shows enough Republicans have trurned to the fold of Trumpism fantasies to prevent impeachment. They have returned to a fear-based gaggle of insignificant Senators who have the votes to keep the body from the two-thirds majority needed to convict, but they really don’t have much authority to do much else.

Trump is already fading from the nation’s mind. Why give him the satisfaction of another failed vote. Censure him, which requires just a simple majority vote, which is attainable and just move on to the important issues like COVID-19 stimulus, steps necessary to fight the virus and restore the economy and just move on.

Forget Trump. Most of us have. The media doesn’t respond to his latest Twitter tweets because htat service banned. His other outlets for fantasy claims have tried up and those who support him have their own problems with boycotts, investigations and other problems.

Trump is holed away in Mar-a-Lago, where he is not welcome because he signed an agreement to not live there when he turned it into a private club where members are dropping out. His creditors are circling to strip him of many of his prized possession, and he faces multiple criminal and civil investigations from both state and federal agencies.

At some point, he may try to build enough political support to mount a return to power, but the odds say he won’t be able too and his so-called “base” is winding down to just his hard-core racist and white supremacist supporters. Even some of those, like the “proud boys” have walked away.

Notes Peter Nicholas in The Atlantic:

Trump may relish his followers’ adoration, but some in his party would rather he disappear. They believe that the GOP needs a makeover and that its toppled leader symbolizes much of what’s gone wrong. “The most critical task, postelection, is to cut the Trump albatross off from around our neck,” John Bolton, the president’s former national security adviser, told me. “That’s the source of the problem.”

“This guy is just not very good at politics,” says Oklahoma City GOP mayor David Holt. “Politics is about persuasion and addition, and he’s not even made those attempts in his short-lived political career.”

One-term president Jimmy Carter rebuilt his reputaton by helping others build homes. He has a soul. Trump does not. Carter cared about the people he swore to serve. Trump doesn’t.

“Trump’s charismatic and demagogic appeal will always attract a diminishing cohort of worshippers, but his empty slogans have passed the peak of their ability to seduce,” writes Geoffery Barker in The Strategist. “The election result showed that slogans like ‘Make America great again’ and ‘Drain the swamp’ are diminishing assets. Their magic appeal to popular resentment is losing its force.”

Let’s censure Trump, which is easily doable, and move on to the important work to unify the country and bring normalcy and decency back to government.

Forget Trump. Leave it to his creditors and public prosecutors to pick his bones and throw whatever is left into the toxic swamp known as the failed presidency of a criminal and con man.

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  1. Rather than Impeachment and the political theatre that entails why not charge “Citizen” Trump for his part in the events and tragic deaths on January 6th? Charging him as a citizen would accomplish a lot more and would put him in the same category with the other thugs who committed crimes against the U.S. which he himself incited.

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