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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Memo to Trump and his GOP enablers: ‘Go straight to hell and burn there forever’

Those who have decided to support and back this pathetic degenerate who never deserved to ever become president have brought shame on their party and the nation. Let them pay and let that payment be harsh.
What Trump deserves.

While too many Republicans continue to buy into the fantasies of discredited and outgoing president Donald Trump, some are shaking their heads at his phone call to the Secretary of State of Georgia and talk among themselves about “how much longer are we going to let this madman run amok and inflict more damage on our party and the nation.”

To hell with the Republican Party. They deserve all the disgrace and destruction of their pathetic party. The real concern is what do we do about Trump. He still has 15 days left before he is officially gone and he is an insane lunatic with nuclear weapons.

His phone call last Saturday, now available via a recording from the GOP folks from Georgia who want nothing more to do with him, shows a deposed despot trying to override democracy to serve his massive ego and corrupt agenda.

Trump is turning to those who have supported him before dementia moved in. He now claims Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has “no fight” left in him, demands Georgia GOP governor Brian Kemp to “resign”

“He incontrovertibly thinks he won — and he thinks he won big — and the people around him don’t disabuse him of that because they don’t want to get crosswise, and because they told him he was going to win, so they can have it both ways,” a close advisor to Trump tells The Washington Post . “It’s not about his inability to move on. It’s about his inability to even diagnose what happened. He won’t yet conduct the autopsy, if you will.”

Trump is demanding vice president Mike Pence “do the right thing” and use his gavel in Wednesday’s joint session of Congress to steal the election.

“I hope Mike Pence comes through for us, I have to tell you,” Trump told the Georgia crowd. “Of course, if he doesn’t come through, I won’t like him quite as much.”

Those who thought loyalty means anything to Trump have quickly learned that he will use them as scapegoats when he screws up.

Reports Philip Rucker, Ashley Parker, Josh Dawsey and Seung Min Kim in the Post:

Trump’s intensifying drive to overturn the election results has deepened a GOP divide on Capitol Hill. McConnell last month urged Republican senators not to object to the electoral college vote certification in Wednesday’s joint session. But now that 13 have said they would, the leader has stepped back from any significant effort to tamp down the brewing rebellion. He is not whipping votes and has not spoken to Trump in weeks.

In conversations with other Senate Republicans, McConnell has stressed that their decision now will be a matter of conscience and that each senator should vote the way he or she has to vote, according to two senior GOP officials who spoke on the condition of anonymity to relay the majority leader’s private posture.

Some Republican senators have expressed concerns that voting to certify — and against Trump — would open them up to a primary challenge from the right, while others worry that voting to object would make them vulnerable in a general election, a person familiar with the deliberations said.

“I think it is revealing that there is not a single senator who is arguing that the election was stolen from President Trump,” said Josh Holmes, an outside adviser to McConnell. “The divide in the party is whether it’s appropriate to pull the pin on an electoral college grenade, hoping that there are enough responsible people standing around who can shove it back in before they detonate American democracy.”

From my point of view as a former political operative of the GOP, I think that anyone who backs Trump in his latest debacle deserves whatever bad happens to them. Let them all burn in hell with Trump.


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3 thoughts on “Memo to Trump and his GOP enablers: ‘Go straight to hell and burn there forever’”

  1. I feel sorry for our country’s hard working citizens for Trumps wildly spending money we don’t have. He’s has prospered and double dipped. I hope he pays his back taxes or go to a Rich federal jail. I here you can golf only three holes.

  2. Hope his memory is intact enough to recall that he’s failed at most every endeavor of his making and that, if he fails at a coup, his comeuppance won’t necessarily be limited to a slap on the wrist or fancy military school from Big Fred but could be punishable by ole time festivities in the public square.

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