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Friday, December 8, 2023

Exit Donald Trump, still lying, denying numbers, facts

The fraud who began his presidency by lying about the size of his inaugural crowd is ending the one term he didn't deserve with lies about the 81 million voters who threw him out of the presidency.
Don’t look over your shoulder, Donald. The gavels of justice are coming for you.

As November ends, America has 51 days of danger and terror before the debacle of the presidency of Donald Trump comes to a long, overdue end.

On Sunday, the lying bastard went on Fox TV to proclaim: “We won the election. This was corruption, because we got far more votes than him.”

Three statements. Three lies. Joe Biden won, fair and square. No evidence of corruption exists. Biden got at least eight million votes than Trump from the voters who were fed up with his lying and corruption.

It is fitting, we suppose, that Trump goes out like he came into the presidency: Lying about numbers. Right after the inauguration, he lied about the size of the crowd who came to see him sworn in. He claimed it was “the largest in history” and “greater than the one of Barack Obama.”

Photos and the official counts of the National Park Service proved he lied about that and lying became the hallmark of his corrupt administration.

Trump’s goal, besides ignoring his loss — one of many losses he has ignored in his personal and business lives — is to sow doubt about Biden’s tenure as president. Polls show that as many as 70+ percent of his so-called GOP “base” believe Biden’s win was fraudulent.

Let’s break that gaggle of supporters down. The racists, homophobic bigots, white supremacists and right-wing reactionaries continue to believe a lying con artist like Donald Trump? Not surprising. I worked as a political operative for the GOP in the 1980s and ran into too many of those sorts within the party of the drunken elephant.

“Check your morality and values at the door,” a GOP consultant told me when I did field work for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “They are not welcome in any Republican gathering.”

I walked away from the GOP after too many years of making money and drinking too much to look the other way. My first stop afterwards was a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous and have been sober for 26 years, five months and 24 days as this is written. My desire to drink has vanished, but shame for being part of that party will never fade.

Sadly, the party got even worse when it began to embrace racist tail chasers like Newt Gingrich, pseudo bimbos like Sarah Palin and reality show host Donald John Trump.

It has crooks like Mitch McConnell, two-timers Lindsey Graham and too many frauds, phonies and wannabes littering their ranks.

Trump talks about a “comeback” in 2024 with a possible run for the presidency again but history shows that one-term presidents generally fade from public memory, even loud, dishonest ones like him.

Trump leaves office under investigation by the New York Attorney General’s Office for tax fraud, misuse of his now-closed and disgraced foundation and outright fraud in operations like Trump University, which fleeced seniors who drained their life savings for a fraud.

Banks who hold mortgages against his heavily-leveraged properties are standing in line with demands for balloon payments that total more than a $1 billion — money he doesn’t have. A new U.S. attorney general more honest than William Barr — which means just about any available candidate — will find numerous examples of how Trump and his family obtained federal tax dollars to try and sustain their losing businesses and lavish lifestyles.

His money-losing hotel in Washington, built in a government-owned building, is for sale but nobody is buying.

He may find it hard to run for the presidency in 2024 from jail, which is where he belongs.

On Jan. 20, news organizations should stop paying any attention to Trump’s tweets or actions unless they involve the American Justice system dragging him away in chains — which would be a fitting end to the debacle of a wannabe dictator who used the presidency to try and overturn democracy and the American way of life.


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