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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Time for loser Donald Trump to accept reality and leave

His despicable behavior since losing the Nov. 3 presidential election is the final proof that he never deserved to be president and he should be removed forcibly from the White House on Jan. 20 if he continues to resist. Losers do not deserve to live there.
The devil is not that good at hiding.

To paraphrase an old line from satirical singer/songwriter Tom Lehrer, a true Republican who shrinks in horror from the never-ending antics of corrupt Donald Trump, the party’s diabolical president for the last 11 three years and 11+ months, must feel like a Christian Scientist with appendicitis.

As Trump continues his democracy-destroying efforts to overturn the will of American voters who gave former Vice President Joe Biden a 7.1 million vote victory margin, even his hard-core “base” is shrinking back in disgust over his rage tweets, embrace of discredited conspiracy theories, and more and more outlandish stunts and lies.

Trump leaves the White House not only was the most corrupt and incompetent president in American history, but he also established a new low for sore losers His pathetic, polarizing political philandering who has ignored the law, thrown the Constitution into the trash while plundering this nation’s treasury to steal money to serve his failing business and absurd lifestyle.

The only thing more pathetic than Trump is the remaining Republican enablers who sold out their country to a gold ring promised by Trump but, as with all his promises, never existed. Trump played Americans and the government as marks in the biggest con game of all time. His defiance of accepting the election he lost fair and square is driven by a desire to remain president and out of reach of encroaching law enforcement and the financial institution to hold his underwater mortgages and are closing in to demand balloon payments he can’t afford, especially when the investigations of criminal tax crimes and other fraud bring indictments in states like New York who are not affected by his endless parade of pardons.

It is sad that 71 million voters in this nation still bought into the massive con of Trump. Thankfully, more than 77 million voters didn’t accept Trump as the leader that American needs or deserves and they gave the next four years to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

We should remember that, at no time, has a majority of American voters decided they wanted a criminal, inept con man like Trump as their president. He lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by more than three million votes in 2016 but the wins in three states gave him the Electoral College margin.  In 2020, Biden won those key states, along with Arizona, and had the Electoral College votes as well.

The voters spoke So have the Electors. They one dissent comes from Trump and his loud minority who failed to accept the long-standing tradition of majority rule.

Trump’s base is riddled with racists, white supremacists, bigots, homophobes, and haters. They do not represent the true America.

Paul Waldman writes:

Cementing his status as quite possibly the worst deal-maker ever to sit in the Oval Office, President Trump once again created a crisis, made some impulsive demands, then backed down at the last minute without actually obtaining anything other than some increased suffering for millions of Americans.

His overdue capitulation in signing the bill that provides pandemic relief and keeps the government open was a vivid illustration of how weak Trump has become. And this episode might contain a silver lining: It might preview how Trump could fade into irrelevance in the coming few years, becoming not the continuing agent of chaos many fear, but instead a pathetic figure who is easier to ignore than we thought.

Trump is a defeated president, a lame duck, a loser, and a sore one as well. His four years of chaos, turmoil, and indecency must remind us that unfit presidents can be elected. America has come as close to losing its democracy and way of life with Donald Trump and that lesson must be learned and not repeated.

The White House is no place for a corrupt, criminal, racist loser like Donald John Trump.


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1 thought on “Time for loser Donald Trump to accept reality and leave”

  1. I thought I recognized the illustration used for this editorial. I used it for a Christmas column (Christmas movie recommendations: The Grinch, Nightmare on Elm Street, As a very temporary distraction from Trump here are two movie recommendation) on Capitol Hill Blue in 2018. (scroll down to number seven here:

    httpss:// to see my version)

    In suggesting adults watch a Nightmare at Elm Street movie I wrote the following

    Freddy Krueger is a name which evokes a sense of pure evil much the way the name Trump does to clear-eyed lovers of Democracy today. You can fire up the DVD machine and choose between, as I count them, six Nightmare on Elm Street movies. However I recommend the original which got a 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating. Ratings went down for the next five movies.

    This is a paradoxical psychological way to escape from the current nightmare being caused by the resident of the mansion at 2000 Pennsylvania Avenue. The theory is that you may be able to escape from real horror to fantasy horror. I’m tempted to say “if you want to see the devil incarnate on Christmas day, watch Freddy Krueger,” but then I realize that all you have to do is turn on your television to see him. Chill inducing and gasp provoking as “Nightmare” is, the movie isn’t as frightening as watching MSNBC or CNN or any of the non-Fox media report on the Twittering terrifier that occasionally occupies the Oval Office.

    If a Christmas movie was made about Trump it would have to be rated as not recommended for children under 13 because it would be traumatic for them. The is little doubt that Trump is the most frightening looking president since the invention of photography. Even an actor like Alex Baldwin, try mightily as he does, can’t contort his face into the angry malevolent expressions we see from Trump on a near-daily basis. It’s not just the mouth, it’s the evil in the eyes he can’t match. Read entire column –


    This was two years ago. If Trump was Freddie Krueger then, who would be be today?

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